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25 Weeks

It’s officially 25 weeks (and a day) but who’s counting, really?  Baby Mason is now the size of a rutabaga.  Which, by the way, sounds absolutely disgusting.  He or she measures nearly 13 1/2 inches and weighs 1.5 pounds.  At least we now can safely say some of my weight gain is now “the baby” 🙂


Since I am too lazy to take a post-workout pic this week, we will settle for my Instagram one.

Since I am too lazy to take a post-workout pic this week, we will settle for my Instagram one.

Speaking of weight gain, I am definitely up about 12 pounds.  I still don’t feel like it though, because I look down and only see newly formed mass in my mid section.  Plus, I still am able to fit in the majority of my jeans (although snug) and my running pace continues to hover around 9:00/mile.  I guess the weight is being distributed around my frontal regions.

In other baby world news, we finally have been able to get our baby registry done!  It is definitely overwhelming trying to register for items that you have absolutely no expertise.  Thank goodness for the interwebs, friends with babies, and parental guidance.  Also, even though I already knew this (duh moment)…babies are pretty expensive!  All I know is that this child’s room, furniture, clothing, and toys will wind up being nicer than all our things for the next few years.

Which probably explains why during our last ultrasound, Baby Mason appeared to be smiling as if to say “I already got you guys wrapped around my little finger”.  That little nugget already has things figured out.

Sorry that this post seems to be so short, but there’s really not a whole lot new to share.  On the running front, I have now worked my way up to being able to handle 5 mile runs (with only some minor aches and pains in my low back) in preparation for Union City Half Marathon.  It will be a new and different experience to run this race as a relay (I’ve done the half twice), run it while being pregnant, and see how many times I curse the terrible hills of the course.  I am sure pregnant thighs+demon hills=Holy Crap My Pubic Bone Is Going Shatter.  I am already preparing to sit in a vat of Icy Hot after the race.

I am running from Mile 7.5 to the finish.  Mostly because I'm stupid.

I am running from Mile 7.5 to the finish. Mostly because I’m stupid.



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24 Weeks

It’s Week 24 already and that means that Baby Mason is now the size of an…ear of corn!  He or she now weighs 1 1/3 pounds and is nearly a foot long.


The Second Trimester continues to treat me well.  I am enjoying the bursts of energy while they last and marveling at how quickly my belly is growing and changing over the past few weeks.  Baby Mason is definitely an active baby and enjoys kicking Mommy mainly when her pants are too tight or when she is trying to watch her favorite TV shows.  I am not looking forward to the gestational diabetes test that occurs at 26-28 weeks, as I’ve heard many horror stories about how awful the sugary concoction tastes.  Mine has been fermenting in the fridge now for over a week and I will be subjected to an orange sugar glug in the near future.

I do now have a huge case of the Pregnancy Waddles.  Hubs even told me today, “Why are you waddling?”  If only I could explain so easily without sounding like a whinefest.  My hips hurt, my back is starting to hurt, my hips feel like they no longer belong to me and instead belong to a camel, and my pubic bone sometimes feels like it is fracturing.  There, I said it.  I am a big whiner.   I need to learn to man up.  Or just woman up.

Mike takes very unflattering pictures...I look like I've gotten super huge in a week.  Maybe I have.  But I'm thinking this is more the angle.  Or at least thats what I'm telling myself.  Bubble butt.

Mike takes very unflattering pictures…I look like I’ve gotten super huge in a week. Maybe I have. But I’m thinking this is more the angle. Or at least thats what I’m telling myself. Bubble butt.

On the running front, this week I was able to hit a new distance record (a Pregnancy Distance PR, persay) and ran 5 miles.  It was super slow, but I did it and wasn’t too sore afterwards.  I am going to try to stick to running a 5 Miler each week to get ready for the fact that I may potentially be running a Half Marathon Relay leg.  Team Pregnancy FTW!  Huzzah!


23 Weeks

The weeks continue to fly at a rate that’s borderline exhilarating and borderline “I’m gonna pee my pants from nervousness”.  This week Baby Mason measures 11 inches in length and is approximately the size of a mango.  That’s one food I can get on board with, I love mango margaritas.  Wait, that’s probably not the best use for mango.  Or something I can’t have for another 4-5 months.  Drat.


