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2 Belated Race Recaps: Sandusky Fire 5K and Melon Festival 5K

I’ll be brief with these postings, as one race was from several weeks ago and the second race was actually on Monday (more prompt of me, how lovely).

The Sandusky Fire 5K was a spur of the moment race decision several weekends ago.  My parents were coming up to help with house stuff because they are totally awesome and fare more handy with tools than I could ever hope to be.  So, it was decided that a lovely Saturday morning activity would be to 5K it.  The Sandusky Fire 5k was a first year race organized by the Fire Department and held in downtown Sandusky.  It was wonderfully organized. started exactly on time, had good race awards, post-race refreshments, and activities for the kids after.  It’s definitely a race to put on the calendar for next year.  Mainly because Toddler J really really enjoyed playing with the fire hoses.  We are now thinking his first career he’ll pursue is firefighter because it involves 2 of his favorite things: water and hoses that shoot out water.

I finished the race in 21:07 which was completely fantastic to me given I had killed myself the week before with the sub 21.  My mom with Toddler J in tow came in at 27:12<—crazy awesome time for Grandma pushing the jogging stroller.  My Dad finished as first OA walker in 33 and some change.  He walked so fast that they lost his time.

Coming into the finish as 1st OA Female

Coming into the finish as 1st OA Female

TRex can fly

TRex can fly

Super fast Grandma FTW!

Super fast Grandma FTW!

Toddler J and I getting our award together.  Trophies make good teethers I've found.

Toddler J and I getting our award together. Trophies make good teethers I’ve found.

Labor Day’s race selection wasn’t quite as fun, exciting, or worth mentioning for reasons only to do with myself.  I ran in the Milan Melon Festival 5K for the 3rd time, so I know the course like the back of my hand.  It’s flat, fast, and has only 1 hill to speak of, and it’s always a great way to kick off Labor Day festivities.  Except that this year, when I registered, I didn’t account for coming down with a terrible cold on the day of the race.  I woke up feeling like absolute poop-city.  I’m pretty sure there may have been a fever involved, but I popped some pills, drove over the race, and decided I’d see how I felt there.  I still felt like crap on a stick.  And still decided, “hey, it’s only super hot and humid, I feel like poop patties, but it’s a fantastic decision to race because I’m stubborn and don’t want to lose a registration fee like Scrooge”.  So, I ran.

I ran solid during the first mile.  And then I felt like I was running with cement shoes.  In a desert.  Sweat, snot, and fever fumes leaking out my body.  Normally I use my position in the race in relation to other runners as fuel to push myself.  Not that day.  All I wanted to do was finish, roll around in the grass, and leave.  So, I did just that.  Finished.  Rolled in the grass and contemplated passing out.  Then decided to skip picking up my award so I could go home and lay down.  Unheard of, I know.  Given all that lead up, I actually didn’t run that poorly.  But it wasn’t worth the horrible way I made my body feel, and I’d like to think I’ve learned my lesson about racing when sick.  I finished in 21:51 and was 5th OA, 1st in AG.  But really, who cares.  Onto feeling better and refocusing my energy once I’m back to 100%.  These kiddy crud germs aren’t anything to mess with! (Toddler J was kind enough to give me said illness, lovely boy that he is).  Alas, and hence, and harumph.


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This is My Rave Run

I’m sure nearly ever runner at some point in their life has subscribed to Runner’s World Magazine.  One of their features in every issue is a section entitled Rave Run where a scenic locale is selected to feature for running purposes.  Although I’m sure my little slice of paradise wouldn’t make the cut, I am grateful each day that I get to pound the pavement along the lake shore.  Today, I decided that instead of making my workout about distance, time, pace…basically, all those data-ish numbers that I sometimes get caught up with…I was going to simply visit all my favorite spots around town.

It was wonderful.  The miles ticked by so quickly and I didn’t even notice the humidity until I finished (and discovered that my shirt looked like I’d jumped into a swimming pool.  #sweatypeopleproblems).

20150903_080525 20150903_080545

Ye Olde Bike Trail.  May the powerlines guide you and keep you safe.


Passing across the pedestrian bridge and I can still hear the marching band practicing.

20150903_082620 20150903_082625

Crossing the Huron River you can see the giant steamer boats.  Still docked.  Are they ever leaving?  The world may never know.  Maybe they’ll live here too.

20150903_082946 20150903_082952

Even all the goose and seagull shit can’t take away from the fact that this is a beautiful day and a beautiful view.  I am sure I now have souvenir shoe patties of shit.


The Boat Basin.  One of my favorite locations.  Makes me want a boat until I remember that requires money and time in vast quantities.  I have neither.


The pier.  I could sit here and think my day away.  One day I’ll traipse out to the Lighthouse, I can’t believe I have yet to make it there.


A view of the Bay.

20150903_084326 20150903_084412


Before I knew it, 6 miles had come and passed.  I felt good, even if I was fighting the sweet feeling of swamp ass.

How’s that for #LakeErieLove?