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17 Weeks

 I can’t get rid of this box and it makes me angry.  Grrr

Approaching the 17 week mark in 2 days now.  Not too much has changed around these parts since last week.  Rico Sauve, aka the best cuddle buddy EVAH, has really helped significantly with my hip pain.  Also, the extra padding of my side of the bed (by putting down 3 additional pillows underneath me and building the world’s most awesome pillow fortress) has also helped.

Not our bed, but essentially what I’ve done to our bed.

I am no longer waking up and waddling around like I just got done running a marathon, I can get up with very minimal discomfort and get moving.  Still am having some sleep interruptions due to discomfort, but half of what has been waking me up are the insanely ridiculous dreams I’ve been having.  Like, no joke, none of them involve pregnancy or motherhood.  They usually involve the most odd combinations of people, places, and events.  It’s like my brain is doing a PICK 4! as the subject matter of my dreams.

Example: Last night I dreamed I was taking a college class and had super prepared for my test.  I get the testing booklet and literally nothing in it is anything that was ever covered in class.  All the questions are stupid and make my brain hurt.  I clearly remember one question being “How many teaspoons are in 2 cups of water?”  And then my classmate fakes a knee injury to get out of the test and I was super mad I didn’t think of that.  So stupid.

I have heard that pregnancy can make you have silly dreams, but I guess I am experiencing a case in point.  Normally I never remember anything I dream about, and due to the waking up 3-4 times per night, I am now having 3-4 crazy stupid weird dreams.

I have still been lacing up the running shoes as much as possible, usually running 3-4 days per week.  I think last week I ran about 12 miles total and also incorporated some biking and elliptical as well.  Due to the weather and my newfound fear of falling, I have been pretty much stuck to the treadmill for the past 3 weeks.  This winter is literally the worst.  It’s super cold ALL the time (and I am not a cold siss either), it’s super windy ALL the time, and it’s super snowy ALL the time.  I miss running outside so much it’s not even funny, but until our road gets cleared (which at this rate won’t be until June), I am stuck indoors.  On a hamster wheel.  Running nowhere while the constantly running heat vent pours out hot hell fires on my face making it feel like I am running during summer.

No, I’m not bitter.



Hark! A turnip to illustrate this point!

This week Baby Mason has now grown to the size of a turnip and is nearly 5 inches in length.

My tummy still does not look any different than it did last week, although I did select a less restrictive workout top which I think is camouflaging the bump.


And if you’re wondering, YES, that is Ron Swanson on the TV behind me. And yes, I will take all the bacon you have.



16 Weeks

In 2 days, but who’s counting really?  Thursdays are really only my good day to write a blog, so it is what it is…I will be posting a little early from here on out.  Another week in the books in what is definitely going to be an interesting, exciting, nerve-racking, and blessed journey.  This week I have noticed a small change in the size of the bump, but not by much really.  However, it is enough of a change that now some of my Size 5 pants are starting to be uncomfortably tight…good thing I still have some 7’s to switch to until I am ready for maternity!  After all, baby is now the size of an avocado.

Well Herro there Baby Avocado Mason…

My energy levels continue to remain good and my empty tummy nausea trend seems to be waning finally.  My appetite has definitely come back in full and I am trying to eat a variety of foods rather than just my declaration of “I think I’m going to have a bowl of cereal for dinner because everything else in this house sounds horrible!”  The only aversions I’ve had are in relation to smell and these ones have definitely produced a gag or 10: Smelly Garbage (Hello Michael this is why you take out the trash), Smoker’s Breath and Clothing (almost gagged on a patient at work the other day), and the smell of our Deep Fryer after Michael makes Pierogies (Dont ask me why that is, so weird because I enjoy eating said pierogies).

One new thing I don’t particularly appreciate is my new affinity for TERRIBLE DEMON HIP PAIN at night.  I fall asleep and wake up 3 hours later with one hip hurting.  I switch sides and then an hour later the other hip hurts.  After that it feels like I’m playing the game called: Drive Eli Insane by Seeing How Many Times She Can Roll Over In Bed Before Her Husband Tells Her She’s Annoying And Needs to Knock That Off.  So, I consulted some of my friends and the Interwebs and determined it was time to buy a Body Pillow.  Enter: Rico Sauve.

