Running Through a Fulfilled Life

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Yo si le voy, le voy al Columbus!

As you may or may not be aware, my life does not totally revolve around running.  I have many other hobbies and interests, but I feel like I may bore you if I described my love for rice cakes and watching The New Girl.

One of my first loves was soccer.  I started playing at the age of 8 and was so god awful terrible that my mother wanted to pay me to quit.  My favorite soccer “play” was to run alongside the person with the ball on the other team and not take it from them.  I was little timid, to say the least.  But then I grew up, grew a pair (figuratively speaking), and became a beast.  I played all the way up through high school and college.  Running became a means after team sports to stay in shape.  Until recently (due to Mr. Lumpy), I had even been playing men’s open indoor.  I am hoping my departure from my first love remains brief as I would be none too happy if instructed to permanently hang up my cleats.

For Hubs birthday this year, I bought him tickets to go see the Columbus Crew play.  He and I both share the same love soccer and it was a perfect gift for him.  We have some friends that live down in Columbus and it became a mini weekend of tailgating, Columbus Crew-ing, catching up with old friends, making new friends, and chanting a familiar chant involving male sausages.


Josh wondering why Mike keeps touching him


Our sweet Crew tailgate set-up…these people are professionals and mean business


Pierce thinking about Manchester United

It was wonderful to be able to meet up with Steph and Josh, who are part of my super awesomesauce amazing college group of friends.  We may not see each other that often, but I love that the banter and general crap talking picks up right where it left off.



Hubs getting his emo on

We had tickets in Section 103, Row 1.  Couldn’t have asked for a better position to see the field and action.  At halftime, all of the mascots for Crew sponsors and Ohio sports teams played a scrimmage.  I was so pumped to see the Cavaliers MoonDog take the field with Sir CC.  (I have a mini mascot crush on MoonDog)

The only bad part of the game was that I had to sit right next to some smelly BO.  Seriously people, it is 2012 and the art of taking a shower has been perfected and if I can smell you, likely you can also smell yourself.  Use soap, don’t be a dope.

Columbus managed to squeak out a 3-2 victory of the Philadelphia Union off a questionable goal near the end of the game (I thought it was offsides but the AR with the bubble butt seemed to be having trouble keeping up with the play). A good end to a fantastic Saturday of tailgating and soccer!


The bubble butt AR. He needed to take lessons in side shuffling as he was always out of position to make an offside call.


All in all, it was a great time and way to celebrate Hubs B-day belatedly 🙂



1,000 Miles

Oh happy day, oh happy day.  

It may have seemed like just another 4.5 mile tempo run before work on the hated DREADmill of doom, poor shock absorption, and views of a cornfield with dirty pond…BUT…*drumroll por favor*…it was the run that took me over 1,000 miles RAN not WALKED not DRIVEN not RUNNING MANNED not THOUGHT ABOUT DOING for the year of 2012.  This is probably the quickest I have hit such an achievement (although I did not tally my miles last season) and I probably would have hit it about a month ago had it not been for the Mr. Lumpy Douche Incident of Medial Knee Pain circa May 2012 Incident.






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Running to Remember…

The fall racing season is upon us.  The temperatures have started to fall, the leaves are beginning to change, and the long sleeves are beginning to be taken out of storage.  I, for one, always look forward to fall racing season.  I enjoy the cool, crisp temperatures during a morning run that always leaves me feeling breathless, but refreshed.  I have many races that I am planning on running this fall, but there is one in particular that I have had penciled in on my schedule since the beginning of the year.  It is a new race this year, but one that is very important.  I urge anyone that reads my little blog to consider registering for it (if near the NE Ohio region).

Stephen’s 5K Sunrise Pi Mile is a new race this year to benefit the SSFII Memorial Scholarship Fund.  Stephen was one of my brother’s best friends growing up.  They played soccer together through grade school all the way up through high school.  Then came October 29, 2010.  My brother was visiting Stephen and some other friends at Miami.  It was a day I will never forget.  I nearly lost my brother.  And the Fenstemakers lost their son; a son that had touched the lives of many in the Jackson and Louisville communities.  A scholarship fund was set up in his honor to be awarded to a high school senior planning on majoring in Math.  It is one way that his name and memory live.  Please consider supporting this wonderful cause.  My family will definitely be there to show our love and support.  2 years may have passed, but the memories live on…


Race Recap: Fit Family 5K

A 5K generally means 3.1 miles.  At least in normal running circles.  However, I got a nice surprise during my recent 5K to learn that it actually equals 3.06 miles (heard it straight out of the race director’s mouth).  How that extra “0.04” miles couldn’t be added on by running an extra circle or 10 around a parked car to make a full 5K is beyond me.  My 5 second celebration of a PR was over as quick as it took me to hit “Stop” on my Garmison.  Mini rant…over.

