Running Through a Fulfilled Life

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Churchill’s Half Marathon

This past Sunday (3/18) I ran my 6th Half Marathon.  I somehow convinced my mom to let me death march pace her for what we were going to only call a “Long Run”.  No, I did not race this one.  Instead, I spent 2 hours of quality time with my Mom 🙂



Churchill’s Half is a staple in the NW Ohio running community.  What everyone failed to tell me, was that the course is boring as all butt wipes.  It really does make one giant loop around all of Monclova.  In a straightaway, turn about kind of fashion.  And had a severe lack of water stops.

Our goal was to keep as close to 9’s as possible.  This lasted for the first 8 miles.  And then Momma M started to get too hot and we had to slow it down.  Up to that point, however, she did fantastic!  We split apart at Mile 11.5 and I  pushed a bit to the finish.  Somehow I was still close to nearly placing in my age group even though Miles 9-11 averaged about a 9:25 pace.

Finish Time: Momma M: 2:02:06 (1st Place in her age group!), Eli: 2:00:11 (Probably 7th in my age group)…considering I paced with my mom, I was surprised I was so close to top 5.  The best part? My legs feel fine today! Hooray for family bonding!

Negatives: seriously.  water stops at miles 1,3,7,10, and 12 don’t cut it.  Especially when the race started at 10 when the temp was already 65.  every runner in my vicinity complained of this.  very little crowd support minus the sign that read: “You’re NOT Going to Win”.  very poor water distribution at the finish.

Positives: running with my mom, quick awards at the finish line, post-race cookies, wearing a new tank top, getting a little suntan, running 13.1 for the 6th time!

Also, I wore this outfit on a training run last week.  Mike made fun of me.  What gives?  This is totally a hot look for me!


Happy Running!  Especially running in the Global Warming Weather!



The Reason Why the Majority of My Wardrobe is Running Clothes

I was super psyched today.  “Why?” you may be finding yourself asking.  Well, since this is my birth month and in particular my birth week, I got a fat “free” $10 to spend at Kohl’s in addition to hitting the Kohl’s JACKPOT by pulling off a 30% coupon from my circular.

I decided “hey, I’ll attempt to purchase a new, cute, sexy outfit that I can wear out for my actual birthday celebration”.  That thought, in itself, was a complete fail.

A few things you must know about me:
1.  I am shaped like a 12 year old boy.  I have no hips.  I have no butt.   I am like a stick figure with pigtails.
2.  My shoulders have the mobility of a 70 year old with impingement.  They should never consider joining the circus, because they would probably get stuck hanging out with the elephants.
3.  I still shop in the junior’s department, because quite frankly women’s clothes still don’t fit my lack of shapeliness.  An XS is too big on me.  I should be in petites but my beastly height prevents that.  I also shop in junior’s because I appreciate a good vibrant pink, sparkle, glitter, or skinny jean here and there.  And I am also afraid that the women’s department means I am officially old and not as young as I think I am.

With that being said, I tried on several cute tops.  Size: Small.  Sadly, Eli came unprepared and did not have her camera.  To capture the sheer horror.

IZ Byer California Ruffled Top

This was the top I attempted to try on.  Cute right?

Anyways, I successfully navigated the top and got it on me.  I was only like: “Meh”.  So I started trying to take it off.  AND I COULDN’T.  The top was stuck.  Due to my lack of shoulder mobility I was struggling.  I was sweating.  And I was panicking.

No one wants to buy a shirt that they have somehow managed to do this to and then proceed to have to walk out the store looking like this

Similar to how I looked and felt, minus the whole being a 4 year old child

So instead I settled for the most stretchy of shirts I could find made of only the finest materials of spandex and rayon.

Wrapper Crochet Batwing Top

Thus making me realize, the main reason I enjoy using my running clothes as also my casual clothes, is comfort.  you mean it’s not ok to wear a wicking shirt while enjoying a casual night of Wii with your brother and sister-in-law?

CRAP.  I just realized I’m headed for “What Not to Wear”. Now I’m off to find the hidden camera.

Happy Running!


Once Upon an SI Joint

Once upon a time, Eli decided to do a spinning class as a form of “cross training”.  For some reason, this “cross training” concept is a popular form of preventing a catastrophe referred to as injury.   Wanting to ward off the evil spirits of injury, Eli decided to spin to her little heart’s content.  Often throwing a jump or hover into the mix.  This particular spin class was extra fatiguing and the hovers seemed to last forever.  Or maybe Eli’s quadriceps muscle group (common name: quad, runners lack them, they hurt like a mother when sore)  were just deciding to be a particular beeyotch  or drink their share of wussy juice that day.  Whatever the matter, her back became rather sore.