Baby Mason had it’s first ultrasound appointment this past week as well.  It is hard to describe watching your baby on a screen, not being able to take your eyes away from it’s image for a second.  I hardly even looked at my Husband at all.  I loved taking in each image that was presented.  And I have come to the conclusion…he or she looks exactly like Mike.  It’s like he managed to mate with himself or implant a clone in my body.  I may start referring to Baby as Mini Mike from now on.  At the ultrasound, the tech said Baby is now weighing 1 pound, 1 ounce and is right on track for appropriate size.

This week also marked another milestone in my own life…a BIRTHDAY!  Happy 29 years old to me, I will forever stay this age because I don’t want to hit the “30 something” mark.  Nothing against it, but I think the 30-34 age group is more competitive than 25-29 sometimes, so I think for my future running career this is also a good choice.  Some birthday pics from our little mini family shindig:


We are so clever with wrapping this around me in just that right way


Best gift ever! Ready to get into some more cycling this fall and next year…Pedal to the Point here I come! And maybe a duathlon debut…


I also commemorated my 23 Weeks Celebration by throwing in something I used to do a whole bunch of…RUNNING RACES!  On a spur of the moment decision, I decided to register for one of my favorite races on the Subway Challenge Series Calendar–The Louisville St. Patrick’s Day 5K.  Knowing that I would automatically set a Pregnancy PR, I was eager to run for fun and with little to no expectation.  I just wanted to make sure to keep things comfortable, easy breezy with my breathing, and earn myself (and baby) a new Race Shirt!

I found myself running faster than any of my training runs have been over the past…well, month.  However, I discovered quickly that 1) It felt much better to run fast aka no pubic bone discomfort and 2) I wasn’t breathing hard to do it.  Oh happy day.  I know I won’t always have good running days with pregnancy (just like when not pregnant we all have horrendous running days), but I was thankful to squeak in just one.

Baby Mason nudged me out for the win (By a Belly) and we turned in a 25:17 (8:09/mile pace).  And the surprise of all surprises happened after I managed to happily slurp down some tomato soup (seriously all food tastes better when pregnant and just after a run), I actually won an Age Group Award!

Baby and I took 2nd Place and earned ourselves the following prize:


Me running strong and belly doesnt even look like its there!

Me running strong and somehow…my belly doesnt even look like its there!

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22 Weeks

Time continues to fly by during the 2nd Trimester and I am sure as we get closer to the due date, that this will accelerate even more.  Which means, I will likely go into “Oh Crap” Mode and start freaking out that I have literally done nothing so far to get ready for the little nugget.

This week, Baby Mason is measuring in at a whopping 11 inches in length and is now nearly 1 pound.  We have ourselves a little spaghetti squash in there.  Which is one food that has never managed to make its way into our house.  I doubt I could get Hubs on board to eat it.


I feel like in the past week, that my hips have widened a bit and my waistline is now starting to expand like its going out of style.  Most of my pants no longer fit me, although there are a few pairs of jeans and khakis that do.  I am trying to hold out on buying maternity pants as long as possible and trying to keep living the dream that is Size 6 in Women’s.  That dream will likely die in the next 2 weeks.  I am pretty sure I have developed a very small hint of the “waddles” in how I walk.  I blame it mostly on this gosh darn pubic bone, but I am pretty sure the thigh rub has something to do with it as well.  Hello chunky thighs!

I definitely can’t wait until winter ends so I can start busting out some of my shorts and capris for workouts.  My running tights are hanging on for dear life right now to my butt.  Any bigger and I’m pretty sure I will be bringing back the plumber’s crack.  My shorts and capris, on the other hand, fit me fine but Mother Nature keeps thumbing her nose in our general direction (aka Ohio).

Besides all my new found expansion, I am happy to report that thus far I have avoided many other pregnancy related symptoms.  I honestly don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have the amount of energy I currently have.  I am grateful that I can spend an entire day off (like today) doing cleaning, laundry, ironing, vacuuming, cooking, toss in a 4 mile run, and still feel like I am good to go.  This is definitely that happy little middle portion of pregnancy where life is good.  I am certain it will not last, but I’m enjoying it while I can!


What my running has been looking like…day after day, week after week.

What I elected to wear for a frigid yet warmer run

What I elected to wear for a frigid yet warmer run

Poof! Jacket gone and oodles of bump

Poof! Jacket gone and oodles of bump