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Race Recap: Glass City Marathon

Where to begin? I always struggle to put into words just how I feel after a goal race is complete.  While there is usually a huge sense of accomplishment, I often find myself slightly sad that the hoopla is over, the goal is complete, and that very important date written in all caps with lots of stars and exclamation points all over my calendar is now a distant memory.  If that’s not depressing I don’t know what is.

Glass City lived up to all of its expectations in my mind.  I came, I saw, I conquered.  I had a fantastic time and I accomplished my secret “A” goal.


I arrived in Toledo on Saturday in the morning, as we were staying with the in-laws.  I was scheduled to work the race information booth on Saturday from 12:30PM-4:00PM.  The expo was packed!  It was great to see how large of a turn-out was going to occur on Sunday and Savage Arena seemed to have this crazy energy that only runners can generate.  I was pleased to see that the expo had grown in size since 2012 with number of vendors, amount of merch, etc.  So of course, I had to partake in purchasing some items for both myself and Hubs.  My new shirt is definitely my “You Will Run Better in Toledo” hot pink tshirt.  Foreshadowing, much?

I loved working the info booth, meeting up with my fellow Race Ambassadors, and was happy that I was able to help out many of my fellow runners get acquainted with the Toledo area and feel more comfortable with what to expect on Sunday.  It was cool to see just how organized the volunteer machine was at both the expo and on race day.  Without volunteers, flat out, there is no race and I know they were greatly appreciated!

I went out to eat Saturday evening with my Relay team to Carrabba’s.  My meal was fantastic.  Until that evening when it decided to make my stomach start rolling.  I mean washing machine churning, I need to check to see if I’m hanging with the Aztecs, Montezuma’s revenge.  It probably was a mash-up of nerves and pasta, but it left me feeling less than confident for race day and obviously less than ideally hydrated.


Sunday morning came far too quickly.  My alarm went off at 5AM.  My baby went off at 5:15AM.  Meaning I had to quickly feed Baby J, get dressed, eat a bowlful of antacid, and eat a small breakfast before Hubby chauffeured me over to The University of Toledo for a 6:15 AM drop-off.


This is how I look at the buttcrack of dawn. Last minute decision to wear shorts was a good one.

I am not one for messing around with any warming up business obviously.  Aka there was none.  Or stretching for that matter.  In my mind, I was getting ready to go on a long run with >5,000 of my friends.  I hung out at Savage Arena to potty it up and then situated myself in the “B” corral about 20′ before the start.  Once the corrals began to fill, I got rid of my throwaway clothes.  RIP old grad school anatomy scrubs and weird hoodie circa 2005, going to support Goodwill.  I was so happy that I ran into both Jackie and Chris in the corral (who by the way, killed it on the marathon course!), runner friends that hiked it up from the Canton area to take advantage of this flat course and superb weather.

Before I knew it, they were playing the National Anthem and starting the race.  I waited about 1 minute to cross the start.  My goal pacing strategy for the race was to start with the 1:47 half group (3:35 marathon group) to keep me in check for the first few miles.  If I felt good, I was going to proceed past.   If I didn’t, I was going to just hang out there.  Within 3 miles, I grew tired of following the pace group, picked up my pace and passed them.   Also, the 2-3 mile area was when my Garmy started to go crazy.  It went beep, beep, beep and wouldn’t stop.  I looked down and realized my memory was full and I would need to delete old runs.  Good one, Eli.  Since that would require far too much coordination, I made a risky decision, I turned off my watch.  And ran data-less.  I felt naked, except I was still very much wearing clothes.

So I did what a good runner does, tried to run off feel.  I thought about my first goal, getting rid of my relay belt at Mile 5.1.  It was making my shirt ride up every 1/2 mile and was becoming very irritating, so I of course sped up to make sure I got there faster.  When I tagged off to Brigitte (Team: Because Jeff Noftz Wanted to Lose Again), they announced my split.  I did some quick mental calculations and realized “ok, that’s too fast and your will bonk like it’s hot before the end”.  So, I tried to slow it down and keep things sustainable.  We proceeded through Ottawa Hills, into Wildwood (which is always my favorite part of the course), and entered the bike path.  This area always plays mind games with me, this year being no different.  A much appreciated course change (not new this year, but new since I last ran the half), is that the course turns back into Ottawa Hills and enters the campus back through Stadium Drive.  Less bike path=happier Eli.  Also another fun equation is more cow bell=happier Eli.

I will say, I was doing fan-freaking-tastic until I started Mile 11.  What were really minor rollers felt like hills (they weren’t) and my lack of doing longer long runs showed.  I caught my second wind when I hit Mile 12 and they announced we were at 95′.  I just kept thinking about my wonderful hubby, my sweet Baby J, and just how hard I had worked.  I had this.

As I was running into the stadium, I saw that the clock read 1:42:XX.  Holy poop balls.  I was going to PR in a big way.  I saw Hubby right before I crossed the finish line with a smile on my face.  I was done.  He showed me the official time off of RaceJoy.

IMG_7324 IMG_7326 IMG_7327

Official Time: 1:42:54 (7:50/mile)
Age Group: 20/256
Females: 80/1606


Lessons in “How to Look Awkward Like You are Birthing a Foot”


Lessons in “How to smile like you just got a large monkey off your back or just a large bowl of pasta out of your belly”


One of my happiest race finishes. Ever. Cannot. Emphasize. More.