Fit Family 3.06 Mile Race Thing-a-ma-Ricky-Bobby

My head also doubles as a supernova explosion of awesomesauce.

The Fit Family 5K was put on by the Walsh University PT Department.  As a PT, I really wanted to run this one to support another DPT program.  I actually applied to Walsh when I was considering graduate programs, but elected to attend UToledo because I had already spent my undergrad years there.  The course ran through the Walsh campus and entered the neighborhoods that bordered the back side of campus.  I had no idea what to expect on the course, but apparently flat was not to be used in its description.  There were at least 5-6 rollers (with the last one re-entering campus and totally causing my hamstrings to simultaneously cramp into muscular angst) that definitely made the course more challenging.

Hubs ran this race with me and I was appreciative for his help to push me through the last 1.1 where I usually struggle.  Momma M spectated professionally for us and was able to capture a bunch of pictures.  She has finally been diagnosed with bilateral glut medius strains and also has a fracture on the right side of her pelvis <—Dr. was not concerned with this and didn’t limit her weightbearing (WTF?!?) So she has been totally shut down for at least the next 5 weeks.  Fingers crossed that this helps, otherwise its the MRI machine for her!

Hubs and I stretching it out. My hotness is overwhelming to him, obviously.

The excitement taking place in this picture’s cuppeth has runneth over.

Hubs was apparently super happy to be running.

Hubs coming in strong to the finish. His run 3 days the week before a race and take the next month off plan is working.

I look like fried hell.

T-Rex twins coming into the finish

Eli’s Brief Foray with Greatness Quickly Turned to a Case of the Sads
Final Finish: 21:55 (3.06 miles)
Overall: 37/206
Age Group: 2/12
Females: 9/118

Hubs Most Excellent Race Thanks in Part to His 3 Day for 1 Week in a 4 Week Training Cycle
Final Finish: 21:46 (3.06 miles)
Overall: 32/206
Age Group: 3/12
Males: 26/91

Paparazzi be creepin on us

And this is where those weird faces come from. It’s DNA prooftastic.

Getting my super sweet award swag on.

Happy Running!

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Race Recap: Alliance Rotary Castle Run 10K

Terrible race.  Terrible heat.  Terrible humidity.  I had been really looking forward to this race, knowing my training had prepared me to PR on even a super hilly course like this. However, Mother Nature had many other ideas for my general well-being.  The goal, in essence, became to simply finish the race.  Even if I had to walk.  Even if my intestines were tying themselves into pretzel bow ties.  Even if my giant headband was no longer being effective at keeping sweat out of my eyes after 0.5 miles. And, yes people, all of those things did happen.

Race time temp: About 76 degrees and 97% HUMIDITY.  Yes 97%.  Literally enough humidity to make sure you were surrounded by a cocoon of your own sweat and were drowning in it.  By the time I finished it was over 80 degrees with 95% humidity.

I will spare all the details of how horrible I felt.  I was happy to see I wasn’t the only person I knew walking through water stops.  Or cursing at the mountainous hills.  I will only narrate this race with a series of pictures.  And hopefully, my next 10K will be on a cooler day and not involve near heat exhaustion (because when I finished that was borderline).

Once upon a time I was excited to race. Then it got too hot so I ran in my sports bra., And then I got too hot again and ran craptastically.

T-Rex doing a Mexican Hat Dance to warm up.

All lined up and ready to sweat through all of my orifices

T-Rex staying calm

Oh look there’s a sweaty Eli!

Running into the finish. I figured I might as well make up for the approximately 5 minutes of walking I did in my 52:47 10K debacle. But at least everyone loved my sweaty sports bra. Go pink boobies!

Oh look there’s a T-Rex. ROAR!

Trucking into the finish along the grassy vicinity. Towards the castle. Quote of the day from T-Rex: “It was so hot I almost felt like WALKING. As in breaking stride and walking slow”

That may or may not be composed of 99% sweat particles of a T-Rex Race Walker Extraordinaire. Now you know why I can’t do well in hot races. I come from a very sweaty family lineage.

Here’s to hoping my next race goes much better.  Some cooler weather should help.  As the people in Walmart were yelling in the frozen foods department yesterday: “I’m OUT with a YOLO and HOLLA”.