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Weeks 36-39 Update

I figured I’d just slap together a blurb about the final weeks of pregnancy since, guess what, I am no longer pregnant.  I definitely slacked on a final blog entry and I wanted to share my final belly pictures and how I was feeling over the final weeks of pregnancy.

How did I feel?  Like a stuffed, prize pig ready to take to the fair.  The inn had run out of rooms.  The whale had placed itself firmly on the beach.   I was definitely ready to meet our baby instead of carry it.  The final weeks of pregnancy were rough.  My energy waned big time and it became difficult by Week 38 to even walk on the treadmill for 25-30 minutes let alone think about running.  In fact, my last treadmill run happened at 38 weeks and then I never had a happy thought to do it again.  All I felt was pressure and discomfort and my bladder felt like it was being punched every 2 seconds.

I wound up gaining a little more weight with this pregnancy than I did with James, about 32 pounds this go-round vs. 27 pounds, and this was probably due to eating my feelings and then having no energy to do all the things during the day.   So, I’m sure that extra 5 pounds will be extra fun to try to lose later, but I’m hopefully going to be motivated and up to the challenge.   After all, I’ve been buying way too much Lularoe lately and I want some of the more fitted items to fit…correctly.

Here’s how the final 4 weeks shook out in belly form:


My next post will be the birth story, which hopefully I’ll be a bit more prompt with since I’m now on maternity leave and working on balancing a new family of 4, including a rambunctious toddler and snuggly newborn.  Wait, that sounds exhausting, but probably because it is.  I do know one thing for sure, it will be worth it!

This belly is signing off on another pregnancy adventure…and hopefully will be more toned up in a few weeks 😉


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36 Weeks

Less than a month to go until this stomach will officially quit being a growing one bedroom apartment.  I can’t believe that according to my Pregnancy App (because yes I’m totally lame like that), I have 27 more days to go until the big event arrives.  It really can’t come soon enough because the whole idea of a wonderful “summer baby” thing is starting to kick my butt with these “warmer temperature” concepts.  I constantly feel like a large, sweating, oily and greasy woman beast.

This week, Baby Mason is weighing in at approximately 6 pounds and is 18.5 inches in length.  The size of a nice luscious head of romaine lettuce.


I usually get all this information from baby webpages, but I’m finding it quite humorous that this baby is likely EXACTLY those measurements.  I had a growth and development ultrasound done last week in order to make sure the babe is still eating my digested food particles like a champion and is still swimming around enough.  Apparently Baby Mason has been going on more of a growth spurt lately (not to say this will be a big baby at all–just an average baby :-)).  He or she jumped up from the 27% percentile at 22 weeks up to the 50% percentile at 35 weeks.  Yay for hitting the laws of averages.  America’s Future Soccer Prodigy was estimated to weigh 5.8 pounds at that time.  And even the ultrasound tech commented, “You have a super active baby in there, it never stops moving!”.  Say something I don’t already know, sister.  Baby must be as excited for the World Cup as we are.

How I have Been Feeling: I think I may have experienced a Braxton Hicks contraction or two.  Only when I am running around like a crazy working preggo, I will sometimes feel my whole abdomen tense up.  Doesn’t hurt, just feels like my abs are working out when we clearly know they don’t anymore.

download (3)

How I feel when trying to get up from laying down anymore. Very much Randy from Christmas Story. Except I say, “Help me Michael!”


I am pleased to say that I managed to make it to 36 weeks and can still “kind of run” although that activity is definitely open to interpretation.  I was able to jog waddle for 3.0 miles today and only 2 of those miles were straight running without a walking break.  Huzzah for the 10 minute mile pace!  Simply, baby is beginning to put pressure on my lower pelvis whenever I am out running which makes things get super uncomfortable.  I have already beaten my goal for running during my pregnancy, so I am sure I will be hanging up the kicks in the near future, especially once Baby begins to “drop it like it’s hot” (which hasn’t happened…yet).

How Baby is Doing:  Like I mentioned before, Baby is growing a bunch.  If I go to my due date, we will probably be looking at a 7-8 pound lean, mean, kicking machine.  Also, I hate being one of those people that puts up ultrasound pictures, but really…how could you not love those cheeks and chunky nose?


How Husband is Doing:  By being literally the best father-to-be ever, Michael continues to amaze me in how supportive he has been (not like I would expect anything less).  We have basically decided that our weekend travels need to stop since I am so close to my due date, and he has been super motivated to get things done around the house to get our lives ready (as they can be).  Happy (you’re almost a) Father’s Day Michael!


36 Weeks Belly Shots (from our weekend adventures): 

Lake Erie Sunset…Lake Erie Love


Downtown Sandusky on a Friday