Running Through a Fulfilled Life

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I’m Still Here

So this blog really fell off the wagon.  Like fell off, rolled down the road into a ditch, and laid there for several months.  What can I say?  Life has been busy and finding time between family life, work, recreation, and preparing for the holidays has got me cray cray.   I’m full of excuses and not full of a lot of time.  This weather and the total assault to my immune system with mutated germs has produced a LOT of illness as well, so my energy has just not been there in months.  I’ve had 2 bouts now with colds which have both resulted in 3+ weeks of coughing.  I’ve slept more nights on our couch than in bed, and I’m pretty sure that I should buy stock in Mucinex because I’m convinced I’m keeping them in business.  Double yuck.

Despite all that coughing and snot production, I’ve managed to still keep running (just not as much as I would like to, and definitely not enough to get me ready for any kind of training plan).  I finished the year off with 3 5K’s.  Its a day late and a dollar short to do any kind of race recap, so here’s my results.  Summary of all the races, I had some sort of terrible congestion or cough going on during each race, usually ending with snotsicles dripping everywhere.

St Pete’s Spooktacular 5K: 1st OA, 21:07
The Piggyback Run 1st OA, 21:40
Dave’s Turkey Chase 5th AG 21:01


Utter snot devastation.  

I’m hoping to get back into more regular training, including long runs, speedwork, and tempos in the future, but until my post-nasal drip decides to leave its residence inside my nasal cavities, it’ll be informal training.

In other non-running related updates, my 2 kiddos continue to get large.  The past year has been a whirlwind and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.  I’m definitely a #momofboys and #boymom and my house generally looks like it’s had a boynado go through and is in some stage of destruction, but that’s life with kids and eventually I know I’ll miss these early stages.

I’m hoping to get back to more regular posts and updates once I start training for the Glass City Half in April, since I signed up for that a year ago and all.  Hopefully half training post-baby #2 goes just as well after #1!  Eli Out!



Life with Two: 2 month Edition

Lucas is 2 months old!  Hurrah, mission control, we’ve hit some semblance of head control!  He still has yet to show any signs of rolling, so it’s been nice that we can continue to keep him swaddled to help with his sleep (at this stage with James, we had to unswaddle him and build a barricade to prohibit rolling/waking…spoiler alert, it didn’t work).   He’s definitely got himself a little personality and is always full of smiles as long as he’s fed, dry diapered, and is being talked to.  He’s an attention whore, but we love him.  He’s up to sleeping for stretches of 5-6 hours during the night, waking usually anywhere from 1-3 times during the night.  I’m so looking forward to when he sleeps through the night, but I know this is still a ways away!  Also, he’s a butterball turkey.  Seriously, kid gained like 3 pounds in a month and grew 2 inches.  I will eventually be the shortest person in this family.


Life with 2 kids continues to throw its challenges to us, but little did I know that our HOUSE, yes HOUSE would be the biggest problem child.  I really shouldn’t lump everything into the category of “house”, but since all things bad have occurred on our property lines, I will categorize as I want.  Seriously, bad things are supposed to occur in 3’s, but ours seem to have occurred in 10’s and counting.

In order of occurrence:
1)  The bathtub emptied into our kitchen, which emptied into the basement.  Holy flood.  Call to the plumber on a weekend=not good.  Lucas was a week old.
2)  During heavy wind, we lost some siding.  It adds character to our house.
3)  We got a bunch of heavy wind and rain, thus causing a large ceiling stain in our family room.  The roofing company we contacted wasn’t sure how this happened.  If you squint, the stain looks like Mickey Mouse ears,
4)  Our tree in the front yard started to lean.  It’s rotting at the base.  We need to find a chainsaw soon.
5)  Our latest fun thing: our fridge quit working!  It’s not even 2 years old, but decided it wanted me to throw out all my groceries I had just purchased.  But good news, it’s under recall.  Bad news, we are living out of a mini fridge (for a family of 4), until it gets fixed next week.   I need to re-home all my frozen goods so I can defrost this mother.

