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Glass City Marathon Giveaway!

I’ve got some exciting news to share with all of you.  As a 2015 Glass City Marathon Ambassador, I have been given 2 free entries to give away to my readers!  The free entry will be good for any of the following race options: 5K, Half Marathon, or Marathon.  It cannot be used on the Marathon Relay.

Why should you consider running Toledo?

  •  It is a fast growing race in this area, as all event participants only totaled 3,200 in 2010, but had increased to over 7,000 by 2014.
  • It has more of a “small town city feel”, if that makes sense.  You won’t feel overcrowded like some other bigger events, and things are still super organized and professional.  There are time based corrals that make sure you start appropriately and don’t feel your race is made or broken from the gun.  The course support is great and water stops are never an issue.  Crowd support continues to grow each year.
  • Sprinting across the Glass Bowl to finish is always awesome.
  • You WILL run better in Toledo.  Flat, fast, (hopefully) decent weather this year could get you that coveted PR.  But at least will give you a wonderful race experience.
  • Running through Ottawa Hills into Wildwood Park is always beautiful.  No matter the time of year.
  • You get to see me.  And my fellow Race Ambassadors.  And who wouldn’t want to meet some awesome runners?

So please, please enter the giveaway and join me in toeing that start line on April 26, 2015.  I guarantee you will not regret it!  I will leave this contest open until 1/5/15 at 8:00 PM (why 8 pm? it’s my new bedtime tee hee).  I will notify winners via this blog on 1/6/15.

How can you enter?  There are several ways to gain additional entries.

  1. Leave me a comment telling me which race distance you would like to run.
  2. Follow GCM_Toledo on Twitter and leave a comment letting me know you did.
  3. Like Glass City Marathon on Facebook and leave a comment letting me know you did.
  4. Tweet about this giveaway: “I want to win an entry to the #GlassCityMarathon through and leave a comment letting me know you did.
  5. Follow me on Instagram supereli23 and leave me a comment letting me know you did.
  6. Follow me on Twitter super_eli_23 and leave me a comment letting me know you did.

Good Luck!



Engage Long Distance Running Legs…GCM Style, Ready Go!

A while back, I mentioned that I had been selected to be a Race Ambassador for the Glass City Marathon 2015 edition.  I still am honored to have been picked, as I get to share my love for the TOL, UT, and GCM with the blogosphere, social media outlets, and locally as well.  I know North Central Ohio knows how to represent!

Oh you know, just a posterior view of my glutes running the bike trail back to campus 2012 GCM style.

Oh you know, just a posterior view of my glutes running the bike trail back to campus 2012 GCM style.  You can tell I’m exhausted by my substantial hip drop.

I have planned to select the Owens Corning Half Marathon as my race distance for 2015.  Why the half marathon?  Because I’d really like another crack at the distance.  With a shiny new, bubble wrapped, straight out the package baby, it’s the best distance that fits into my free time.  I haven’t run one since 2012 and I have been eager to see what I’m capable of 2 years and 1 baby later.  The Owens Corning Half course is perfect for setting that PR.  Even though I’m picking the half doesn’t mean you have to!

Goal for 2015: have a better finisher photo.  I want to look as excited as the lady next to me!

Goal for 2015: have a better finisher photo. I want to look as excited as the lady next to me!

Glass City offers many different options dependent upon what you’re looking for:
Glass City Marathon 5K: A 5k is the perfect distance if you’re just getting into the running game or are looking to test your speed.  No distance better tests your ability to tolerate, as I refer to it as, the pain train.  A 5K is also relatively easy to train for, and doesn’t require you to allot a significant chunk of your time to do.  If you’re new to running, you’ll want to allow for 8 weeks prep time, but if you’re an experienced runner, you can probably get peaked for optimal speed by 4 weeks.

Owens Corning Half Marathon:  If you’ve run a 5K or 10K and are looking for the next “challenge”, then tackling 13.1 miles is for you.  I ran my first half during my very first year of racing.  My goal was to finish.  If it’s your first half, that’s the best route to take, as finishing is a great accomplishment.  Then, if you decide that halfs are your jam, you can begin to set time goals.  I used a free Runners World plan for my first race, but now lean towards Hal Higdon’s plans (with my own modifications).

