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GCM Owens Corning Half Week 9 & 10 Training

Hark! Why have my posts become a day short, a dollar late, and chock full of excuses?  Well, the excuses part I can explain…ha.

Just when you think everything is going wonderful and dandy with your training, things have a way of “coming apart at the seams”, or “having the wheels fall off” or insert whatever cliched phrase you care to use.  I’m obviously being overly dramatic, but still, things have become a little chaotic and busy in my life, which has created less than ideal training and less than ideal blogging.  Waa.

First, we had a rash of illness go through our house.  Baby J wound up going 3 different time to the pediatrician because as much as I’m trying not to be that overly cautious Mom, I’m pretty sure I am just that.  He likely had a nasty viral infection, which progressed to another ear infection, and other rashlike symptoms.  But the good news, it’s not measles! (not that I was concerned that it could be).  Baby J promptly, like a good baby that he is, gave all his illness to his mother.  Gross chest and nasal symptoms ensued for over 2 weeks and I just now feel like I’m getting back to my normal self.

Hubby also had surgery on Monday, which has made us a one woman show in our house for the next 2 weeks, and this show is not a comedy–believe me, although I’m sure NBC would still pick it up for a 2nd season.  While Hubs is on the road to recovery, I’ve been learning the art of doing housework, cooking, and pottying all while holding a baby.

And then of course, I decided that missing a long run during Week 9 was NBD and promptly ramped my mileage into overdrive for Week 10.  Cue: cranky Achilles tendon.  Idiot, Eli.  I of all people should know that overtraining and sudden increase in mileage=bad news, but of course I attempted to do my 11 miles at an overly fast pace and on terrain (a bit hilly) I never run.  So now I’m hoping that it of course calms down before race day, because we have less than 2 weeks to go!

Excuses over.

Week 9 Training:
Monday–Day of Rest
Tuesday–3 easy miles on Treadmill
Wednesday–5 miles through neighborhood. I think.  I use DailyMile to keep track of my running shenanigans because when I’m this late writing up training recaps, it’s helpful.  Except I forgot to record this run, crap.
Thursday–10 mile long run.  My make up day for my delayed long run due to baby illness.  Except I started to feel quite yuck on this day, and knew that my immune system had been compromised.  Abort, abort.
Friday–Rest Day.  Feel like crap on a stick day.
Saturday–4 miles.  Key point, attempted running to help my congestion.  This is never a good idea.  I felt worse.
Sunday–Tried to run with J in the stroller.  Made it a half mile, convinced myself I had asthma, and walked home in defeat.  Skipped doing my 15k race sim obviously.
Totals: 22 miles

Week 10 Training:
Monday–Day of Rest
Tuesday–3 miles on Treadmill with strength.  Felt like garbage.
Wednesday–5 miles easy.  Supposed to feel easy, but didn’t.  Still feeling like I ingested a troll.
Thursday–5.5 miles tempo.  Supposed to be a “tempo”.  Except, all I did was run longer at the same pace as the day before.  Body not having it.
Friday–Rest Day
Saturday–5 miles at race pace.  Felt horrible still.  This cold is kicking my butt.
Sunday–11 mile long run.  I felt much better on this run.  Like closer to my normal self, but now I’m dealing with the aftermath.  A very tight, sore, and angry Achilles.  I can’t win.
Totals: 29 miles

Less than 2 weeks remain until Glass City.  You can still sign up for the Marathon, Half Marathon, and 5k!  Please considering joining me on race day.


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GCM Owens Corning Half Week 6 Training

I came.  I saw.  I conquered.  I feel like the Hal Higdon training plan I am using has been very well balanced as far as easy, speed, and long runs are concerned.  It pushes forward a bit, then reigns you back in for a week before pushing that long run just a bit further.  And I’m rather enjoying it at this point.  I have actually been truly sticking to the training plan minus some negligence in regards to my core and strength exercises.

I am also absolutely loving the somewhat warmer temps.  I finally can feel “spring” in the air and it’s a welcome feeling.  Winter really starts to give me the blahs by the time February rolls around and this February was one of the coldest I can remember.  Febrrrruary more like it.

I was able to get the majority of runs performed outside this week, with the exception of one treadmill run.  I gotta watch Hart of Dixie at some point, am I right?!

Here’s how my training shook out:
Monday–Rest Day.  Supposed to be stretch or strength blah blah blah day, but I pushed these exercises to doing them after my treadmill easy run later in the week.

Tuesday–Easy Run of 4 miles.  Done on the treadmill so I could watch Hart of Dixie.  Guilty pleasure, sorry not sorry.

Wednesday–Easy Run of 3 miles.  Took the jogging stroller out for the first time with el bebe.  Managed to hit my husband in the ankle with it while running.  Obviously I need to work on my maneuverability, because frankly at this point it’s questionable.

