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Things I Can Relate To…

Starting next week, I will officially be kicking off my training plan for the Owens Corning Half Marathon.  It has been over 2 years since I’ve trained for a half, and I am excited and nervous at the same time.  I have been able to work up to running 6 miles as my long run, to develop the “base” necessary to start a 12 week training program.  Do I have a goal time yet?  I have ideas of what I would like to run, but it’s hard to set a goal when most of my running so far has been done on the treadmill.  And sadly, unless Glass City decides to move it’s course to running circles around my basement (probably won’t be happening), it’s hard to know if my treadmill running paces will translate appropriately to the outdoors world.  I think in the past 3 weeks, I have managed to run outside twice.  Yes, you read that correctly.  I’m a big baby.



I tend to use a mantra whenever I train, something that I like to repeat in my head whenever the going gets tough.  My mantra has always been “one mile at a time”, but for this training cycle I can now add another mantra “nothing can be harder than childbirth” 😉 I doubt I’ll be able to find a wristband that says that though.

photo (77)

In other life things, we’re staying busy.  Well, as busy as you can be when you’re holed up inside your home like hermits.

Baby J just turned 6 months old, which means I now have 6 months left to plan his first birthday.  And, knowing me, I will wait until the week before to actually plan it.  J’s still a handful, we never know if he’s going through a growth spurt, cutting teeth, still battling a cold, or just really wants to eat diapers and cell phones.  All I know is that we’re dealing with a lot of this.

Which has made for some pretty special, “let’s reserve this story for our future book about parenthood” or “let’s save this story for when we need to make sure J fully appreciates just how much we love him”.  When your kid’s hanging out in the trunk of the Rav4 in his diaper, with poop stained clothing and wipes everywhere, in 30 degree weather, it does leave you questioning your motives.

What races are you training for?  Do you have any crazy parenting stories that just make you shake your head? Am I the only one that hates winter?


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Glass City Marathon Charities

Another great reason to decide to run the 2015 edition of The Glass City Marathon, is that it benefits many great organizations.  I am definitely picky when it comes to choosing which races I support, as I find the best way to support a good race is to “vote with your feet”.  One of my big determining factors of choosing races to support has always been to research the organizations and causes it benefits.  The Glass City Marathon definitely meets this criteria.

The 2015 edition of GCM will be benefitting:
1)Great Lakes Collaborative for Autism: they work within the community to raise awareness for autism and collaborate with the community to provide services, programming, and support with those that have autism.
2)Maumee Valley Habitat for Humanity: works with low-income families in Lucas County to provide new or rehabbed homes, perform critical repairs, and clean-up/maintenance work.
3)Kids Unlimited: after school/mentoring program for children in the Greater Toledo area
4)Catholic Charities Diocese of Toledo: provides a variety of services including food, shelter, adoption services, pregnancy support, guardianship for the elderly, etc.
5)Toledo Community Service Center: provide services and programs for homeless individuals
6)Girls on the Run: after school program using running as means to teach school-aged girls life skills, coping skills, and leadership.  (sidebar: I have been a buddy runner for GOTR in NE Ohio–great organization!)
7)Goodwill of NW Ohio: improve lives of individuals with disabilities by providing employment training and job placement
8)Racing for Recovery: works to prevent substance abuse through health and fitness for those affected by addiction
9)Hannah’s Socks: community based non-profit organization dedicated to helping people affected by homelessness, poverty and domestic abuse in Ohio and Southeast Michigan. They collect and donate new socks and undergarments to those in need through shelter homes, public schools and direct distribution.
10)Josina Lott Residential and Community Services: Enriching the lives of persons with developmental disabilities by providing quality services, safe environments and opportunities for self-determination and community integration.

More information on the charity organizations can be found here.

Yes, that really is 10 fantastic organizations that do lots of great work in the Toledo and NW Ohio communities.  This year’s goal is to raise 100,000 total to benefit the above charities.  If you decide to race GCM, you can even choose to fundraise or directly donate to any of these charities through the GCM Webpage

Speaking of The Glass City Marathon, there is still plenty of time to sign up at the current price rates.  Current rates will continue through 3/31/15.  However, even though there is still “plenty of time”, waiting until the last minute is not always the best idea!  At the current pace, nearly all events will be selling out prior to race date.


the marathon is 46% filled
the half marathon is 53% filled
the marathon relay is 45% filled
and 5k is 12% filled

And we are still 3 months away from race day!  Moral of the story, sign up and support a great event, some fantastic charities, and join me at the start line on April 26!


I was selected to be a 2015 Glass City Marathon Ambassador and provided entry to the Owens Corning Half Marathon.  All opinions are my own.  Especially when it comes to fantastic fundraising.  


Glass City Marathon/Owens Corning Half Marathon Training Plan

Did anyone catch this interview on Sports Center this morning?  Taking a page straight out of the Marshawn Lynch book for how to conduct an interview.  Russell Westbrook must have the winter blahs too.

The time is quickly approaching that will mark Day #1 of my training plan.  With the super awesome attack of the flu and other holiday ailments, my running took a major hit around Christmas and I feel like I am just now getting my paces and distances back up to where I was prior.  I still feel like some days I have a troll living in my chest that likes to hurl balls of sputum (yum and gross) on occasion, but overall I am feeling much better.  As is this little guy, after battling his share of the flu, he also has endured an ear and eye infection.


