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I Like Big Butts and I Cannot Lie

So one of my favorite Christmas presents this year was receiving the Kinect for Xbox.  Today I decided to spend a gift card on a new game: Dance Central 2.  Having played many an interactive game before (Rock Band, Guitar Hero, Donkey Kong Bongos–i.e. THE ORIGINAL SWEET INTERACTIVE GAME IN WHICH NO ONE COULD BEAT ME) I figured it wouldn’t be too hard.

Holy lack of coordination, Eli.

Dance Central is fun and freaking challenging.  Not to mention, my legs didn’t particularly enjoy it after having just placed myself through a killer workout.   I played only on Easy mode and managed to 4-5 star everything but the picture reel at the end doesn’t lie.  I usually envision myself being this is secret amazing dancer who could win “So You Think You Can Dance?” if I ever tried out.  Sadly, I am mistaken.

This is how I imagine I look while dancing, minus the crap Paint editing

What I usually look like while dancing...Not artistic. Not hot. And 100% Kissy Face.

Speaking of workouts, today was Day #4 of my 30 Day Challenge.  So far, so good.  When I attempted the #RWChallenge it took until about day 10 before soreness started to hit.  Today’s workout involved all of the following:
1) 30 minute Fartlek=3.8 miles
2) Hamstring Curls 50# x30
3) Leg Press 180# 3×20
4) Toe Press 180# x50
5) Leg Extension 40# x30
6) Walking Lunges 2 laps
7) Squat Jumps x20
8) Plyo Box Jumps x20
9) Core Stability exercises on the Swiss Ball

Why did I keep track of all of this total and utter nonsense?!  Because my New Year’s Resolution to myself is to become “whole body fit”.  I realize cardio exercise is my strength.  But my goal for 2012 is to begin incorporating total body fitness into my life.  Which means hitting up the weights, working on plyometrics, and working on agility.  Since my current agile state is equivalent of a young, wooly mammoth.

What be this lateral type movement? I only move forwards and backwards...Eek!

Happy Running!



A Christmas Surprise

So after the death flu illness of 2011 finished its course in the depths of my stomach and intestines, I was able to resume running up until Christmas to complete my running streak.         Except it was a totally disjointed, not really a streak, streak that Will Ferrell would totally be sad about.  So I have decided to start a new streak (to replace my failed, pathetic attempt to run >11 days in a row).  I have decided to kick off my post-Christmas fun with a 30 day challenge to myself.  30 days in a row.  No excuses.  Vomiting and Montezuma’s angry revenge discouraged.  I think I can do it.

If determination had a face, it would sort of resemble this. Except with smoke coming out the ears.

In other news, Christmas has come and went.  And an extra merry one it was as Hubs and I celebrated our 1st Christmas together.  I got all kinds of super awesome gifts.  Plenty of running gear, the Kinect for XBOX, a new winter coat, and tons of candy.

Classing it up with a Whitman's Sampler. Biggest box of chocolates ever.

Being gifted a baby on Christmas. Good thing I had a gift receipt (just my nephew). Babies obviously cry in my presence. It only took 5 minutes and Ewan hated my angry eyebrows.

Hubs going crazy for my new ice scraper. It's name is "The Monster" and it will be coming to a semi-truck near you.

These might fit...if Hubs were living in Thailand.

The best gift, however, was Hubs and my gifts to each other.  We each thought we were being particularly clever.  And decided to both purchase each other brand spankin new laptops.  My rationale: make Hubs quit using my current laptop.  His rationale: buy wife a new laptop so I can steal her current laptop.   Obviously, neither plan totally worked out.

But in a way it did.  Because now we both get to sit on the couch, with laptop a-clickin, while watching Monday Night Football, and drinking my new favorite drink: Bailey’s and Hot Chocolate.  All while the apartment stands a complete wreck from the tornado of presents that came through the past 2 days.  Could a more perfect Day After Christmas be had? I submit that it could NOT!!

Happy Running!

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The Time My Scale Told Me Tyra Banks Should Be Calling

Let me first off start out by saying, I was loving my running streak.  I had made it to 11 days straight of running and my training runs were getting faster (pace-wise) and feeling more effortless.  To put it simply, I was channeling my inner Ryan Hall.

And then, the sickness commenced on Sunday morning. *cue dramatic theme music please*.  It started with the toilet.  It ended with the toilet.  And more than one thing was happening at once.  I had never felt so horrible.  Every joint in my body ached.  Even my toes.  My fever spiked to 101 on Sunday evening.  There was going to be no working Monday morning.

Monday I spent practicing working my body against gravity.  Standing and walking were considered my workouts.  My proudest moment was being able to lift the Crock-Pot up from a low cupboard.  The illness in all was somewhat similar to Swine Flu 2009.