Here is my Hubby spooning with my new friend

I have now been sleeping with my buddy for a few nights and I will admit, it has helped but has not totally alleviated the situation.  And now, when I need to roll over, I have to roll with a giant body pillow and try not to bodyslam my Husband with it.  I have yet to be 100% successful at this.  If anyone has any pointers for how to relieve hip pain besides just using the pillow, it would be appreciated!  I have been trying to stretch, stretch, and stretch some more both before I go to bed and after I wake up, but I still walk around like my hips are broken for about an hour.  Le lame.  Apparently this is all just a sign that my tiny hips are now preparing themselves for the fact that Baby Mason will be requiring more space in his or her 40 week apartment rental.


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15 Weeks

Alright, so maybe I am a hair (or hare) short of being 15 weeks–by 2 days–preggo.  Close enough.  My goal is to (hopefully) provide a week-by-week posting of how life, work, running, and my body are changing right before my eyes.

I think this is now the first time that I can definitely tell…I have a belly.  It may not be very big or noticeable to anyone else but me, but I can definitely tell when I look down that it slightly popping out over my pants line.  Which of course, is making me hate the very thought of wearing a belt like ever.  However, it is generally considered rude to provide others with a sweet shot of your plumber’s crack, so I guess I will continue to wear them until I can officially start busting out my maternity pants.  Which, by the way, I purchased a pair today.  They kind of reminded me of turning myself into a cased sausage by how far the belly panel comes up.  Oh well, tis better to compress thy belly than allow thy belly to jiggle about.

My energy continues to be surprisingly good.  I have not been getting overly tired like I did early on and I am now working back into my normal workout routine.  I was able to traverse Ye Olde Huron for 4.5 miles today and actually noticed a slight pick-up in my pace.  Granted, my pace has been nothing compared to what it usually was pre-pregnancy, but it was kind of nice to look down at the Garmin and see “8 something” pop up.  It may have only been 8:49/mile, but still…nice.  To be expected really, because everything I’ve read about running and pregnancy pretty much states the same: you can expect to drop 1-1:30/mile pace from your usual times.  And honestly, I don’t really mind.  It has been kind of nice running without any pressure, any training plan, any goals or aspirations, and just simply focusing on the act of lacing up the shoes and enjoying a nice winter run.


My 14 Week Check-up also went well this week.  Everything is looking good and Baby Mason is healthy with a strong heartbeat.  I am now entering the Second Trimester and can expect that Baby will be growing in size substantially over the rest of the course of my pregnancy.  Can’t wait until we get our ultrasound done in 8 weeks!

The only thing I have discovered about Baby Mason is that apparently he or she (since we are not finding out gender) does not like Chipotle.  After thoroughly destroying my Burrito Bowl last night, I awoke this morning and dry heaved like no one’s business.  Well played, little nugget, well played.


And Now For Something Completely Different…

My last post was sort of misleading.  It was completely void of the incredible news that has permeated my life now for 14 weeks.  It is the main reason that my blog has been sitting here, hanging onto its lonely self like a sad clown.  My blog was sitting lonely because I waiting for the right time to change my focus.  I am still running, as much as I can in fact.  However, the focus of my running is no longer on gaining a new PR, attempting a new distance, or starting a new training cycle.  My focus on running is now to stay healthy…because, really, it’s no longer about running for my health.  It’s about running for the health of Baby Mason


Yes, people, we are having a baby.  No more joking about food babies, burrito babies…there is an actual baby that will be coming into our lives near/around July 12, 2014.  We really could not be more excited, nervous, scared, happy, or thankful.