I am planning to use Hal Higdon’s Intermediate Training Plan for the Owens Corning Half Marathon.  I am not choosing the Advanced plan because 1) I don’t feel advanced, 2) I don’t have that kind of time to dedicate to training (although I applaud those that do), 3) My body will self combust if I totally give up on cross training/strength training and the goal really is to get to that starting line, and 4) I’ve had success using the Intermediate plan before.

Using a 12 Week program will mean starting my training on February 1.  So hopefully Mother Nature throws me a bone or two and keeps winter at bay and ushers spring in early.  Or at least gives me a forecast for no snow on all Sundays for the next 12 weeks.  I did a 6 mile run on the Treadmill of Doom and that was quite enough running staring at a styrofoam covered basement wall.  I doubt I have the mental fortitude to withstand longer distances.  I also don’t want to have another winter like last year where no runs occurred outdoors.

Winter Running is my favorite.  Last year during this particular reused photo I was pregnant and no one knew.  Also one of the last times I ran outside during the winter for fear of falling.

Winter Running is my favorite. Last year during this particular reused photo I was pregnant and no one knew. Also one of the last times I ran outside during the winter for fear of falling.

At least this weekend is offering warmer temperatures which should allow me to get outside.  I haven’t run outside (as per my DailyMile records) since January 4.  NBD.  That’s only 2 weeks of nothing but treadmill running, dry basement air, and nothing but a stale smelling fan to keep me company.  Bleah.  Can you tell my motivation is not where it needs to be?  How do you stay motivated during the winter?  What is the temperature or weather conditions that you decide to can the outdoors running for indoor treadmill monotony?  

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Glass City Marathon Entry Winners!

Thanks again to everyone that entered my race entry giveaway.  Even if you didn’t win, I still hope that you will consider joining me on April 27 to participate in a first-rate event.  I am pleased to announce the two winners of my giveaway are…

…Drumroll please…
Lindsey M. and Sarah Diller!

Congratulations to you both!
I will be e-mailing both winners with instructions on how to redeem their free entry to the race of their choice (minus the Marathon relay).

If you didn’t win, both Amanda and Dean still have their giveaways open!

I look forward to sharing upcoming information about the Glass City Marathon and my personal training updates with all of you!


It’s A New Year

It’s a New Year which means it’s time for ye olde resolution setting.  I’ve come to find that when setting resolutions, it’s better to set small goals that set you up for the big picture rather than making your goals too lofty.  Or maybe, it’s because I’d rather set my bar super low so I’m guaranteed to succeed.  Because who really wants to run face first into their hurdle?

For 2015, my runners resolutions will be as follows:
1) I’d like to keep an accurate running log.  I fell off this wagon over the course of 2014, mainly because of the tiny human growing within my abdomen, but also because I’m lazy and had zero running goals.
2) Run >1,000 miles.  I can do this.  I’ve done it before.  And I will need 3 pairs of running shoes to do it.  Cha ching time to make that money, Momma.
3) Try to run a race each month.  Which will be hard in the winter months, but I’m confident I can do this.  Even if it means making my own race up and drawing a Crayola bib on myself.
4) Race a half marathon.  I’m doing Glass City in April.  I’m registered and eager to see just how much I can push myself.
5) Run a 20:XX 5K.  Each year I determine my level of fitness based off my 5K time.  I know I have the chops in me to pull this off, just a matter of sticking my nose to the grindstone and getting it done.

I’d like to think these are things that should be easily accomplished and not require a lot of angst on my part.

I’m still trying to put together what my 2015 Race Calendar will look like since it all totally depends on my health and the Baby J’s demands.  But here’s my guide to January through March.
January: Not a lot of races are available in January because, frankly, it’s friggin cold out.  If you’re looking to brave the cold, snow, ice, and willing to part with your dignity in case you slip and fall, here’s some great options.
Donut Dash (5K Prediction Run) in Perrysburg, OH on January 11
The Resolution Run (5K) in Bowling Green, OH on January 17
Dave’s 10 Mile (10 Mile) in Delta, OH on January 25

February: The winter weather may be better and also may be worse.  It’s still friggin cold but at least February is a shorter month, right?!
Fremont Indoor Classic (10K) in Fremont, OH (if you’re looking for a mental challenge!) on February 1
Get Luckey (5K) in Luckey, OH on February 14
Chili Bowl Classic (5K) in Cleveland, OH on February 14
Snoball Run (5K) in Bay Village, OH on February 21

March: March comes in like a lion and out like…something else.  Or at least that’s my interpretation of that phrase.  March is my birth month and I’m in denial that I’ll be moving up age groups.  But March is also a sign that spring is on the way.  And more races start happening as well.
Louisville St. Patrick’s Day (5K) in Louisville, OH on March 14
St. Malachi Run (2 or 5 Mile Option) in Cleveland, OH on March 14
Wearin of the Green (7K) in Oregon, OH on March 22
Christie Lane (5K) in Norwalk, OH
Melt the Ice (5K) in Fremont, OH

To look for entry forms or online registration for these races (as some have yet to post their entry forms at this time…it’s early still!) you can find information at:
Ohio Challenge Series
Firelands Area Runners Club
Toledo Road Runners
Hermes Racing
Fremont Elite Runners Club

Here’s to happy and healthy running in 2015!  Hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday season 🙂

Mason Family Holiday Photo.  We still can't get the whole "everyone smile" thing together yet.  We're working on it.

Mason Family Holiday Photo. We still can’t get the whole “everyone smile” thing together yet. We’re working on it.