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Race Recap: MidTown Cleveland Healthline Classic 10K

This was one of my most satisfying finishes of 2015.  And it almost didn’t happen.

This race wasn’t even on my largest or ambitious of radars until my Mom suggested we do it about 2 weeks prior.  She is training for the Columbus Half (her first in several years), and the training plan I’ve given her called for a 10K race.  Since she doesn’t like to “pretend race”, this was the closest 10k per Run Ohio in the immediate present.  And since I am trying to achieve the Daughter of the Year award for 2015, it was a no brainer.

Race check-in was super easy and the “swag bag” was on point.  The bag was actually a lined lunch bag (bonus!) and the shirt for this year was super cute and a nice, soft material.  The race started and finished at the Agora and the course was easy to memorize as it was basically a giant, out and back loop.  This was imperative as I’m someone that could lost in my own backyard.

My mom and I did a quick warm-up jog.  Hers was a bit longer than mine.  I tend to jog for 2 minutes and then declare “I’m ready!”.  Why waste extra energy?

The race started promptly at 8:30 AM.  We took off into an immediate, super gradual and very low grade decline that lasted about a mile.  Mile 1 clicked by, then Mile 2, and Mile 3.  My pace felt hard, but sustainable.  I avoided the urge to gaze constantly at thine watch.  Then we turned into the wind.  Up hill.  For over a mile.  (this sounds like the memoirs of a schoolchild circa 1930).  It was hard.  I know my pace took a hit here, but I also knew I had to hold on.  I had managed at this point to settle into 2nd OA Female and wanted to hold it.  I had been yo-yoing back and forth with the 3rd Female prior, but had put at least 50 yards in between us and wanted to hold it.

What a difference it made at the turnaround.   Wind at the back.  Downhill again.  I was flying…wheeeee, I’m free!  I thought maybe I could catch the girl in first, but somehow she seemed to be gaining on me?  I was impressed with her pacing for sure because I dropped back down to even 7’s at this point.

I heard thunderous footsteps coming up from behind me at about Mile 5.5.  It was that girl again!  Poop.  Thankfully, at this point we approached an intersection that the cop stopping traffic didn’t see us coming up to.  He waved a few cars through that caused us to slow.  Once we could proceed, I gunned it.  Like someone had lit a fire under my rear.  This chick was not going to beat me.  I felt the urge to pass out, puke, and collapse occurring (not in that particular order) as I neared the finish.  But I was too legit.  To.  Quit.

When I saw the time as I approached the finish I was pumped.  I was so close to breaking 44 minutes it wasn’t even funny.  I ended up finishing in 44:07.  7:07/mile pace.  2nd OA, 1st in AG.

So happy. New 10K PR since I hadn’t successfully completed this distance since circa 2012.  My Mom finished in 51:44.  Good enough to win her AG, set a new AG course record, and PR herself.  So proud of how she’s running, I have one speedy Momma!