Running Through a Fulfilled Life



They don’t call it a comeback, I’ve been here for years.

Self rehab has progressed from the beginning stages in which I contemplated using a needle to pop my swollen balloon of a knee.  At 1.5 weeks out, I could ride a stationary bike no probz. At 2 weeks out, I even got on my legit bike (aka Huffy crap piece) and biked multiple mileage.  At 3 weeks out, I hopped on the elliptical and thought “Me thinks I am getting out of shape”.

And today, 4 weeks out from surgery, it was confirmed.  I am out of shape.

But I FREAKING RAN!  It felt like getting on a bicycle again that had rusted in multiple places.  It felt like my body was totally uncoordinated and that my hamstrings and quadriceps were not functioning as a team.  I got lapped so hardcore by the high school cross country team.  But I don’t even care.  I RAN!

The few days leading up to this glorious day that had been circled and starred on my calendar for weeks, saw me make some significant purchases.


Because a runner coming off injury needs new flashy shoes, right?!


And not just one pair, but 2 pairs as much as the husband doth protest


And a new running top so at least if I totally crash and burn and fail, I will at least look cute doing it

And this morning I woke up and was all like

ImageAnd then I looked at the forecast for today and was all like



But today was too important to just say “NO” to the heat and humidity.  So I put on my big girl underwear and sucked it up and JUST DID IT.  Nike was totally proud.

And jogged in the blazing saddles of hellfire heat while holding a water bottle in my hand.  Took 3 walking breaks (didn’t stop my time) and was able to squeak this out.  


And I don’t even care that it is something ridiculously slow for me.  I am just happy that the Comeback is on.  Praying that my knee continues to behave as I slowly build things back up, but considering I only had some minor hamstring soreness during the run, I’ll take it!  My race walking career (sorry Dad) can be put on the back burner for the time being.