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38 Weeks

Holy crap nuggets! We are now at 38 weeks and a bit of change and are now under 2 weeks until we get to meet the newest addition to our family.  Am I at the point where I would gladly fast forward until that glorious moment? Umm, yes. Yes.  And more yes.  Mainly because 1) I’m excited to see our baby 2) My sleep can’t possibly get any worse (which I know it will with a newborn, but at least my body won’t reject every sleeping position anymore)  3) The endless trips to the bathroom will soon cease to occur so frequently  4) Maybe my thighs will quit rubbing together  5) I can go back not having to worry about if my stomach or tots are hanging out of my shirts  6) I will be able to tie my shoes, clip my toenails, paint my toenails, and pick up objects off the floor without having to first hold my breath or spent 5 minutes plotting out my plan of attack.

This week, Baby Mason is approximately 6.8 pounds and measures 19.5 inches in length.  He or she is the size of a leek.  And likely much cuter than a leek.



How I’m Feeling: Really pregnant.  And starting to get sick of it.  What I wouldn’t give to be able to lay on my back or stomach or be able to have my husband crack my back again.  That would be nice, I feel like my spine has become a really crooked train track of soreness.  I am also pretty sure my left hip is getting bursitis from always having to sleep on that side.  Gosh darn it.  Can I complain anymore?  I’m pretty sure I can.  I know that in a couple weeks (if that) I will probably miss all of this (maybe).  I think the one thing I may kind of miss would be feeling the little kicks, punches, and bladder karate chops on the regular.  Knowing there is this little person in there doing horrible things to my insides always makes me smile.

How Baby Is Doing:  Doing well.  Heart rate continues to hold very strong, in the 130’s-140’s.  Also, I am pretty sure Baby has dropped it like it’s hot.  Judging by the fact that when I sit, my belly now rests in my lap.  I also noticed at church today, I was unable to really use the kneeler properly because my stomach location was now in the way.  So I was one of those people resting my butt on the pew.  Thanks Baby M!

How Husband Is Doing:  I think it’s starting to set in with Mike that things are about to change with our lives.  There will be no more just us doing whatever we want, whenever we want.  We now will have another person to take into account.  And that person is going to rule our lives for at least 18 years and likely longer.  Mike has been awesome about trying to get our heinous yardwork done, but I have a feeling some of it will have to wait until after the baby arrives…like during naps.  Whoever created vine like plants for ground cover was likely a satist.  Because removing it in order to just create a normal mulch bed is nearly gosh darn impossible.

38 Week Belly Shot (Please ignore my nasty sweat–I’m really gross and sweaty I know)
In my defense this occurred after I managed to run 2.5 miles at 38 weeks pregnant FTW!


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37 Weeks

T-minus 3 more weeks until the arrival of Baby Mason!  Each passing week has been flying by faster, and faster, and faster…which means that the next 21 days are going to be nothing short of a blur.  This is probably because there are still many little things that need to be done to get things ready, and obviously I can’t anymore bank on the fact that I will have all 21 days to procrastinate.  You know, because really the only person that knows what the birthday of this child will be is…the child.

This week, Baby Mason is approximately the size of Swiss Chard, weighing 6.3 pounds and measuring 19 inches in length.  In 2 more weeks, this little guy or gal is going to be considered full term! Crazy to believe.



How I’m Feeling:  23 pounds heavier, that’s how I’m feeling!  I can finally tell that this weight gaining is catching up to me.  My thighs are rubbing together now, my stomach and chestal region are merging to make a super blob whenever I sit down, and if I smell something funny I’m pretty sure I give myself a double chin.  My sleep has been getting worse due to the growing size of my belly.  I wake up every few hours because I literally feel like laying on my side is crushing the baby.  I may be switching to sleeping on the couch soon.  I thought for a hot second today when “attempting to run” that it felt like the baby had dropped because my pelvis felt more sore, but I think this was just a fleeting thought.  Given that at my 36 week check-up that Baby M was nowhere close to descending, I doubt this has happened.  This Babe, I have a feeling, is quite content to remain where he or she is currently.  In a warm, dark, and cramped space.

How Baby is Doing: Baby M continues to remain a content resident in the lower apartment.  He or she doesn’t flip around nearly as often, probably due to cramped quarters, but still continues to move as often as appropriate.  Especially when I attempt to stretch a shoulder at work, because my belly tends to be my favorite place to rest an arm.  Baby M doesn’t like this obviously and has probably kicked each and every one of my rotator cuff repair patients.