I’m really hoping nothing else springs up until I go back to work, but I guess if crap like this is going to happen, better it happens when I’m off.

My fitness life and running is coming along and I’ve been making an effort to workout 5 days per week.  This is going to become increasingly difficult once I go back to work, but I’m going to do my best to stay on the wagon and may just have to become a super early morning exercise type person.  Nothing like the threat of being thrown off a treadmill if you fall asleep to keep that adrenaline pumping!  Can’t wait to see what the next month holds!


Life With Two: 1 Month Update

Keeping the blog up to date was hard before having another bambino, but it’s been exceptionally hard since!  You would think taking 5 minutes to jot down some thoughts, words, sarcastic comments would be easy to squeeze into the day, but *surprise surprise*, a 24 hour day somehow just isn’t enough.  Baby Lucas has grown by leaps and bounds since he sling shot his way into this world at the end of March (which I guess is reflective of why I have no time, I’m either toddler chasing or have a baby hanging from me and using me as a giant cow).  At his 1 month check up, he measured 22.5″ long and 11 pounds, 1 ounce.  Just to put that into perspective, when we discharged from the hospital, he was down to 6 pounds, 14 ounces.  Eating obviously isn’t a problem, but washing in between his baby fat rolls could be.


Throw your hands up in the air if you pooped!


I wear my sunglasses at night, in the morning, during the mid day, and on weekends

Lucas has been incredibly more chill than James was at this stage, which is a total giant blessing.  He is up to sleeping 2.5 to 3.5 hour stretches during the night, which equates to waking up 3 times during the night with him.  He’s still sleeping in our room, so he’s already beat his brother’s record (James got evicted at 1 month old because of his gaseous grunting all night).


Baby selfie!

Toddler James on the other hand, has been less than incredibly chill.  He’s definitely taken slight offense to having sibling competition and has been more loud, needy, and whiny.  This sounds horrible, but I’ve really been enjoying all the time I’ve been getting to spend with both of them on my maternity leave, so I’ll take all the “gosh darn it, this kid is approaching the terrible 3’s that I can”.  For as bad as those “I’m going to throw myself on the floor and cry by yelling the words ‘Waa waa waa’ which is total fake crying because you gave me the sandwich that I asked for” moments are, they are quickly replaced by snuggling boy whispering “I’ll love you forever, mommy”.  Those moments are the ones that melt my heart.


I think really, the main difference with adding another little boy to the mix has been that I am constantly doing something.  My hands are never empty, they are usually full of diapers, babies, laundry, dishes, etc.  I am a whirling dervish of mommydom.


These 3 dudes are my world

I have started doing some workouts over the past week, slowly adding running back into the mix.  I’ve been trying to really hit on my core and hip strength and stability, because I managed to totally and horribly throw my SI joint out the day before I got induced to the point that I could barely walk.  So yeah, that’s a work in progress to fix, but it’s getting better.   I can now run 3 miles straight (slowly) with good form, no pain and no female post-partum issues…victory!

I’m slowly shrinking back down to size, from week 1 up to week 4 post-partum.  Almost there, but when the pre-pregnancy clothes still don’t fit right, you know there is still work to be done.

Phew!  That was a lot of typing to get out, but I look forward to sharing my continued journey back into fitness, life, work, and family from here on out.  Hopefully.  Maybe.  Kind of.  Sort of.


Back from a Long Absence

My goodness, my last posting was back in July.  Usually long absences in the blog world are either due to 1) flat out quitting, 2) an injury, 3) major life changes.  Mine can be classified under #3.  We went on a family vacation at the beginning of July to the Outer Banks.  It was wonderful, things were all “Electric Beach-like” with peace, love and sand.


Then Baby J…or should I say, Toddler J, managed to turn 2 and we had to of course provide the obligatory celebration there.

