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Lucas’ Birth Story

Baby Lucas came into this world and entered our hearts without any drama or excitement.  I elected to be induced on March 27, 4 days ahead of my due date.  This made it easier to avoid any late night phone calls to family or neighbors to try and cover for Toddler J or worst case scenario, having to wake him up to go to the hospital with us.

Instead, we arrived to the hospital bright and early at 6 AM.  I slept like crap all night, it was like baby knew that the eviction notice had been served and I got bladder kicked all night long as retribution.  We checked in, were brought to the labor and delivery room, and I immediately was hooked up to my IV, had blood drawn, you know the typical labor set-up complete with ugly hospital gown to strip you of any dignity.  Although, if you’ve already had one kid, that has long gone out the door.

The pitocin was set up (I didn’t have to have this with Toddler J) around 7:30 AM and the dose was gradually increased as I and baby were handling this well.   My doctor broke my water around 9:00 AM, which further increased the strength of the contractions, but surprisingly, I was able to tolerate getting up after and ride around on the exercise ball for a while.  It was at that point that my husband decided he needed to take his ritual labor nap and passed out on the couch in the room.  By 10:30 AM, I was starting to get really uncomfortable and my doctor recommended I proceed with the epidural because I likely would have the baby faster (given it was #2).  So, I got my epidural, which definitely helped with the pain, but didn’t seem as effective as when I had one with J.  I had minimal pain, but I could feel pressure.  Lots of it.   I was grateful for Hubs at this time to keep me breathing well and stay relaxed as possible.

Hubby let his parents know around the time of the epidural where things stood (4cm), and they decided to head to the hospital right then and there.  MIL and FIL arrived around 11:30AM and stopped in to see me, and I told them all to go ahead and get lunch.  Things went really fast from there and poop got real.  I got checked right after they left to eat and I was 6-7 cm.  My nurse started to try to position me in sidelying and the heart beat kept dropping during contractions.  I got an oxygen mask slapped on my face.   After 10 minutes of repositioning me, she checked me again, I was 9.5.  It was then that I texted Hubby an “I need to push! Get back here now!”.  It was like deja vu, because with J he almost missed this part also being at the cafeteria.  A few minutes later, he rushed back in, and it was pushing time.  It only took 15-20 minutes and out popped a beautiful baby boy at 12:55 PM.  Lucas Aaron Mason.

My doctor joked that if we had another kid, I better schedule an induction, otherwise she could be delivering the baby in the hospital parking lot.  Fun OB humor.

Some pictures from the day:


And some fun images of the visitors we’ve had over the past week to welcome our new baby boy to this world:

Expanding from a family of 3 to 4 is definitely going to have its ups, downs, and in betweens, but I’m looking forward to a fun transition and adventure.   And of course, looking forward to the days when I can start posting some race recaps and training updates, but for now–that can wait.


And Now For Something Completely Different…

My last post was sort of misleading.  It was completely void of the incredible news that has permeated my life now for 14 weeks.  It is the main reason that my blog has been sitting here, hanging onto its lonely self like a sad clown.  My blog was sitting lonely because I waiting for the right time to change my focus.  I am still running, as much as I can in fact.  However, the focus of my running is no longer on gaining a new PR, attempting a new distance, or starting a new training cycle.  My focus on running is now to stay healthy…because, really, it’s no longer about running for my health.  It’s about running for the health of Baby Mason


Yes, people, we are having a baby.  No more joking about food babies, burrito babies…there is an actual baby that will be coming into our lives near/around July 12, 2014.  We really could not be more excited, nervous, scared, happy, or thankful.

How I’ve Been Feeling:
Weeks 6-10 were a little rough in terms of fatigue.  I would get home from work, crash on the couch, moan that I didn’t want to ever move again, shower, and pass out at promptly 8:30-9PM.  Rinse, Wash, Repeat.  I never experienced any morning sickness, although I did have some nausea associated with not eating frequently enough.  Cue: Gingerbread cookies (because, ya know, ginger settles your stomach right? ) and Saltine Crackers (my Mom’s go to stomach flu cure).  My running was nearly non existent during this time because I literally was tired from just trying to maintain homeostasis.  As for food aversions, during this time period I hated everything except for bland foods–bagels, peanut butter, cereal, etc.  Carbo loading is appropriate for the first trimester right?

I am now finally starting to get my energy and appetite back.  Just in time to have caught the funky funk that is bronchitis.  An antibiotic later and I am feeling much better and no longer hacking up multiple lungs throughout the day.  I am sure Baby Mason wasn’t enjoying the trampoline effect from cough for the past 2 weeks either; I know I definitely wasn’t.  I am hoping with my energy back that I will be able to catch up on my household responsibilities and get back up to running 3-4 days per week.  My goal is to continue this as long as I am able to.


Here’s to the Start of What is Going to be a Wonderful, Rewarding Journey into Parenthood…
I can’t wait!