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Race Recap: ACH Steppin Out for Hospice 5K

Hark! A race recap that is somewhat timely for once.  Or more like, I got the babychild to nap early prior to work and I have a few extra minutes to myself.  This past weekend, I actually PRE-REGISTERED for a race.  It was a concept that’s been relatively foreign to me.  Who can actually plan out attending a race more than a few days prior?  Not me, apparently.  And especially not this summer.

ACH=Alliance Community Hospital and their 5K is held in the evening, so it’s been one of my favorite evening races for quite some time.  It always gets huge community support, as usually their are as many walkers as there are runners!  This year was absolutely no different, as there were >500 people that came out for the 5K Run, Walk, and 1 Mile Kids Race.

Having absolutely no idea what to expect, I was just hoping to run a smart race and see what happened.  My legs were feeling particularly heavy, like they had been inflated with marshmallow fluff and I found myself dozing off in the car during the drive over.  Key point–I was not the one driving #safetyfirst.

My parents also joined me in running/race walking this race, especially nice since I can’t remember the last time that happened.  I lined myself close to the front, and the race took off right on the money at 7:45 PM.  Within the first half mile, I had settled into 3rd female.  1 girl quickly faded shortly after that mark, but the other girl ahead of me was running strong.  I did my best to stay with her, but she was hauling some serious booty.  I had a sneaky suspicion that she went out too hard, or maybe that was my wishful thinking.  We clocked our 1st mile way too freaking fast.  My marshmallow legs were slowly turning into a marshmallow puddle.

Mile 1–6:11  (Insert mini Eli freakout that I was likely going to spontaneously combust)

I kept about 10 seconds behind the lead female still, but I was slowly inching up on her.  Once I found myself on her heels, I could tell her breathing was way worse off than mine was.

Mile 2–6:42

I saw right after the 2 mile mark that we were going to turn to run uphill.  It was either here that I would make my pass or would find myself rolling downhill into a ditch.  I passed and slowly quit hearing the heavy breathing behind me.  My legs were going up in flames.

Mile 3–6:59

The worst executed positive split race strategy had me holding onto 1st female still.  I pushed as hard as I could into the finish.  Last 0.1 was at 6:00 pace.  When I rounded the corner, I looked up at the clock, saw what I thought read 21:16 and made an audible “gr”.  But then I looked up again, realized it said 20:20 and started happy dancing inside.

Final Finish: 20:25.
1st Female, 10th OA.

I.  Freaking.  Did.  It.  I broke 21.

And it hurt like hell (pardon my French).  I am so grateful that there was a girl there to push me to run harder than I would have otherwise.  Running fast apparently means balancing the sensations of needing to cough up a porcupine, wanting to roll into a ditch and nap, wanting to vom, and wanting to pass out at the quickest opportunity.  I look forward to doing it again.

My parents also had successful races.  My superstar Mom ran a 25:04 and my racewalking Dad hit a 33:26.  Family win!




Race Recap: Women’s Distance Festival 5K

Ok, so I’ve pretty much fallen off the wagon with this blog.  And being prompt.  And being accountable.

Basically, I’ve been too busy.  Being a wife.  Being a mom.  Being a PT.  Being a daughter.  Being a sister.  Enjoying my summer.  That’s probably the most logical reason, really, that I’ve been absent.  Last summer I was enormously pregnant, waddling around town, sweating through my full panel capris and praying that I wouldn’t set the world record for the longest pregnancy per Guinness.  This summer, I’ve been able to enjoy the weather, living life by the lake, seeing my family, working on our house, watching our little baby turn into a little boy, and keeping to my running.  I’ve just been less vocal about it and far less invested in racing.

I actually ran a race back in July and didn’t post a blog about it.  I ran a decent time actually, a 21:25, and finished 3rd overall (even though I’m pretty sure 2nd female fudged her results somehow unless invisible women are a real thing).  By the time I realized my delinquent blogging, it was far too late to even type a little blurb.  Or at least a blurb that anyone besides posterity would care about.

The Women’s Distance Festival 5k was back on August 1.  (Only 10 days late on this one–go me!) It was a spur of a moment decision to sign up, as I registered race day.  This is becoming a habit lately, and a terrible one at that.  I usually wind up with no race shirt and 99 problems.  The race was held at Fallen Timbers Mall and was a course that wound its way around the perimeter of the mall.  Flatness for the win!

When we lined up, I realized the field (as it was a women’s only race) was relatively small.   I’ve been slacking big time on my speed work, tempo work, or running any paces remotely faster than an 8:00/mile lately, so I just ran.

Looking like I'm totally over it

Looking like I’m totally over it



As fast as my pasty white legs (that’s for you Lydia–good seeing you at this race!) would take me.  By mile marker 1, I was running with a young girl who looked like she probably was a cross country runner.  I figured, I’d just hang with her, because it was hot and I didn’t quite know how much I wanted to push right away.

11825720_1472257303089906_8158965988453573757_n 11145097_1472257326423237_5669383664054718716_n

Unfortunately, she began to slow down, which I didn’t realize for a good 3/4 of a mile.  5K fail!  I eventually pushed past her, but my very realistic goal of breaking into the 20’s was dashed by this misstep.  I stayed right behind the bike pacer, wound my way through the rest of the course, and finished in 21:16.  A PR by only 4 seconds, but a PR nonetheless.


I feel like if I can catch a day with less humidity and less heat, I’ve got it.  In the meantime, I’ll continue to be a sweat factory of swamp ass and keep slicing those precious seconds off my time.  I’ve got goals by golly, and I’m going to achieve them!

Onto your regularly scheduled programming…rant over.