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Race Recap: Castalia Cold Creek 5K

Last weekend I decided to some spur of the moment 5K racing and selected a race that was right down the road.  The Castalia Cold Creek 5K is part of the Castalia Cold Creek Festival.  It was just a small, local yocal,  run and sweatfest of rural proportions.  I got the race about 45 minutes prior to the start and picked up my race packet, warming up shortly after.

Race shirt with my medal

The temperatures were not as blazing, fiery hot as they have been recently, but it was still upper 70’s at race start with not a cloud in the sky.  Which was convenient because the entire race course took place out on country roads with no shade.

The race started right on time and immediately began with an uphill that lasted ~0.5 miles. Nothing fun about feeling like death right from the start.  From there, the course started its rolly path.  Up one hill, down another, up another hill, down another.  My legs were totally feeling the killer speed workout I had put them through on Wednesday.  We hit the turn around point and I thought “Good Lord, I have to do that same thing in reverse now?”.  Shortly after the turnaround, I started the terrible mental talk.  “F this.  Just finish the race.  Who cares about your time.  It’s hot, these hills suck, and there are no water stops anywhere in sight to dump water on your head.  Pack it in and get on with it”.  Fortunately the race finished downhill and I was able to zap the negative self talk, but not before it had managed to somewhat zap my finish time.

Final Finish: 23:20.  Which was good enough for 1st in the age group of 25-29.
Certainly not my best time, but definitely faster than I had anticipated especially in this July heat.

All smiles with my age group award!

First race ever run with sunglasses. Why? Because I forgot they were on the top of my head until 5 minutes prior to the start. So it was either put them over my eyes or keep them on top of my head. I chose not to look like a complete a-hole.

Here’s to looking forward to some fast races in cooler temperatures this Fall!  Happy Running!


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Race Recap: Camp Mowana Run Through the Pines 5K

I have been slacking on the race recap front as of late.  Last weekend, I ran the Camp Mowana “Run Through the Pines” 5k down in Mansfield, OH.  It was billed as a Cross Country and Trail Race…yay!  Given my lack of overall knee stability, I figured it could either end well or terribly should I decide to trip on a tree root, fall into a mud pit, and simultaneously tear all my ligaments in my knees.  I chose to end the race well.

Hubs and I left Sandtown bright and early in order to make it down to Mansfield for the 9:00 AM race start.  Camp Mowana (or Camp Anawanna as Mike kept calling it ala Salute Your Shorts style) is in the middle of nowhere.  Literally was driving down some country roads when *BAM* you’re there.  It was very wooded.  And rustic.  I think rustic is a fancy way of saying that we had to walk a half mile to pick up our race packets and walked uphill the majority of the way while deciding we were not going to have a dip in the green outdoor pool that was offered free use for the racers.

Hubs looking well prepared for trail racing. His outfit was loud enough that I could hear him when I went to the bathroom.

Reading to run with my jacked up jank Mr. Lumpy esque douchebag knee. 🙂

Even though my definition of rustic sounds like as much fun as getting told to turn and cough, I very much enjoyed this race once it started.  I am still waiting for the race pictures to get uploaded online (thus the main reason this post is so delayed) but the course was challenging and never boring.  We started by running uphill on a gravel drive, switched to grass with lumps galore, ran through a barn, ran past a tee-pee, ran past a climbing wall, hopped over a lot of roots and branches, and successfully rolled my ankles probably 4-5 times.

The Race Start

And we’re off!

Running through the barn…apparently Hubs and I ran so fast that we outran the cameras since there were zero pictures of us running the race

Hubs ran with me for the majority of the race, breaking away at approximately the 1.5 mile mark.  For whatever reason, my legs were tired.  I never got physically tired, but my legs would not give me an ounce of effort.  So I put it into cruise control for an “acceptable” effort, cursing my stupid need to run stupid speedwork involving a ladder workout on Wednesday.  Whenever I give myself proper rest, I think I’ll PR in the 5K again.  I was super pumped because I could only see one girl ahead of me.  Another girl passed me at the 2 mile mark, but I secretly smiled when crossing the finish line because I just KNEW I was 3rd overall.