Glass City 5 Person Relay: Nothing tests teamwork or camaraderie like running a relay.  I absolutely loved running a half marathon relay while pregnant earlier this spring.  A relay makes you feel accountable for your training because you are not only running for yourself, but for your teammates as well.  The relay legs are broken up into 5:
Leg 1 – 5.1 Miles
Leg 2 – 6.1 Miles
Leg 3 – 4.4 Miles
Leg 4 – 5.3 Miles
Leg 5 – 5.3 Miles

Glass City Marathon: The big kahuna of it all.  If you have run several halfs, maybe even a 25K, and are ready for the next challenge, the marathon is that option.  26.2 miles is a big challenge and one that I am still not brave enough to try (maybe someday).  If this is your first marathon, you will want to allow yourself proper training time–approximately 18-20 weeks and already have a solid foundation established.  Solid foundation meaning you are capable of running for 6-7 miles.  If you are already an established marathoner and looking for that shiny BQ, Toledo is the place to do it!  The course is relatively flat and definitely fast, allowing any well trained and motivated runner to grab that shiny PR.

I think my favorite portions of the half/full course (as they run together for the first several miles) occur during the pass into Ottawa Hills and onto Wildwood Preserve.  Everytime I am in the TOL, I always do a majority of my running at Wildwood.  I just consider it to be a beautiful metropark!  So, consider joining me and my fellow GCM Race Ambassadors on April 26, 2015 by participating in one of the above options.  And if you’re worried about tired muscles and a hungry belly afterwards, there is a post-race party that offers free massages and some grub.  You also can’t beat the commemorative Glass Mug from Libbey Glass (Thus why Toledo is the Glass City).



2012 race swag

2012 race swag

Be sure to sign up soon as registration price increase occurs on 1/1/15.  I look forward to chronicling my first post-baby half marathon training cycle with you!

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It’s Been A While

So my last entry was nearly a month ago.  I will entirely blame that upon being a super busy Mommy lately.  Between work, the holidays, a non-sleeping baby, and sleep deprivation of 4 months finally sinking in, writing up my last race report or composing my 4 month update never happened.  Whoops!

Given I have approximately 10 minutes before I have to wake up and feed Baby J, this post will be short…sweet…and to a very brief point.  Not like underwear.

Baby J turned 4 months old as of Nov 21st!  Obviously he’s almost 5 months now, but better late than never right?  Little dude continues to amaze us in how he grown over the past month.  He loves to smile, gurgle his neverending salivary stream, roll all over the place, and jump for days (or until my arms feel like they’re burning with a gigantic blow torch).  That’s why the best gift Baby J could have gotten for an early Christmas gift (to save Mommy and Daddy from a rotator cuff tear) was a jumper.  Little guy jumps and jumps and jumps…usually until he passes out.  Totally cracks me up.

Not sure why this keeps rotating, but you get the idea.  He's a happy guy.

Not sure why this keeps rotating, but you get the idea. He’s a happy guy.

Also, because I’m cheap, I decided to stage our own version of a Christmas photo shoot to put on our yearly photo card.  These ones didn’t make the cut.  Probably because Mommy has too much fun using PicMonkey.
IMG_6975a IMG_6961a


We also got to take Baby J to his very first Lights Before Christmas at the Toledo Zoo! It’s one of my favorite holiday events, and I’m hoping it becomes a tradition for us.  Even if our evening ended with a super tired, super cranky baby that had to be taken home early.  Womp womp.

Baby J was looking for money

Baby J was looking for money

As for things on the running front, I ran my yearly Turkey Trot.  I selected the Green Professionals Association Turkey Trot in Green,OH.  The weather was a bit less than ideal, as it snowed through the whole event, but the course never got slick.  Since the race was a while ago, my post-race excitement has died down and I don’t have much else to say besides I ran hard, ran a smart race, and was able to best my previous 5K  PR by a few seconds (21:20).  Not too bad given my lack of formal training recently.  Makes me look forward to what Spring racing will bring!

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