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33 Weeks

This may just be a brief entry since I am once again late with posting (what’s new?), but wanted to slop out some sort of jumble of paragraphs for the viewing pleasure of my friends and family.

I am now a shade over 33 weeks pregnant, meaning that Baby Mason is now approximately weighing in at a whopping 4 pounds and measures approximately 17 inches in length.   There is, essentially, a pineapple bambino brewing in there.  Which just so happens to be one of my favorite fruits (fresh only, none of that canned high fructose corn syrup malarkey bull caca).


How I’m Feeling: Fan.Freaking.Tastic.  Oh wait, that’s a lie.  In general, my energy levels continue to remain good.  I have been getting a little more short of breath with daily activites.  Well, not so much “normal” daily activities.  More like the activities that Mike yells at me for doing; i.e. yardwork–weeding, digging out shrubs, laying down mulch.  I have also been getting more clumsy.  Last week, I decided to butt plop in my chair at work and was rewarded with this bad boy.  I am surprised a curse word didn’t leave my lips (that’s not professional), but I was pretty convinced that I had broken skin.  Obviously not, just a bruise, but who bruises themselves by missing the chair and instead sitting down onto a rigid, metal armrest with their full body weight?  Only me.

ImageIn other news, my sleep still sucks.  It’s been getting hotter this week outside and I am doing my best not to complain given that this winter was literally the WORST and sucked several donkey hooves.  However, I won’t lie, I am definitely more susceptible to overheating than I ever was and just have to make sure I drink water in gallons (which inevitably results in doing the potty dance every 10 minutes).  In 2 more weeks, I will start going to the OB every week to be checked for my progress.  That will really give this baby story some finality–that it’s definitely real and it’s definitely happening soon.

Weight Gain: Color me super surprised but I am now up to 20 pounds gained.  I definitely can tell that I’ve gained weight especially given that all the yardwork squatting has given me some super sore quadriceps.  Womp womp, big belly problems.

How is Baby: Baby Mason continues to be a super active baby.  Like nonstop running laps and not allowing Mommy to sleep.  He or she also apparently likes when I use my super high pitched annoying voice to say “Baby Mason”, because I immediately get kicked (probably telling me to knock it off) after I say it.  The baby nursery is coming together as well.  Crib, dresser, and glider are all assembled.  I am working on laundering all the blankets, burp cloths, receiving blankets, and outfits that we received at our first shower.  I still feel somewhat behind, but I know I still have some time to get organized.

How is Hubby: Mike has been nothing but a super supportive husband throughout all of this.  I know there have been times and things that he has not enjoyed me dragging him to (cough cough breastfeeding course cough cough), but I feel so much more calm and prepared knowing that he has been by my side.  I know when the day comes for labor that I will be in the best hands and that this baby will have the best Daddy:-)

33 Week (plus 3 days) Belly Shot!




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32 Weeks

I am now over 7 months pregnant.  And totally feeling it by the way!  It’s amazing to know that in a few weeks, this little dude or dudette (Ninja Turtle terms), will be considered at full term.  I would definitely prefer it to stay in there for the whole marinating time, that way it can pack on the pounds and increase the likelihood that it will be born healthy and ready to rumble in the Mason household.

Baby Mason continues to increase the chunk.  He or she is now 3.75 pounds (the size of a jicama–ps, what do those even taste like?) and is 16.7 inches long.  Basically, things are getting tight and cramped in the downstairs apartment and this baby is certainly letting Mommy’s bladder and ribcage know that.  Sleep is becoming a hot commodity, I usually wake up with pain…somewhere…and toss and turn and make Hubby also experience terrible sleep as well.


My running is slowly deteriorating, but that was probably bound to happen.  I still have a goal to make it to 34-35 weeks, which I think I will be able to achieve as long as I keep things slow…real slow…like slow motion kind of slow.  I managed to run 4 miles prior to my first Baby Shower on Sunday and kept things around a 9:45/mile pace.  I am sure the 10’s will be upon me too, especially as I start to incorporate more walking into my jogging.  What can I say?  Being weighed down by all the things in my frontal area (that are ever expanding and bouncing around) definitely does have an effect on my endurance.

 Speaking of the aforementioned adventures in Baby Showerland, I felt so blessed on Sunday to have all of my family and friends spend the day celebrating our little miracle.  My mom (with the help of my aunts), really helped to make it such a special event that I will be sure to remember for years to come.  We are doing our nursery in Classic (Vintage) Winnie the Pooh, so that was the theme of the day.

IMG_6557 IMG_6558 IMG_6559 IMG_6560 IMG_6580 IMG_6581 IMG_6591 IMG_6598IMG_6600 IMG_6602

Only 8 more weeks to go!  Thanks again to everyone that helped to make Sunday such a special day for me, Michael, and Baby M.  The outpouring of love that we received is appreciated more than words can express!

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31 Weeks


Yes, I have always been a Browns Fan. And even when they do stupid things that make me say “WHY??” I still continue cheering like a masochist.

This is becoming newest thing: being late with updates.  I’m just going to go with the fact that I’m allowed to since life has this funny way of never slowing down.  This past weekend was Mother’s Day (my first unofficial one), which I spent celebrating with my Mom.
She’s been putting up with my shenanigans for a long, long time and I always like to make sure she knows how much she truly is appreciated.