Hubs finished in 24:27 and placed 2nd overall in the 25-29 age group.  Score Hubs!

He is obviously ecstatic that he just received that medal. It’s more like “get me out of here so I can drink beer” type of smile.

And then I wasn’t awarded 3rd overall.  Per the race results, I was beaten by 10 seconds.  Yet I was confused because I never saw another female in front of me except for the 2 I accounted.  “Kerry stupidhead” was awarded 3rd overall.  I was 4th.  Aka 1st in the 25-29 year old age group with a final finishing time of 24:57.

Happy to be done twisting my ankles and also secretly snarking about being beaten by 51 year old “Kerry stupidface”

When we got back from Mansfield, I eagerly checked the Ohio Challenge Series (as I do after every race even though I already know my finishing time because I like to overanalyze my races).  Somehow, magically, the race results had changed to this.


Place No.   Name                  Age City               St Time     
===== ===== ===================== === ================== == ======== 
    1  2297 Lindsey Leatherman     13 Seville            OH 22:05.9
    2   725 Jackie Iceman          25 Loudonville        OH 24:41.3
    3   743 Elizabeth Mason        27 Sandusky           OH 24:57.2

Mickey freaking Mouse dressed in his Fantasia glory must have magic’d the crap out of the results.

So I will just say this race hosed me.  “Kerry” the female was magically “Kerry” the MAN.  And Eli was not given her 3rd Overall race medal.  It is only the 2nd time in my young running life that I have placed overall.  And since the occurrence of such happens as often as pigs fly, I was sad that I was not contacted by the race director to correct this.  However, I still felt like I had a good racing experience and if it works into my plans next year, I will probably be back to race this one again.  I always enjoy a good, challenging course!  Even if I get beat by she-males.

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Dealing With a Little Pain

This summer, or I guess I should say the past few weeks, has been crazy hot.  Like a super lunatic, psycho, I wanna eat paste and lead chips, kind of crazy hot.  Where the temps have been into the 80’s at 7:00 AM with 90% humidity.  The type of weather that makes Eli have swamp body.  WIthin 5 minutes of starting a run.  It has been discouraging, yes, to see my race times suck major anus popsicles lately.  I am not a hot weather runner.  I bailed on a race last Friday because the race weather was projected to be 106.  Yes degrees.  Not 106 raindrops.  Not 106 fluffy puppies.  106 degrees of hellacious heat.  Yes the race was only 1 mile.  Does my body care?  I would have heat stroked across the finish line.

The face of heat intolerance. Mine.

My last 5K was the Jackson Glow Run which I recorded a slow as all molasses (for me) 24:30.  I felt like I was dying a thousand deaths.  I guess it is fair to say the temp at race time was around 80 degrees and I shouldn’t be so discouraged.  But I am.  My training has been going swimmingly in my own sweat well.  I have been building upper and lower body strength (for once) and have been incorporating regular speed training into my routine for the past 6 weeks.  I just wish I would see some results for my struggles.  I know fall running is coming up.  Fall running=Happy Eli.

See how happy I can be when the temperatures are COLD outside?

But until September and October hit, I guess I will have to deal with a little more pain.  Pain from speedwork.

Darn you Brooks Pure Flows for making me enjoy 800’s and 400’s. Also, my right leg is quite possibly the ugliest leg I’ve ever seen between the 3 scars and devil bastard Mr. Lumpy

Pain from rolling the living tar out of my lame quads in hopes that my lame knee will keep its lame self together through 2012.

Ouch. This feels terrible. Also I enjoy foam rolling in my bikini.

Pain from drowning in a pool of my own sweat.

Do you not enjoy this lovely sweat outline of my body? I create ink blot images with my sweat free of charge.

Pain from lack of sleep due to waking up at the buttcrack of dawn just to get an early morning run in.  Pain from enduring too many treadmill training runs.  I’m just hoping the pain is all worth it.

After all, anything worthwhile never comes easy.