Running Through a Fulfilled Life


A Milestone!

A few days ago, we made it through out first year of being new parents.  Even though Baby J probably didn’t understand the importance of his first birthday, it meant a lot to both Hubs and I.  One year.  Time has flown.  One year ago, I was just learning what it means to have such a strong love for someone so tiny.  One year ago, I was learning what the phrase “you’ll never sleep again” meant.  One year ago, I was absolutely clueless as to how tough that first year of life can be.

But here we are, we made it.

IMG_7653 IMG_7657 IMG_7756 IMG_7771

I can’t wait to see what the next days, months, and years have in store for us!


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June Recap

Ok, so maybe I haven’t been back to blogging on the regular.  Sue me, I’ve been busy.  Summertime is always crazy busy, a slight degree more than spring busy or fall busy.  We’ve been out of town so much that I have almost forgotten what my home feels like on a weekend.  I’ve also forgotten what a morning where you sleep past 6 am also feels like.  But who’s bitter about that?  Certainly not this Mom.  **tight lipped smile** **sarcasm**

I’ve still been running.  There’s still no structure to what I’ve been doing and I’ve certainly fallen off the wagon of keeping a log of miles.  Consider that New Year’s Resolution broken…amongst many other of my running resolutions.  The craziest thing is that…I’ve hardly raced all year.  It’s definitely been a different type of summer for me, as pre-baby Eli would be chomping at the bit to race every weekend.  Post-baby me is happy and content to do a hard track workout on the weekend and spend the rest of the time enjoying moments with my Hubby and James.

Speaking of Baby J, we’ve got ourselves a walker finally!  He’s grown by leaps and bounds over the past few months and when I look at him now, I don’t see that little baby anymore.  It makes me both sad and happy at the same time, which is sometimes a tough pill to swallow.  Probably because it’s like one of those giant horse pills.


We also just spent last week on a wonderful vacation with the In-Laws to Surfside Beach, SC.  We rarely treat ourselves (Treat Yo Self this family denieth itselfith), but vacationing yearly is the one thing we try to make possible.  Last year, that didn’t happen because someone probably would have tried to harpoon me on the beach mistaking me for a beached whale as my pregnancy waddle had grown something fierce.  Therefore, this year we were more than ready to get away to the Atlantic coast.

Little did we know that our first half of vacation would read like something straight out of Family Vacation.  We can just entitle those 4 days as “Family Vacation (from Hell)”.  In no particular order the following things occurred:4

  1. Large amounts of rain decided to fall at home causing a Monsoon along the Lake Erie shore.  In Laws basement floods with sewer water.  Aka poop water.  Aka horrible.
  2. Vixey (their pup) got bit when at the doggy day care requiring emergency surgery.  Pups in Paradise? I think not because #thatpupsinhell
  3. My SI joint decided to rear its ugly head when I simply leaned forward to feed Baby J.  Back spasms delight.
  4. Hubs slices his finger open on his razor decorating our bathroom with a red speckle paint and requiring stitches.  Secretly, I think he just wanted to be able to say “where are my rubbers at?” the rest of vacation.20150629_113731
  5. A plastic pool chair broke as my MIL sat on it, causing her to fall and hit her head/ribs on the cement.  Another trip to Urgent Care later, we were Dr. Vandergriff’s best family of patients.20150629_210133

All in 4 days.  So June didn’t end on the best of notes.  But the good news is that the last few days of vacation (because they were in July and July is a nice, happy, quiet month) went swimmingly well.  Even if Hubs no longer did any swimming (where’s my rubbers at homie?!)  Vacation phone dump!

IMG_20150628_202926 20150702_204049 20150703_172914 20150703_175330 20150627_153547 IMG_20150702_203331

Can’t wait to see what July holds.  Maybe I’ll actually get a race in again.  Or maybe I’ll just savor these warm days with my happy family.

IMG_7577 IMG_7528 IMG_7500 (2)