We got his 2 year old photo shoot done.  Child is such a toddler model it’s not even funny, if he could rub some of his photogenic-ness off on me that would be super appreciated.


After pictures, it was time for the obligatory “1st Hair Cut” in order to make sure people at the grocery store quit telling me I had a beautiful daughter.


and then…we finally let everyone know about what our next and latest adventure will be.  The adventure that is the biggest reason that I haven’t run a race since June.  And the reason I inserted this way down at the end of this post to make sure you sufficiently read.

Our family of 3 is going to be growing by 1 in March!  Baby Mason #2 will be debuting in 2017 and Toddler J will be a big brother.


I am currently 17 weeks along and plan on doing a week-by-week belly blog again, so be prepared for a little bit too much pregnancy talk and some running talk.  I’ve still been running again, although I have been keeping things short (between 2-4 miles per run) and do have some plans for a few races before the end of the year.  Then that’ll probably be it on the racing front until Summer.


Belly Out!


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It’s Been A While

So my last entry was nearly a month ago.  I will entirely blame that upon being a super busy Mommy lately.  Between work, the holidays, a non-sleeping baby, and sleep deprivation of 4 months finally sinking in, writing up my last race report or composing my 4 month update never happened.  Whoops!

Given I have approximately 10 minutes before I have to wake up and feed Baby J, this post will be short…sweet…and to a very brief point.  Not like underwear.

Baby J turned 4 months old as of Nov 21st!  Obviously he’s almost 5 months now, but better late than never right?  Little dude continues to amaze us in how he grown over the past month.  He loves to smile, gurgle his neverending salivary stream, roll all over the place, and jump for days (or until my arms feel like they’re burning with a gigantic blow torch).  That’s why the best gift Baby J could have gotten for an early Christmas gift (to save Mommy and Daddy from a rotator cuff tear) was a jumper.  Little guy jumps and jumps and jumps…usually until he passes out.  Totally cracks me up.

Not sure why this keeps rotating, but you get the idea.  He's a happy guy.

Not sure why this keeps rotating, but you get the idea. He’s a happy guy.

Also, because I’m cheap, I decided to stage our own version of a Christmas photo shoot to put on our yearly photo card.  These ones didn’t make the cut.  Probably because Mommy has too much fun using PicMonkey.
IMG_6975a IMG_6961a


We also got to take Baby J to his very first Lights Before Christmas at the Toledo Zoo! It’s one of my favorite holiday events, and I’m hoping it becomes a tradition for us.  Even if our evening ended with a super tired, super cranky baby that had to be taken home early.  Womp womp.

Baby J was looking for money

Baby J was looking for money

As for things on the running front, I ran my yearly Turkey Trot.  I selected the Green Professionals Association Turkey Trot in Green,OH.  The weather was a bit less than ideal, as it snowed through the whole event, but the course never got slick.  Since the race was a while ago, my post-race excitement has died down and I don’t have much else to say besides I ran hard, ran a smart race, and was able to best my previous 5K  PR by a few seconds (21:20).  Not too bad given my lack of formal training recently.  Makes me look forward to what Spring racing will bring!

gpa1 gpa2


3 Month Update

Obviously life has gotten a lot more busy, stressful, and challenging since I returned to work.  Time management skills are definitely being put to the test I am trying to balance work, family life, recreational activities (as much as I love it–yes, running is just for recreation), housework, and mental well being.  No one ever said taking on a new role in your life would be easy, but they did say it would be worth it.  This week, I have had a terrible time finding time to run.  As in, I did so awesome last week and then my super awesome self fell off the wagon (not really, but I can’t think of the last time I took 4 rest days in a row).


