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This is My Rave Run

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I’m sure nearly ever runner at some point in their life has subscribed to Runner’s World Magazine.  One of their features in every issue is a section entitled Rave Run where a scenic locale is selected to feature for running purposes.  Although I’m sure my little slice of paradise wouldn’t make the cut, I am grateful each day that I get to pound the pavement along the lake shore.  Today, I decided that instead of making my workout about distance, time, pace…basically, all those data-ish numbers that I sometimes get caught up with…I was going to simply visit all my favorite spots around town.

It was wonderful.  The miles ticked by so quickly and I didn’t even notice the humidity until I finished (and discovered that my shirt looked like I’d jumped into a swimming pool.  #sweatypeopleproblems).

20150903_080525 20150903_080545

Ye Olde Bike Trail.  May the powerlines guide you and keep you safe.


Passing across the pedestrian bridge and I can still hear the marching band practicing.

20150903_082620 20150903_082625

Crossing the Huron River you can see the giant steamer boats.  Still docked.  Are they ever leaving?  The world may never know.  Maybe they’ll live here too.

20150903_082946 20150903_082952

Even all the goose and seagull shit can’t take away from the fact that this is a beautiful day and a beautiful view.  I am sure I now have souvenir shoe patties of shit.


The Boat Basin.  One of my favorite locations.  Makes me want a boat until I remember that requires money and time in vast quantities.  I have neither.


The pier.  I could sit here and think my day away.  One day I’ll traipse out to the Lighthouse, I can’t believe I have yet to make it there.


A view of the Bay.

20150903_084326 20150903_084412


Before I knew it, 6 miles had come and passed.  I felt good, even if I was fighting the sweet feeling of swamp ass.

How’s that for #LakeErieLove?


One thought on “This is My Rave Run

  1. So pretty. I love looking at the rave runs.

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