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Adventures in Pacing: Viking Victory Run

It’s no huge secret that the whole reason my posts have been few and far between is because I have not been running a whole bunch.  My knee has been nothing short of a giant butthead and I have been waiting since March for an appointment with my ortho doc.  It makes me sad and frustrated that I have been dealing with this issue now for a year with nothing changed.  Self treating can only go so far…and in this case, it has lasted a whole year.  I have been spending more time playing on the bike and elliptical, just trying to find something to stay active and maintain some sort of fitness.  So needless to say, even though I know I still have some speed, I have kept the minimal running at a slower pace when I do put on my Brooks.  (I feel like I am writing a sad letter right now )


This past weekend was the Viking Victory Run.  I was not planning on even touching any races until I see my ortho at the end of May.  But my Mom was planning on running a race that was for her school district and the thoughts of spending some time with her/helping her out were something I could not pass up.  She has made her triumphant return to running after spending the better part of last year on the DL.  I can only hope that when I officially go on the DL that I can return just as strong as her.

Her last 5K was at the beginning of April and she clocked a 27:03.  The Viking Victory Run course was to be a bit more challenging, with a greater number of hills.  When I told her I wanted to help pace her, she seemed hesitant.  Being my loving Mom, she doesn’t want to either A) Hold me back from doing my best or B) See me in pain.  I assured her that I wasn’t planning on doing my best until my knee is A-Ok and that running slower would be fine.  

So away we went, to a drizzling 50 degree morning in North Canton.  I registered easily (I think this is the first race day registration I’ve ever done!) and even scored a race shirt.  We warmed up slowly, scouting out part of the course.  Quickly enough, it was time to line up for the start.


The race starts in front of Hoover High School and proceeds down 7th Street, starting first slightly uphill which leads to a HUGE downhill.  Knowing our pace for the first mile split would be fast and therefore to bank time to account for a hilly Mile 2, I pushed our pace.

Mile 1 clocked in at 8:19.

Once we hit the first mile, I kept trying to motivate my Mom to keep going.  She was running strong, although her breathing was a little heavier than usual for a race.  We slowed slightly and prepared for the rolling hills.


Mile 2 clocked in at 8:43.

At this point, I think my Mom may have said “I think I’m going to throw up”.  Although that may have been the hill we were running up talking.  I felt bad that I was pushing her that hard, but I also know she is one tough cookie.  (Might be where I get it from–sometimes haha).  We looped into the turnaround and headed back towards the Stadium.

Running into the Stadium allowed us to see that we had nearly a lap to run around the track!  Pacing fail!  I should have told her that we still had .2 miles to go as she was already kicking.

Mile 3 clocked in at 8:29.

However, my Mom is awesome and kept her final kick strong.  She finished the last 0.1 miles in 7:22/mile pace.



Final time: 26:29 (8:32/mile)
I cannot tell you how big the smile was on her face.  And I was so happy that I helped her to accomplish her goal of not only breaking 27 minutes, but 26:30! 

Mom finished 1st in her Age Group
She was ecstatic that she was able to drop 34 seconds off her 5K time in only 3 weeks!
Comeback of the Year Continues on! (Hopefully mine will be next…hope hope hope)




How a Weekend Should Be

Contrary to the format that this blog takes as a “running blog”, I am much more than the miles I put in on the pavement and the number of Brooks Pure Flows that I burn through.  Exercise is a hobby, albeit a fun hobby, of mine.  Although many a weekend have been filled with races or games, I enjoy the weekends that I spend with friends and family the most.  This weekend was no exception.  It included all of the following.




Weekend perfection.

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Race Recap: Miles for Madison 5K

Spur of the Moment Racing at its finest.  I decided I was going to be visiting the parental units with Hubs earlier this week to visit and pick up some huge Easter baskets full of a variety of eggs: mainly Twix, Milky Way, and Snickers (the way all eggs were meant to be).  They were planning on running a race and wanted to know if I would also be participating.  I waited until Friday morning to register because my stupid piece of gigantic crap of a knee has been a major turd nugg as of late.  Once again, another story for another day.

Miles for Madison 5K took place at Norwayne High School in Creston, OH.  This race had not even been anywhere close to being on my radar, but I am so glad I did it.  The race was to benefit research and awareness for Stevens Johnson Syndrome; an autoimmune disorder that attacks the mucous membranes of the body.  Madison, the young girl whom the race was in honor of, is doing well now after recovering from SJS and presided over handing out awards and even ran the 5K herself!  For a first year race, it was well run and had a great turnout of >600 runners.




We arrived in Creston bright and early.  The air was chilly, about 36 degrees with a nice breeze. That nice breeze accompanied the savory aroma of cow poop that permeated the air.  That sentence is Shakespearean (is that a word?)  My mom and I did a quick warm-up and watched the TRex prance about like it was going out of style.  At 9:25 we got situated to toe the line.  At 9:30 the siren went off to start the race.

I was not expecting anything out of myself.  I have skipped out on speedwork for the past 3 weeks. I have been hanging out on the elliptical more. I have taken more rest days than I have taken in the past 3 years.  I have switched over to frolicking more on the grassy, woodland trails of the Erie County Parks System.


So I started out tentatively, and just did what my body would allow.  The first mile was slightly downhill and I fought to gain my position in relation to the mass of runners.  I hit the first water stop and first mile marker at 6:44.


It was at this point that the course turned into a nice headwind.  I tried to run through several quick mechanic checks in my head “keep your stride short”, “lean forward”, “keep your elbows tucked in”.  Mile 2 clocked in at 7:14.

At mile 2.5 we turned again into the headwind.  Which also corresponded with the only hill in the race.  And a long, drawn out doozy it was.  It slowly climbed, plateaued, and climbed once more. At the top, we had a steady decline back to the high school.  Turned left.  Mile 3 clocked in at 7:14.  Rounded the building and finished by running across the track.  Last 0.1 clocked in at 5:59/mile pace.

Final Finish: 21:42 (7:00/mile)
Overall: 44/612
Females: 7/383
Age Group: 1/34

It is important to note that I am making horrible faces while finishing due to exhaustion, not because I had to drop a deuce.  Although the faces could mislead you to think so.  And my hands appear that TRex hands are genetic.  Gosh darnit.


My Mom clocked in for her 3rd race since the Greatest Comeback of All Time in 27:03 (3rd AG)


and my RaceWalking TRex of a Father clocked in at 33:03.



Happy Running!