How to Recover from a Great Race like a Pro #Priorities #DrinkBeer #EatPizza


I could not be any happier with how my race went.  I was secretly hoping to run even 8 splits, but obviously my legs wanted to go just a bit faster.  So I guess we could say I hit my A+ goal.  Yay!  I was more than eager to fill up my Glass City finisher mug with a well earned brew.  At 9 in the morning, nonetheless.

Our relay team wound up finishing in 4:02 and some change.  I am proud of our effort, but sad that I missed on the team photo (had to get back to Baby J!)

I feel very grateful that I was picked to be a Race Ambassador for the 2015 running of The Glass City Marathon.  I have had a blast sharing my experiences with you over the past few weeks and really enjoyed meeting and interacting with GCM runners at the expo.  I will definitely be back to race next year!

If you ran GCM this year, how did you do?  What was your favorite part of the race?  I hope to see you in 2016!


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Glass City Marathon: Runner Tracking

I still can’t get over the fact that The Glass City Marathon is this coming Sunday!  While my confidence overall in my training cycle has decreased slightly since our house of craziness exploded for the past 2 weeks, I am still looking forward to race weekend.  The Glass City Marathon offers a great way for runners to share with family and friends their race day experience.

Glass City Marathon is a featured race for the RaceJoy App which allows spectators and family/friends to track runners live and even send audio cheer clips.  The app also allows you access to information about race weekend: bib numbers, schedules, FAQ’s, places of interest, course maps, race news, and more.  Runners can also select to have their splits and finish times posted directly to social media: Facebook and/or Twitter.

More information regarding the RaceJoy App can be found on the Glass City Marathon’s webpage.  I have used runner trackers in the past during races, and RaceJoy is definitely user friendly and interactive for all parties.  As an out of town runner myself, I am planning to take advantage of this option to keep my family and friends (you know, the ones that don’t go “la la la i’m not listening” when I talk about running) up-to-date during my race.

Glass City here I come, ready or not!


GCM Owens Corning Half Week 9 & 10 Training

Hark! Why have my posts become a day short, a dollar late, and chock full of excuses?  Well, the excuses part I can explain…ha.

Just when you think everything is going wonderful and dandy with your training, things have a way of “coming apart at the seams”, or “having the wheels fall off” or insert whatever cliched phrase you care to use.  I’m obviously being overly dramatic, but still, things have become a little chaotic and busy in my life, which has created less than ideal training and less than ideal blogging.  Waa.

First, we had a rash of illness go through our house.  Baby J wound up going 3 different time to the pediatrician because as much as I’m trying not to be that overly cautious Mom, I’m pretty sure I am just that.  He likely had a nasty viral infection, which progressed to another ear infection, and other rashlike symptoms.  But the good news, it’s not measles! (not that I was concerned that it could be).  Baby J promptly, like a good baby that he is, gave all his illness to his mother.  Gross chest and nasal symptoms ensued for over 2 weeks and I just now feel like I’m getting back to my normal self.

Hubby also had surgery on Monday, which has made us a one woman show in our house for the next 2 weeks, and this show is not a comedy–believe me, although I’m sure NBC would still pick it up for a 2nd season.  While Hubs is on the road to recovery, I’ve been learning the art of doing housework, cooking, and pottying all while holding a baby.

And then of course, I decided that missing a long run during Week 9 was NBD and promptly ramped my mileage into overdrive for Week 10.  Cue: cranky Achilles tendon.  Idiot, Eli.  I of all people should know that overtraining and sudden increase in mileage=bad news, but of course I attempted to do my 11 miles at an overly fast pace and on terrain (a bit hilly) I never run.  So now I’m hoping that it of course calms down before race day, because we have less than 2 weeks to go!

Excuses over.

Week 9 Training:
Monday–Day of Rest
Tuesday–3 easy miles on Treadmill
Wednesday–5 miles through neighborhood. I think.  I use DailyMile to keep track of my running shenanigans because when I’m this late writing up training recaps, it’s helpful.  Except I forgot to record this run, crap.
Thursday–10 mile long run.  My make up day for my delayed long run due to baby illness.  Except I started to feel quite yuck on this day, and knew that my immune system had been compromised.  Abort, abort.
Friday–Rest Day.  Feel like crap on a stick day.
Saturday–4 miles.  Key point, attempted running to help my congestion.  This is never a good idea.  I felt worse.
Sunday–Tried to run with J in the stroller.  Made it a half mile, convinced myself I had asthma, and walked home in defeat.  Skipped doing my 15k race sim obviously.
Totals: 22 miles

Week 10 Training:
Monday–Day of Rest
Tuesday–3 miles on Treadmill with strength.  Felt like garbage.
Wednesday–5 miles easy.  Supposed to feel easy, but didn’t.  Still feeling like I ingested a troll.
Thursday–5.5 miles tempo.  Supposed to be a “tempo”.  Except, all I did was run longer at the same pace as the day before.  Body not having it.
Friday–Rest Day
Saturday–5 miles at race pace.  Felt horrible still.  This cold is kicking my butt.
Sunday–11 mile long run.  I felt much better on this run.  Like closer to my normal self, but now I’m dealing with the aftermath.  A very tight, sore, and angry Achilles.  I can’t win.
Totals: 29 miles

Less than 2 weeks remain until Glass City.  You can still sign up for the Marathon, Half Marathon, and 5k!  Please considering joining me on race day.