While eating pizza at home after class, her back finally shouted “enough you sadistic masochistic chick! I’ll show you! You’ll be sorry you ever tried to cross train me!”  At which point her back (who we may refer to as Sacro-Lily-Ac as this is the name that the general population mispronounces it)  decided to pop.  Causing Eli to scream.  And not be able to move.

Sacro-Lily  decided to be a pain in the butt for the next year.  Until Eli decided to therapeutize it’s nasty ass.  After being “rolfed” and “skin rolled” until her PSIS was generally a shade of blue/purple, Sacro-Lily finally went back into her rightful place.

Or so we though…

Sacro-Lily decided to pop out again on Saturday.  Whilst Eli was consuming liquid pineapple upside down cake (don’t ask).  Liquid pineapple upside down cake often causes Eli to let her mental guard and defenses down.  Sacro-Lily made it near impossible to roll over, sit, stand, lift, walk, or even daresay run.  Every running step resulted in a terrible catch and stab of back pain.  Each…and…every…step.  

Little did Sacro-Lily know, but Eli became smart since her last battle.  Eli got licensed as a Physical Therapist (or terrorist or torturist as her clientele often refers to her as) and got lots of Physical Therapist friends. Instead of waiting for another year of terrible back pain to pass, said Physical Therapist friends fixed her and punched Sacro-Lily back where she belongs.

For now…

But until the next time she attempts to rear her ugly head, Sacro-Lily will stay in her rightful place and guide Eli to victory at the Glass City Half Marathon.  A victory that would not be possible without the help of a well-skilled Physical Therapist.  And with that, they all lived happily ever after.  With or without a tasteful tshirt.Image

So say thanks to your physical therapist!  They get stuff done!

Happy Running!


I Am Determined to Quit Heel Striking

So, my last trip to Second Sole to spend the $75 gift certificate that was burning a gigantic hole in my pocket led me to purchase…

*drumroll please*

The Brooks Pure Flow.

I tried on the Asics Gel-Blur, Saucony Kinvara 2, and the Brooks Pure Flow.   I went back and forth between the Kinvara and Pure Flow.  They both were very light weight (Kinvara weighs 7 oz and Pure Flow weighs 8 oz) and were in general just a welcome change from my heavier Asics Nimbus.  Both had good cushioning and support through the  midfoot and forefoot, allowing for easy transition when pushing off to transition into swing phase of the running stride. (the physical therapist in me allows for FAR TOO MUCH analysis into gait).  The main difference I noted was that the Pure Flow had a lower heel drop, making it almost feel that when walking that my heel was lower than my midfoot.   

Needless to say, the past week or so I have been practicing running in the Pure Flow since it forces a midfoot strike. Not that it is totally minimalist, but I would definitely classify it as a transitional minimalist shoe.  The first couple of runs lasting 3-4 miles apiece I noted increased calf soreness just from the strain of absorbing more shock through my Achilles/Gastroc/Soleus complex.  However, after a couple of runs, I was able to finally rip off a 6 mile treadmill run today averaging a 8:08 pace with 800 repeats thrown in during (of 7:30-7:45/mile variety).  

They finally felt GREAT.  And I felt FAST.  And SEXY.   


I would have jumped higher in this picture had I been in Brooks Pure Flows.

Moral of the story: if you plan on buying the Pure Flow and are transitioning from a more cushioned shoe with a higher heel drop, you will need to give yourself some time to slowly change your running style.  If you attempt to transition too quickly, you could definitely injure yourself (as I have heard of several people having difficulty with these shoes).  However the wait is worth it, they definitely feel lighter and faster!


Proof I Do Spur of the Moment Racing

Non-Official Finish: 22:19 for 2.9 miles (7:39 pace)
+7 miles earlier in day at 8:24 pace
+running with a husband that was determined to not let erratic jogging strollers or asthmatic 8 year olds beat us
+winning Adidas headbands
+having your husband start running backwards to yell at you to run faster
+having a super nice 60+ year old man yell at you “honey you can’t let me beat you, run faster” and then pace you to the finish
=super fantastic awesomesauce kind of Leap Day 2012