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Supereli23: A Year in Review

Oh my goodness, it appears I’ve fallen off the face of the earth at least 3 times in blog time.  My last post was December 5, and while I’ve been meaning to post recently, the holidays, work, and my traditional course of post-holiday illness has prevented me from evening tapping out the tiniest bit of a post.   I think I’ve already racked up my illness quota for all of 2016 in a matter of a month or two.  Ye Olde World’s Worst Case of Gastritis (aka lay on the bathroom floor in the fetal position spooning the toilet) began December and then was quickly followed by a New Year’s sinus infection with the beginnings of bronchitis.  In fact, I haven’t run in a week.  Unheard of for me unless this would be following a half.  Today will probably be the first day I test if the chest troll is still alive and kicking in my lungs.


I like to think my chest troll looks something like this–a Jazzercise troll complete with leg warmers

Besides the illness (es) that have attacked me, Hubs (sinus infection+strep), and James (ear infection, sinus infection x2) for the last month, I think it’s time to recap the year that was 2015.

It was a crazy awesome year.
Baby J has grown into Toddler J right before our eyes.
He took his first steps in June, went on his first vacation, started changing his babbling into words (his favorite words currently being: “No”, “Cook”, “Ball”, “Cookie”, “Wa-wa”, “Num num”, “Nigh-nigh” (#makingneedsknown), runs all over the place, climbs everything, can throw a ball and kick a ball, can operate a TV remote/iPad/cell phone (technology junkie), and is the love our lives.

That red headed afro crazy man is the best.


Get me away from this hairy stranger!

In terms of my running resolutions set at the beginning of the year, it’s time to see how I did (Spoiler alert: terrible).
1) I’d like to keep an accurate running log. I kept an accurate log until the Glass City Half.  Then I fell off, under, around, and behind the wagon.  I have no idea what I do anymore.  I just lace up my sneaks, get out the door, and run around.
2) Run >1,000 miles. I think I did this, but did not record my miles so therefore have no idea if I did or didn’t. So much effort to document, so little time.
3) Try to run a race each month.  Nope.  Didn’t run in January, February, or March (due to the terrible cold=me being a giant wuss bag).  Did run most of the other months except for December.
4) Race a half marathon.  Freaking right doggy I did.  Surprised myself and hit a new PR.  Yahoo and a bag of chips.
5) Run a 20:XX 5K.  Not only did I run 1 20 something 5k, but I ran 2 of them! Huzzah!  They really hurt to run that fast too, but I’m most proud of achieving this goal.

2 out of 5 goals achieved.
1 possibly achieved but lack of documented proof=didn’t happen.

I’d like to assign myself a letter grade of “slightly adequate”.

As for 2016, I’ve yet to figure out my goals, but I am registered to run the Glass City Half Marathon again in April, so I can’t wait to start my training soon! You know, once that Jazzercising troll leaves my bronchi.

Happy Belated New Year to you all!