How Husband is Doing:  Michael continues to be Saint Michael.  He has been feeling sick this whole past week with a combination of allergies and inheriting my fun illness from 2 weeks ago.  Glad he is getting the illness out of his system now, rather than having it later on!  He still has been cranking out housework like it’s going out of style in order to get things ready for el bebe.

I feel like this week’s posting is uber short, but there is not much new to share besides that…I’m still pregnant.  I’m still kind of running.  And I’m not remotely close to having this baby yet.  Huzzah!

37 Week Belly Shots:


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36 Weeks

Less than a month to go until this stomach will officially quit being a growing one bedroom apartment.  I can’t believe that according to my Pregnancy App (because yes I’m totally lame like that), I have 27 more days to go until the big event arrives.  It really can’t come soon enough because the whole idea of a wonderful “summer baby” thing is starting to kick my butt with these “warmer temperature” concepts.  I constantly feel like a large, sweating, oily and greasy woman beast.

This week, Baby Mason is weighing in at approximately 6 pounds and is 18.5 inches in length.  The size of a nice luscious head of romaine lettuce.


I usually get all this information from baby webpages, but I’m finding it quite humorous that this baby is likely EXACTLY those measurements.  I had a growth and development ultrasound done last week in order to make sure the babe is still eating my digested food particles like a champion and is still swimming around enough.  Apparently Baby Mason has been going on more of a growth spurt lately (not to say this will be a big baby at all–just an average baby :-)).  He or she jumped up from the 27% percentile at 22 weeks up to the 50% percentile at 35 weeks.  Yay for hitting the laws of averages.  America’s Future Soccer Prodigy was estimated to weigh 5.8 pounds at that time.  And even the ultrasound tech commented, “You have a super active baby in there, it never stops moving!”.  Say something I don’t already know, sister.  Baby must be as excited for the World Cup as we are.

How I have Been Feeling: I think I may have experienced a Braxton Hicks contraction or two.  Only when I am running around like a crazy working preggo, I will sometimes feel my whole abdomen tense up.  Doesn’t hurt, just feels like my abs are working out when we clearly know they don’t anymore.

download (3)

How I feel when trying to get up from laying down anymore. Very much Randy from Christmas Story. Except I say, “Help me Michael!”


I am pleased to say that I managed to make it to 36 weeks and can still “kind of run” although that activity is definitely open to interpretation.  I was able to jog waddle for 3.0 miles today and only 2 of those miles were straight running without a walking break.  Huzzah for the 10 minute mile pace!  Simply, baby is beginning to put pressure on my lower pelvis whenever I am out running which makes things get super uncomfortable.  I have already beaten my goal for running during my pregnancy, so I am sure I will be hanging up the kicks in the near future, especially once Baby begins to “drop it like it’s hot” (which hasn’t happened…yet).

How Baby is Doing:  Like I mentioned before, Baby is growing a bunch.  If I go to my due date, we will probably be looking at a 7-8 pound lean, mean, kicking machine.  Also, I hate being one of those people that puts up ultrasound pictures, but really…how could you not love those cheeks and chunky nose?


How Husband is Doing:  By being literally the best father-to-be ever, Michael continues to amaze me in how supportive he has been (not like I would expect anything less).  We have basically decided that our weekend travels need to stop since I am so close to my due date, and he has been super motivated to get things done around the house to get our lives ready (as they can be).  Happy (you’re almost a) Father’s Day Michael!


36 Weeks Belly Shots (from our weekend adventures): 

Lake Erie Sunset…Lake Erie Love


Downtown Sandusky on a Friday


35 Weeks

I am nearly 8 months pregnant.  Man, does that feel weird to say.  We are now 5 weeks away from the big shindig and I am definitely starting to get nervous.  Every little weird or odd feeling I get makes me say, “Was that a contraction?”.  I haven’t experienced what I would deem as any Braxton Hicks contractions, so I still really don’t know what they will feel like.  But I’m pretty sure when it would happen, I’ll definitely know (or at least hope I would know).

This week, Baby Mason is the size of a honeydew melon and weighs approximately 5.25 pounds and is 18 inches in length.