Thursday–40′ Tempo Run.  Tempo runs are always hard for me as I try to keep an equal effort when doing them, but also try not to look down at my watch too much.  I used the first mile as a warm-up, picked up my speed for the next 28ish minutes, and then used the last 5′ to cooldown.  Completed 5.25 miles.

Friday–Rest Day.  Well earned rest day.  My calves were still tight and disgruntled from Thursday.

Saturday–Easy Run of 3.35 miles.  A rather obscure number but that’s just the way it wound up.  Fun fact: I was about a 1/2 mile down the road when I though, “self, your brassiere is not feeling very comfortable.”  And then I realized I forgot to change my underwire nursing bra to a sports bra.  So, obviously chafing and uncomfortable bouncing.

Sunday–10K Race.  I obviously have been failing at racing each month, as every race I want to run I am not in the correct location of the state.  This weekend there were no races in our area, so I had to do this solo.  Which I hate.  For some reason I had “Groove is in the Heart” playing on repeat in my mind during this run.  Must be a pump up song because I was happy with my time.  Can you take a 10K PR from a training run?

Totals: 22 miles
Looking forward to next week of training as my long run distance will be kicking up again into uncharted (again) waters (in the past 2 years) and I think my big girl legs won’t be needing any floaties to do it.  This is probably why I’ve never even contemplated doing a marathon because I need company on really long runs, my mental fortitude only goes so far.

There is still time to sign-up to run The Glass City Marathon on April 26.  Current registration prices go through 3/31/15, so sign up or else you will be paying a higher rate soon!

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GCM Owens Corning Half Marathon Week 3 Training

Another week came, another week went.  Another weekend snowstorm hit, and Eli failed to get outside at all this week.  I’m getting super awesome at running on my treadmill, but my neck can only take so much straining from looking down to watch my TV shows or Netflix movies.  Can Mother Nature throw me a bone yet and make it like 30 degrees?  You would think after living on the North Coast for 4+ years now that I would have invested in Yak Trax.  And yet, I haven’t.  And hence.  And harumph.

Here’s how my training shook out for this week:
Monday–Once again I forgot to do this thing called stretching and strengthening.  Unless talking can be considered as stretching my mouth, because then yes, I did that.
Tuesday– Easy Run.  3 miles in 26 minutes.  On the treadmill (this is becoming a common theme).
Wednesday–Easy Run.  3.8 miles in 32 minutes.  On the treadmill.  In the basement.  Of my home.  Whilst my washer and dryer hummed along.  Watched The Mindy Project (omg baby alert, love where they’re taking that storyline) and The New Girl.
Thursday–6×400 meter speedwork (at 5K pace) with warm-up and cool down.  3 miles total.
Friday–Rest Day.  I also had my very first Shamrock Shake to kick off my Shamrock Shake season.  Anyone that knows me is aware that I love these.  And love these even more when I’m pregnant as last year my wonderful Hubby made sure to put one in the freezer for me at least 3 days a week.
Saturday–This week was supposed to call for a rest day and 5K race for the weekend.  Since the weather was crap, I elected to change my training since I hate running race pace on a treadmill.  Instead, I did 5.5 miles during a progression run in 46 minutes while watching Hart of Dixie.  Another guilty pleasure because I am indeed a 29 year old trapped inside a 17 year old’s body.
Sunday–3 miles done in 23:20.  Since there was no 5K race to do, I simply just made sure I did a short progression run.  And watched About a Boy (new NBC guilty pleasure).  Since the movie was fantastic and all, although Hugh Grant whatever has happened to you?!  I also did some much neglected strength training afterwards and even drank a protein shake since I’m trying to turn over a new leaf for the new year.  It tasted like chocolate chalk.

Total Miles: 18
Total TV Shows Viewed: 5

Hoping that the weather forecast changes soon, although this week appears to be more of the same.  Cold.  Wind.  Snow.  And Eli’s tears of sadness and the thumping sounds of my feet pounding on the treadmill.  Womp womp.

9 more weeks until the Glass City Marathon!  The Half Marathon is on pace to sell out soon, so sign up today and join me!
This kid says so! (yes, this is sorry attempt to insert a picture of my little guy–he’s now 7 months old and probably won’t ride in his jogging stroller until he’s 9 months old at this rate.  so much for my little training partner!)


GCM Owens Corning Half Marathon Week 1 Training

Like I have stated in a previous post, I am using Hal Higdon’s training plan to get my ready to toe the line for the Glass City Marathon’s Owens Corning Half Marathon on April 26.  The Intermediate plan entails a 12 week training plan, which by my calculations, meant finally getting underway this past week.  The plan I’m using involves running 5 days per week, having 1 complete rest day, and 1 stretching/strengthening day.  I often modify as I find my body needs, so I am sure there will be times I substitute cross training for some of my easy run days.  This week, though, I was able to follow my plan exactly.