How I’ve Been Feeling:
Weeks 6-10 were a little rough in terms of fatigue.  I would get home from work, crash on the couch, moan that I didn’t want to ever move again, shower, and pass out at promptly 8:30-9PM.  Rinse, Wash, Repeat.  I never experienced any morning sickness, although I did have some nausea associated with not eating frequently enough.  Cue: Gingerbread cookies (because, ya know, ginger settles your stomach right? ) and Saltine Crackers (my Mom’s go to stomach flu cure).  My running was nearly non existent during this time because I literally was tired from just trying to maintain homeostasis.  As for food aversions, during this time period I hated everything except for bland foods–bagels, peanut butter, cereal, etc.  Carbo loading is appropriate for the first trimester right?

I am now finally starting to get my energy and appetite back.  Just in time to have caught the funky funk that is bronchitis.  An antibiotic later and I am feeling much better and no longer hacking up multiple lungs throughout the day.  I am sure Baby Mason wasn’t enjoying the trampoline effect from cough for the past 2 weeks either; I know I definitely wasn’t.  I am hoping with my energy back that I will be able to catch up on my household responsibilities and get back up to running 3-4 days per week.  My goal is to continue this as long as I am able to.


Here’s to the Start of What is Going to be a Wonderful, Rewarding Journey into Parenthood…
I can’t wait!


I Obviously Suck Lately at Blogging

So…it’s been only like 2.5 months since the last time I wrote a lick of a posting.  I kept meaning to, but then I would say “Oh, next week I’ll do it”.  And next week, obviously, never happened.  It’s not that I haven’t been doing anything.  Rather, it’s been the complete opposite of that.  The Holidays are really mostly to blame for my blogging inactivity, like 75% Holidays, 20% Laziness, and 5% Inability to formulate appropriate words to compose an entry.

What all has passed since last blog entry-eth?

1) Thanksgiving: Which was a great time spent with family.  Lots of good eats and good times.

2) Massive amounts of craziness leading up to Christmas.  Purchasing of mass quantities of gifts.  Attempting to set a new record for how much I could online shop (probably 75% of all gifts were purchased online this year).  Freaking out that I had shopped at Target during their security breach.  Boycotting Target ever since.

3) Subway Challenge Series Banquet:  My Running year of 2013 had many ups and downs.  A goal I had secretly set for the beginning of 2013 was to (at the series banquet) finish in the Top 5 Females.  This looked to not be in the cards, after I finally succumbed to the fact that my knee was not getting better and would need surgery.  However, I was able to bounce back quickly, finished the required number of races and finished 5th OA!  It was a bittersweet accomplishment in a year that, although it did not quite go my way, saw me grow leaps and bounds with shorter distances (2013 was not going to hold long distance in the cards post-surgery).  I became more mentally tough; learning how to push myself harder than I ever thought possible.  It only makes me quite certain, in the future, that any goal I set can be attained.  Although 2013 wasn’t quite the dominant year of the PR, I was able to set new PR’s in both the 3 and 4 mile distances.

4) Ran one race:  The Santa Hustle 5K.  NOT the experience that it was the previous year.  The race was the day after a pretty epic December Lake Snowstorm, which obviously was not handled quite properly by the RD or the Street Crews.  It was windy, cold, and wet.  I was so glad I chose to only do the 5K and run it with one of my BFF’s.

4) Celebrated Christmas Mason Style the Weekend before: Had lots of good eats (again) and lots of quality family time.


5) Spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day tending to a sicky sickerson of a Husband.  The Flu is never a nice thing.  Especially when it happens on what is supposed to be one of the most wonderful days of the year.

6) Post-Christmas Festivities with the Marchand Family:  Once again, MORE FOOD.  Death by food.  Lots of family time.  The contraction of a post-holiday illness for me (methinks I may now have bronchitis)

7) Snow Vortex: I have now been holed up in our house like Nanook of the North for what seems like forever.  This Cold/Snow/SuckerofFun Vortex has now made me officially sick of winter.  I am a winter hater and will plan to, in my older years, be one of those people that resides in Florida for 75% of the year.


My New Year’s Resolution is to keep this more up-to-date.  We’ll see how resolved I am!  Happy Running!