How I’m Feeling:
The Baby is definitely starting to put a little more pressure on my ribcage and diaphragm.  I find myself getting more easily out of breath and growing irritated with my lack of quality of sleep.  It’s hard to sleep when some little feet are tap dancing along your lower ribcage.  I don’t feel that the baby is dropping at all, I am pretty sure my emergency potty trips would be increasing in frequency if that was the case.  Maybe those Depends that Mike got at his diaper party were really meant for me.  I am definitely more grateful that I purchased my maternity support belt because there are definitely more days at work I find I need to wear it to keep my back pain in check.  Especially on days where I feel like less of a woman and more of a weeble wobble.  Speaking of weeble wobbles, that’s how I pretty much feel anymore when I go running.  I feel like my feet are stuck in bubble gum, molasses, and Nickelodean GAK all at the same time and that I literally move as fast as paint dries.  I get tired so much quicker and it doesn’t take long before the pressure on my lower pelvis becomes uncomfortable and I decide “Yup, time to walk”.  My runs have been averaging 2-3 miles at a time, with about a 9:30-10:00/mile pace.  But I can still kind of run!  But probably not for much longer I am sure.

How Baby is Doing:  Baby continues to practice his or her training for American Ninja Warrior.  In that he or she is incredibly way too active.  I can now feel exactly where the feet are at any given time.  This week I will start to have my weekly OB appointments to check how “close” I am to popping and I also will be having another ultrasound to check growth and development.  Since, depending on who you’re asking, I’m either still “so small” or “getting huge”.

How Husband is Doing: Michael managed to put together our 3 tier storage cube for the baby nursery this week.  He is getting incredibly too adept at using his screwdriver.  Also, that should not be taken the wrong way you sickos.  I am sure he is getting excited to put together all the other baby items we have received from our 2 showers as well.  It’s just practice for future years when all Christmas toys require assembly, batteries, and curse words.  He also has been silently biting his tongue after I ask for a back, calf, or foot massage of the millionth time.  I think we probably should just consider hiring a full time masseuse.



35 Week Belly Shot!

Please Excuse my crazy hair, crazy eyes, and newly found skin-tone of “always looking sunburnt”.  I am trying to practice the look of Disheveled Mother that I should hopefully have mastered by the time this baby is a week old.





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34 Weeks

It is now 34 weeks and some change into this pregnancy marathon and the end is definitely now in sight.  It’s funny though, because as the end approaches, I am getting more excited, but also more nervous and frantic.  You would think that 40 weeks would be enough time to get everything in your life ready for a new family member, but it never seems to be nearly enough time.  Case in point, the mountain of baby products hanging out in our living room that I will fondly refer to as “Mount Babyeverest”.

This week, Baby Mason is almost 18 inches long and weighs in at 4.75 pounds.  Making him or her now the size of a small cantaloupe.  This melon, however, is more than capable of kicking the living tar out of my ribcage, abdominals, and back (which oddly feels like i am being kicked in my butt).



How I’m Feeling:  Energy levels are still up, maybe too up (because when I get going on housework it’s like a runaway train).  Not having any swelling in my legs and hopefully can keep it that way.  I continue to get demon muscle cramps at night, but if I just lay still and don’t move (like that’s possible) they tend to not occur as often.  My back is starting to hate me and is probably planning to hand in it’s 2 weeks notice to my stomach that it is sick of supporting it.  I can hardly reach my toes anymore as clipping and painting my toenails is now a laughable matter and requires large amounts of strategy.  I have been bumping into furniture with my stomach more often, my spatial awareness of “the belly” is obviously not good because in my mind I am still a skinny girl that is not pregnant.

How Baby is Doing:  Baby Mason is running out of real estate.  Has to be.  There is no other reason to explain the increase in activity taking place in there.  I thought we had an active child a few weeks ago, now we have one that’s training for an Ironman and the World Cup at the same time.

How Husband is Doing:  Mike continues to be wonderful.  He is making sure to keep me safe since I like to do this thing called “over exertion” quite often and helps me reign in those tendencies.  He has the nursery looking fantastic and I am sure he will also help move Mount Babyeverest upstairs where it belongs.  He even helped again at our second baby shower to open gifts and provide color commentary to the event.  I think he has a future in selling baby product.  🙂


We are hoping that Baby M gets Mike’s most excellent sleeping skills

Images from Our Shower: 

1520739_10152130371817797_647656307370289477_n 10330326_10152130375022797_3123772576249988926_n 10351738_10152130374077797_4574190025736009429_n 10402540_10152130373007797_4370870291807665677_n 10407370_10152130371442797_5989008136722040955_n 10420248_10152130374022797_3504311043686413392_n

As you can see, it was a special day that I hope was enjoyed by all.  I can’t thank my Mother-in-Law, Sisters-in-Law, and Sam for all their hard work to make it such a nice event with plenty of DESSERT  (I am still on a sugar high, probably because I keep eating the leftovers).

34 Week Belly Shot:

After I decided to go run 3 miles in the blazing heat.  Definitely getting big!

After I decided to go run 3 miles in the blazing heat. Definitely getting big!