Running Through a Fulfilled Life

2012 Racing Calendar

2012 Racing Schedule

Dave’s 10 Miler (if ready)    Unable to run due to being sick again

Blizzard Breakfast 7 mile Prediction Run 55:55.00 (NEW PR)
Quantum Leap 2.9 Mile Leap Year Race 22:19 (NEW PR)

Christie Lane 5K-March 24 family emergency
Churchill’s Half Marathon-2:00:11 (Ran with my Mom)

Fair Housing Contact Service 5K-23:09
Glass City Half Marathon-April 22 1:53:48 (Failed PR Attempt *sads*)
Wildcat Run 5K-April 28  did not run

Medina City Schools Run 4 Fun 5K-May 4 caught the injury bug
Huron Lighthouse 10 Miler-May 5  caught the injury bug
Mercy Health Run 5K-23:40 run on a bum knee

Shearer’s Chip Chase 3.5 Miler-26:12 (NEW PR)
Girl’s on the Run 5k- 29:14 (Buddy Runner for Team Northwood!)
National Running Day 5 Mile-40:16 (Course was long but still is NEW PR!)
Jackson Night Glow 5K-24:30 (HOT!)

5280 Foot Race-July 6   Didn’t run do to utter HOTNESS, aka 106 degrees outside!
Camp Mowana Run Through the Pines 5K-24:57 (NEW XC 5K PR!)
Castalia Cold Creek 5k- 23:20

Soul to Sole 5K-23:19
Canalway Classic-22:32 (NEW 5K PR!!)
Steppin Out for Hospice 5K-22:33

Alliance Rotary Castle Run 10K-52:47 (Crapped on my leg due to the heat NOT LITERALLY, a bad race was bound to happen)
FIT Family 5K-21:55 (race was short by .04, confirmed by race director. so CLOSE to breaking 22!)
Shannon and Ryan’s Wedding-September 22
Columbus Crew Fiesta-September 29

Red White and Blue 26.2(doing the H___ M______)-1:49:35 (NEW PR!)
Project Homeless Connect 6 Miler-45:52 (NEW PR and 4TH OVERALL!)
Stephen’s Sunrise Pi Mile 5K-23:39 (3.14 mile, 2ND OVERALL)

Rich Dalessandro Memorial Fall Turkey Trot 5K-22:56
Green Turkey Trot-21:28 (NEW PR!!)

Santa Hustle 5K-December 16


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