Running Through a Fulfilled Life


So I Majorly PR’d on a Training Run

Running is such an individual sport.  Most people don’t give two craps whether you ran 1 mile or 10 miles.  And they definitely don’t care how fast you did it in.  Most people don’t even understand what a “fast”, “medium”, or “slow” pace is.  When I tell my patients that I ran “like 5 miles” they are just impressed at the fact that I can actually run.  They like that I live a lifestyle of fitness that I preach.  So really, the only person that cares about any of this endless streaming of data is the one creating it…YOU.

Today I went out for a 5 mile training run.  My goal was to do a progression tempo run.  Due to daylight savings time, I have been confined mostly to the treadmill since it usually is pitch black when I get home from work.  Thus, it was infinitely awesome that I got to run outside today.  The air was nippy, the grass was covered in frost, and I could see my breath.  Just the way I like it.

I went over to my favorite condo community to run laps like it was going out of style.  There was only an older woman and her dog also out walking.  And they were the only witnesses to my PR.  And probably could have given less of a crap that I did.  I am pretty sure she kept muttering things about me to her dog.  Go me.

This is why running is an individual sport.  She didn’t care.  Her dog definitely didn’t care.  It was giving me the stink eye.  But I PR’d on my 5 mile time.


Mile 1–8:10
Mile 2–7:42
Mile 3–7:27
Mile 4–7:21
Mile 5–7:08
Average Pace: 7:34/mile

Which leads me to my next question: is a PR still a PR even if it occurred during a training run?  Does it have to happen during a race?