I’ve kind of come to the conclusion that training for a half is out for this Fall.  I’d rather take my sweet lazy time slowly ramping up my mileage and wind up running a healthy race in the Spring than push things too quickly and wind up on the sidelines battling injury again.running-late1

In all my busy hub bub chaos of a life, I totally forgot to post an update at 3 months.  You know, 9 days late is totally NBD.  It’s official, at 3 months old, babies really become fun–whodathunk?!  They start smiling, cooing, babbling, rolling, imitating, sucking anything that enters the arena that is their mouth (hands, toys, Mommy’s face, etc).  It’s really awesome to finally have something to hang your hat on for those few weeks that were purely terrible and filled with no sleep, constant colicky crying, and constant questioning of your parenting skills.

Baby J is such a chunk and we couldn’t love him more.  He is such a sweet boy that warms our hearts everyday.

IMG_6861 IMG_6865 IMG_6928a IMG_6930a

While he still hasn’t hit the 100th percentile for his vitals, we are still holding out hope that he will become the largest baby in his age group.  Because why half ass anything when you can whole ass it? (Ron Swanson quote FTW).

Yes this post is short and brief.  But at least I finally got around to doing a life update.  You’re welcome.


I Obviously Suck Lately at Blogging

So…it’s been only like 2.5 months since the last time I wrote a lick of a posting.  I kept meaning to, but then I would say “Oh, next week I’ll do it”.  And next week, obviously, never happened.  It’s not that I haven’t been doing anything.  Rather, it’s been the complete opposite of that.  The Holidays are really mostly to blame for my blogging inactivity, like 75% Holidays, 20% Laziness, and 5% Inability to formulate appropriate words to compose an entry.

What all has passed since last blog entry-eth?

1) Thanksgiving: Which was a great time spent with family.  Lots of good eats and good times.

2) Massive amounts of craziness leading up to Christmas.  Purchasing of mass quantities of gifts.  Attempting to set a new record for how much I could online shop (probably 75% of all gifts were purchased online this year).  Freaking out that I had shopped at Target during their security breach.  Boycotting Target ever since.

3) Subway Challenge Series Banquet:  My Running year of 2013 had many ups and downs.  A goal I had secretly set for the beginning of 2013 was to (at the series banquet) finish in the Top 5 Females.  This looked to not be in the cards, after I finally succumbed to the fact that my knee was not getting better and would need surgery.  However, I was able to bounce back quickly, finished the required number of races and finished 5th OA!  It was a bittersweet accomplishment in a year that, although it did not quite go my way, saw me grow leaps and bounds with shorter distances (2013 was not going to hold long distance in the cards post-surgery).  I became more mentally tough; learning how to push myself harder than I ever thought possible.  It only makes me quite certain, in the future, that any goal I set can be attained.  Although 2013 wasn’t quite the dominant year of the PR, I was able to set new PR’s in both the 3 and 4 mile distances.

4) Ran one race:  The Santa Hustle 5K.  NOT the experience that it was the previous year.  The race was the day after a pretty epic December Lake Snowstorm, which obviously was not handled quite properly by the RD or the Street Crews.  It was windy, cold, and wet.  I was so glad I chose to only do the 5K and run it with one of my BFF’s.

4) Celebrated Christmas Mason Style the Weekend before: Had lots of good eats (again) and lots of quality family time.


5) Spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day tending to a sicky sickerson of a Husband.  The Flu is never a nice thing.  Especially when it happens on what is supposed to be one of the most wonderful days of the year.

6) Post-Christmas Festivities with the Marchand Family:  Once again, MORE FOOD.  Death by food.  Lots of family time.  The contraction of a post-holiday illness for me (methinks I may now have bronchitis)

7) Snow Vortex: I have now been holed up in our house like Nanook of the North for what seems like forever.  This Cold/Snow/SuckerofFun Vortex has now made me officially sick of winter.  I am a winter hater and will plan to, in my older years, be one of those people that resides in Florida for 75% of the year.


My New Year’s Resolution is to keep this more up-to-date.  We’ll see how resolved I am!  Happy Running!