I contemplate my next move in Life: To pick up a Life Tile or run to the bathroom

So needless to say, when I attempted to try running after only giving myself 3 days of “sick time” I should have expected that I would feel like death.  I managed a measly 2 miles today averaging an 8:13 pace.  I guess I should be proud I could even do that.

Since when I weighed myself this morning the scale told me that Tyra Banks should be calling anytime soon for my next Top Model audition.  I mean which one of the following is real model people?!

Modelling 101

Modelling for Sophia Tolli...Modelling 201 🙂

Needless to say, I was slightly shocked when the scale flashed: 129.  That is 8 pounds less than I usually weigh.  Apparently the contents of my stomach and lower GI now has an official weight.

Anyways, I now have a major uphill battle to gain my weight back (even though I’m not hungry), force my stomach to enjoy running again (which it told me hell no today), and get back my mileage and speed (current speed: turtle).  Go Me!

Happy Running!

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Running Streak

So, I have never been one to be up on all the latest trends (case in point, my cell phone still can’t send or receive picture messages).  So it comes as no surprise that I suffered major delay in coming across Runner’s World Holiday Running Streak

**Also yes, i do have a subscription to Runner’s World which makes the fact that I major lag failed on this even worse**

Needless to say, I only started my personal run streak 8 days ago.  So far, minus some quad soreness and a flare-up of PFPS in my right knee (nothing a quick tape job by a well trusted physical therapist can’t fix **cough cough myself cough cough**), things are going super.  Today I was super excited to do a run outside since I have not ventured beyond the dreadmill in about 2 weeks.

The weather was amazing.  45 degrees in December?  That makes for a happy Eli.

Too excited to go run

Weapon of choice: Asics Nimbus. Yes that is a D-Tag on my shoe. I refuse to take it off since my last race so I can "trick" myself into thinking I'm racing everyday. It's not working.

I was planning on doing a nice, easy run since my legs were only a little sore after yesterday’s 5 mile run.  However, the weather got to me and my legs decided they wanted to go fast…Ricky Bobby style.

So I did 4 miles at a 7:50 clip.  Which is faster than I usually train.  Maybe this Running Streak is actually doing some good.  Or maybe my hair was just more aerodynamic today in order to cut down on wind resistance.  I am personally leaning towards the hair.

My hair only makes me slightly over 6'0" right?

Happy Running!


The New Year (a little early)

I am no newbie to blogging.  In fact, I have maintained a Xanga site since probably the inception of blogging (fun factoid: that means 2003 in my world).  However, I feel like I have outgrown Xanga and its horrendous amount of high school bloggers and stupid content.  So, I have decided to switch over to a more mature format and just as I have transitioned from the soccer field over to being a runner… that means a shift in the focus of my content.  And what better to focus on then my favorite activity (running) and favorite title (super awesome wife person).

If you are ever interested in reading of where I came from in the blogosphere, my old entries can be found here

I am a personal fan of the years 2004-2005 where my best works of celebrity criticizing occurred.

But to start out, I feel like I should put out there my resume of sports/athletic achievements and what got me to where I am today:

  • Played soccer in both high school and college.  Loved it.  However, my current location in the world doesn’t allow me to be able to play as much.  In fact I am probably ranked the #1 female soccer player in the area.  No one voted me it, I am just declaring that fact.
  •  Started running to drop weight post-college in 2008.  Running was a means to losing 20 pounds.
  • Ran my first 5K post-collegiate career in 2009.  I will never forget how terrible I was sucking wind.  26:58.  And I thought I was going fast then.  
  • I stuck with it though.  And recorded my first 10K (54:09) and Half Marathon (1:59:05) in 2009
  • Not satisfied with just finishing races, I decided to start progressing to being competitive.  I wanted to be an age grouper!
  • In the meantime of channeling my inner runner, I got married this past June to the love of my life!  Hubs is my perfect match.  He supports me and will occasionally run races with me, but he still does all of the things he enjoys doing.  I love that he is still the same man I fell in love with years ago.

My current PR Stats:

  1. 5K:  22:57  Canalway Classic 2011
  2. 4 Miler: 29:58 Great Pumpkin 4 Miler 2010
  3. 5 Miler: 40:31 North Canton July 4th Race 2011
  4. 10K: 50:09 Wooster Wellness 2011
  5. Half Marathon: 1:52:43  Halloween Half Marathon 2011

What I find most encouraging about my journey is that I am still improving and have not even touched where I can go with this.  So here is to what 2012 brings.

**Hint hint…my big spring half marathon will be taking me back to my old stomping grounds in Toledo…**


Happy Running!