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Life With Two: 1 Month Update

Keeping the blog up to date was hard before having another bambino, but it’s been exceptionally hard since!  You would think taking 5 minutes to jot down some thoughts, words, sarcastic comments would be easy to squeeze into the day, but *surprise surprise*, a 24 hour day somehow just isn’t enough.  Baby Lucas has grown by leaps and bounds since he sling shot his way into this world at the end of March (which I guess is reflective of why I have no time, I’m either toddler chasing or have a baby hanging from me and using me as a giant cow).  At his 1 month check up, he measured 22.5″ long and 11 pounds, 1 ounce.  Just to put that into perspective, when we discharged from the hospital, he was down to 6 pounds, 14 ounces.  Eating obviously isn’t a problem, but washing in between his baby fat rolls could be.


Throw your hands up in the air if you pooped!


I wear my sunglasses at night, in the morning, during the mid day, and on weekends

Lucas has been incredibly more chill than James was at this stage, which is a total giant blessing.  He is up to sleeping 2.5 to 3.5 hour stretches during the night, which equates to waking up 3 times during the night with him.  He’s still sleeping in our room, so he’s already beat his brother’s record (James got evicted at 1 month old because of his gaseous grunting all night).


Baby selfie!

Toddler James on the other hand, has been less than incredibly chill.  He’s definitely taken slight offense to having sibling competition and has been more loud, needy, and whiny.  This sounds horrible, but I’ve really been enjoying all the time I’ve been getting to spend with both of them on my maternity leave, so I’ll take all the “gosh darn it, this kid is approaching the terrible 3’s that I can”.  For as bad as those “I’m going to throw myself on the floor and cry by yelling the words ‘Waa waa waa’ which is total fake crying because you gave me the sandwich that I asked for” moments are, they are quickly replaced by snuggling boy whispering “I’ll love you forever, mommy”.  Those moments are the ones that melt my heart.


I think really, the main difference with adding another little boy to the mix has been that I am constantly doing something.  My hands are never empty, they are usually full of diapers, babies, laundry, dishes, etc.  I am a whirling dervish of mommydom.


These 3 dudes are my world

I have started doing some workouts over the past week, slowly adding running back into the mix.  I’ve been trying to really hit on my core and hip strength and stability, because I managed to totally and horribly throw my SI joint out the day before I got induced to the point that I could barely walk.  So yeah, that’s a work in progress to fix, but it’s getting better.   I can now run 3 miles straight (slowly) with good form, no pain and no female post-partum issues…victory!

I’m slowly shrinking back down to size, from week 1 up to week 4 post-partum.  Almost there, but when the pre-pregnancy clothes still don’t fit right, you know there is still work to be done.

Phew!  That was a lot of typing to get out, but I look forward to sharing my continued journey back into fitness, life, work, and family from here on out.  Hopefully.  Maybe.  Kind of.  Sort of.


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Churchill’s Half Marathon

This past Sunday (3/18) I ran my 6th Half Marathon.  I somehow convinced my mom to let me death march pace her for what we were going to only call a “Long Run”.  No, I did not race this one.  Instead, I spent 2 hours of quality time with my Mom 🙂



Churchill’s Half is a staple in the NW Ohio running community.  What everyone failed to tell me, was that the course is boring as all butt wipes.  It really does make one giant loop around all of Monclova.  In a straightaway, turn about kind of fashion.  And had a severe lack of water stops.

Our goal was to keep as close to 9’s as possible.  This lasted for the first 8 miles.  And then Momma M started to get too hot and we had to slow it down.  Up to that point, however, she did fantastic!  We split apart at Mile 11.5 and I  pushed a bit to the finish.  Somehow I was still close to nearly placing in my age group even though Miles 9-11 averaged about a 9:25 pace.

Finish Time: Momma M: 2:02:06 (1st Place in her age group!), Eli: 2:00:11 (Probably 7th in my age group)…considering I paced with my mom, I was surprised I was so close to top 5.  The best part? My legs feel fine today! Hooray for family bonding!

Negatives: seriously.  water stops at miles 1,3,7,10, and 12 don’t cut it.  Especially when the race started at 10 when the temp was already 65.  every runner in my vicinity complained of this.  very little crowd support minus the sign that read: “You’re NOT Going to Win”.  very poor water distribution at the finish.

Positives: running with my mom, quick awards at the finish line, post-race cookies, wearing a new tank top, getting a little suntan, running 13.1 for the 6th time!

Also, I wore this outfit on a training run last week.  Mike made fun of me.  What gives?  This is totally a hot look for me!


Happy Running!  Especially running in the Global Warming Weather!