However, in all my business, I totally forgot to post my update for 31 weeks.  We are now T-minus 9 weeks until the arrival of Baby Mason! Yikes.  This week, Baby is now over 16 inches long and weighs 3.3 pounds.  He or she is now the size of coconut.  Which is funny because I feel like lately my belly looks more like a basketball.  Coconut…basketball…essentially the same size.



What can I say?  This week, the belly has definitely popped out more.  I mean, it had already popped, but we are talking really popped.  I feel like I am carrying something out front that is larger than my rear end ever was in the history of my life.  I can no longer see my toes.  Which is super fun when you are trying to run outside and can’t see where your feet are going.  I feel like I get short of breath so much easier.  I find it funny that I breathe better when I am running than I do when I go up our stairs to the second floor.  How is that possible?  My diaphragm is obviously taking a beating from little feet.

My running has also taken a severe beating.  I can still do it.  But I have to do it much slower.  And occasionally walk.  Where 2 weeks ago, I could still hold a steady 9:00/mile pace, I now am lucky if I am in the ballpark of 9:30/mile…and dropping.  I have very few workout clothes that fit me and I find that I have to do laundry a ton more to keep the items that still fit me clean.  But at least I can still do it!  It’s a way for me to relax and feel like I still have some way to beat my personal stress and keep my energy levels high.  I think all the running has really helped so far keep away the Third Trimester Fatigue.  It’s coming for me I’m sure, but I want to keep it away for a while still.

Sleeping still sucks.  There is no if’s, and’s, or but’s about it.  I wake up at least 10 times a night.  I toss, turn, and take a few karate kicks to the gut.  It’s no fun, but I know it’s preparing me for all the sleepless nights ahead.  I just keep asking, can’t I just get one solid night of sleep?  No?  Poppycock.

I am getting excited because baby showerpalooza is coming up over the course of the next few weeks.  I can’t wait to see family and friends to celebrate the upcoming arrival of our bundle of active baby.


I like my sweeper placement in this picture. It looks like it’s growing out of my butt. Nice.



30 Weeks

Whoops! Another late post.  This is starting to become a trend, but I can’t help it.  Life is getting busier by the day in preparation for Baby Mason’s arrival.  This past Saturday, I was officially 30 weeks and have entered what I think of as the home stretch.

Baby Mason is now the size of a head of cabbage as he or she measures 15.7 inches in length and weighs almost 3 pounds.  And what a rambunctious head of cabbage there is in there!

It’s not obvious at all that I like to Google Image search for pictures of fruits and vegetables is it? That watermark is totally normal.

This week we picked up the crib and dresser set for the nursery and worked on getting it assembled.  As you can see, we are not nearly finished.  Apparently I picked out a dresser that was crafted in the in the hellfires of frustration as it consists of like 40 steps to assemble.  Thus, why there are no drawers.

If we can assemble a drawer a week, we should get it put together sometime in June.

What else is new?  For those that want to know
How I’m feeling:  Energy levels have been pretty steady.  I am finding that I do get a little tired more frequently, but it’s usually after I’ve likely done too much.  For example, I got winded after walking a mile and climbing up 6 flights of steps to watch this kid graduate on Saturday (Congrats Lil Bro).

I also got really tired again on Sunday.  But then again, I ran 3.5 miles, went grocery shopping, assembled a crib and partially assembled a dresser all in a row.  Probably too much in a row for the third trimester.  I continue to experience the heinous cramps at night.  Last night, the arch of my foot cramped and I had to get out of bed and walk it out.  Several nights before, I had both calfs simultaneously lock up as I was getting out of bed.  They cramped so badly I had to use the floor to pull my toes back up.  Gosh darn.

How Running is Going:  Let’s just say it is going.  Not as well as that miraculous 5.6 mile run at 27 weeks (Union City), but I’m still getting out there.  Pretty sure that Baby Mason has shifted position and is getting closer to being in a head down position.  How do I know this?  Because when I run now, I feel like I have constant pressure on my bladder and lower abdomen.  Also, his or her legs are doing tap dances on my diaphragm, making me more conscious of my perceived exertion.  I am happy I have been able to continue running this long.  Still not sure how long it will last, but I have an arbitrary goal to make it to 34-35 weeks before I quit cold turkey.  We’ll see.

Weight Gain: At my last OB appointment, I was up 15 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight.  Right on target.

Baby Mason: At my last OB appointment, Baby’s heart rate remains steady in the 130’s.  Although, when more active, it shoots up to the 160’s.  (I keep saying it’s because he or she is already training in there for future athletic endeavors).  Every healthcare practitioner says the same thing, “You have a VERY active baby”.  Everyone has started to give me their gender predictions.  Old wive’s tales literally have no backing whatsoever, and everyone likes to tell you…”Oh, you’re carrying low so it’ll be a boy” or “Oh, the heart rate has been higher, so it will be a girl”.  Rest assured, it will be one or the other in July.  🙂

Selfies FTW!
ImageImageYes, I stole one of my Hubby’s workout shirts.  Apparently big belly is hard to conceal underneath Women’s Small Workout Shirts anymore.  You’re welcome for the sweaty shirts, Michael.