Monday–Stretch and Strengthen.  This involved doing chair squats, heel raises off the edge of our steps, stationary lunges, bridges, single leg bridges, and a bunch of core work.  Essentially, I had to do all body weight exercises due to being in the comfort of my own living room.

Tuesday–3 miles completed (at 8:13/mile pace) in the basement.  On the treadmill.  Where bad runs go to pass.  20150131_095603






Wednesday–3 miles completed with 5×400 speedwork including warm-up and cool-down.  I hate running speedwork on a treadmill.  The only thing that helped was imagining how bad slamming into our styrofoam covered wall would likely hurt should I fling myself off the back.

Thursday–3 miles completed (at 8:24/mile pace) in the basement again.  On the treadmill again.  Accompanied only by the sweet sounds of our furnace and missed episodes of Hart of Dixie (yes, guilty pleasure watching).  Missing the sweet cold air and horrendous breezes off the Lake.

Friday–Rest day.

Saturday–5 miles completed (at 8:13/mile pace) outdoors.  I was super happy.  Until I realized that all my treadmill running as of late is killing my fitness.  As in, I no longer know how to run up or down hills or into wind.  Essentially, my confidence with my fitness/running is sucktastic.

Sunday–3.25 miles completed (at 7:41/mile pace).  Outdoors again.  Trying to encourage myself to run faster than an 8/mile pace.  It worked sort of.  Except I felt like I was grossly sucking wind.  Again, confidence low.


Total=17 miles

I do like that Hal’s plans include a gradual increase in mileage since it’s been 2+ years since I’ve attempted anything beyond 6 miles for a race.  Not liking that my fitness is not where I thought it was, but hey that’s life and something I can work through.  It’s hard to remind myself that, “Hey self, you did just have a baby 6 months ago! Your body is not used to this and your muscles are not in as good of shape as they used to be! (because carrying the baby does not count as resistance training as much as I wish it would)” The good news is that I have 11 weeks to get where I need to be, which is plenty of time to do anything!  Now I can only hope that the snow piles continue to melt, the temperatures begin to warm up, and daylight continues to lengthen, so I can get more of my training outdoors.  Hopefully with this little guy in tow.


Happy Training!


Just My Luck

So over the course of the past week and a half, I have decided that I likely am developing bronchitis.  Since that’s “What Going Around” according to Channel 13, I have decided to just self-diagnose and avoid the whole “going to the doctor to become healthy nonsense and just pretend that my body needs to train its immune system to not suck so much”.  Needless to say, my runs lately have sucked anus.  Not that my pace has significantly dropped, but I feel like my legs are filled with lead and that I may or may not be breathing through a bendy straw.  And that is totally neglecting my favorite part: spending the 15 minutes after my run coughing up lung junk and feeling like I am suffering from emphysema.  Thus the reason I have hypothesized that I either:

A) Have Bronchitis OR
B) Have a Troll living down there (hopefully one of the doll variety)

So I definitely was not looking forward to the troll rearing its ugly blue hair up into my throat for my long run today.  In order to get ready for the Glass City Half Marathon, I have been attempting to increase my long run to 8 miles by the end of this month.  Today, I settled on doing 7 miles.

I am not fooling anyone with my faux-running excitement or the quality of this bathroom pic

All was going well, I was feeling only semi-terrible and moving at the speed that cement dries, when I felt that I probably should make a pit stop slightly before the 5 mile mark.  I sprinted home, and as I was getting ready to head back out I discovered to my horror that the workers at my apartment complex were just then choosing to power wash my front door and siding along my windows.  Leaving me with no escape and stranded at 4.77 miles.  Waaaaaaa *crocodile tears*

Crap in all definitions of the word. I'm stuck in my apartment.

Can't you just move your stupid truck and stupid machines so I can finish out my 2.23 miles?

Not a monsoon. Not hot steam from my hot ass. Just power washing at an inopportune moment.

Finally after a break of about 20 minutes, I was able to squeeze out my front door and finish up my run.  What a difference a pit stop and 20 minutes of rest does for cement speed.  I may or may not have picked my pace up from an 8:29 (pre-power wash lamesauce) to a 8:05 territory (post-power wash lamesauce rage run).

7 miles finished at 8:20 pace. Already training for my anticipated race pace at Glass City!

So all in all, minus the coughing fit that I orchestrated to the sounds of the power washer and the whole 20 minute rest break of rage, it was a happy running day for Eli.  Happiness is the best medicine for bronchitis.  Or trolls.

Non-bronchitis Eli during happier times

Happy Running!