Running Through a Fulfilled Life


Weeks 32-35 Update

Ugh, I am exhausted.  There’s no if’s, and’s or but’s about it.  Less than 5 weeks to go until my due date and I’m at the point of “I’m ready to be done with being pregnant and move onto holding my little girl or guy in my arms”.  I don’t remember feeling this sluggish last time around, but I also didn’t have a super energetic 2 year old that thinks his Momma is a superhero either to chase.  All I know is I’m large and in charge and feel like a beached whale most days.  Please play me the world’s tiniest violin now.

Baby Mason Part Deux is now the size of a honeydew melon and is 18 inches long and weighs approximately 5.25 pounds.   If only my stomach was merely the size of a little melon, instead it resembles more of a small beach ball, but way less fun and colorful and definitely more veiny and shiny from my skin reaching its breaking point.

My energy levels are definitely waning as is my desire to do anything of a physical nature…like, run, has gone down the pooper.  But I’ve still been doing it, more like a chore than a want.  I’m afraid if I quit doing anything (even going on a walk on the treadmill) that my body will just totally wave the white flag to me.  At least when I’m staying active I retain some energy, keep my ankles from getting puffy, sleep better, have less back pain, and can take a daily (although sometimes it’s more like every other day) constitutional **if you know what I mean**.

Here’s what I’ve been looking like the past few weeks.  Grow belly, grow!




Here’s to hoping that the next 5 (or hopefully less) weeks go by really fast so we can get to hold our newest little guy or gal soon!



35 Weeks

I am nearly 8 months pregnant.  Man, does that feel weird to say.  We are now 5 weeks away from the big shindig and I am definitely starting to get nervous.  Every little weird or odd feeling I get makes me say, “Was that a contraction?”.  I haven’t experienced what I would deem as any Braxton Hicks contractions, so I still really don’t know what they will feel like.  But I’m pretty sure when it would happen, I’ll definitely know (or at least hope I would know).

This week, Baby Mason is the size of a honeydew melon and weighs approximately 5.25 pounds and is 18 inches in length.


How I’m Feeling:
The Baby is definitely starting to put a little more pressure on my ribcage and diaphragm.  I find myself getting more easily out of breath and growing irritated with my lack of quality of sleep.  It’s hard to sleep when some little feet are tap dancing along your lower ribcage.  I don’t feel that the baby is dropping at all, I am pretty sure my emergency potty trips would be increasing in frequency if that was the case.  Maybe those Depends that Mike got at his diaper party were really meant for me.  I am definitely more grateful that I purchased my maternity support belt because there are definitely more days at work I find I need to wear it to keep my back pain in check.  Especially on days where I feel like less of a woman and more of a weeble wobble.  Speaking of weeble wobbles, that’s how I pretty much feel anymore when I go running.  I feel like my feet are stuck in bubble gum, molasses, and Nickelodean GAK all at the same time and that I literally move as fast as paint dries.  I get tired so much quicker and it doesn’t take long before the pressure on my lower pelvis becomes uncomfortable and I decide “Yup, time to walk”.  My runs have been averaging 2-3 miles at a time, with about a 9:30-10:00/mile pace.  But I can still kind of run!  But probably not for much longer I am sure.

How Baby is Doing:  Baby continues to practice his or her training for American Ninja Warrior.  In that he or she is incredibly way too active.  I can now feel exactly where the feet are at any given time.  This week I will start to have my weekly OB appointments to check how “close” I am to popping and I also will be having another ultrasound to check growth and development.  Since, depending on who you’re asking, I’m either still “so small” or “getting huge”.

How Husband is Doing: Michael managed to put together our 3 tier storage cube for the baby nursery this week.  He is getting incredibly too adept at using his screwdriver.  Also, that should not be taken the wrong way you sickos.  I am sure he is getting excited to put together all the other baby items we have received from our 2 showers as well.  It’s just practice for future years when all Christmas toys require assembly, batteries, and curse words.  He also has been silently biting his tongue after I ask for a back, calf, or foot massage of the millionth time.  I think we probably should just consider hiring a full time masseuse.



35 Week Belly Shot!

Please Excuse my crazy hair, crazy eyes, and newly found skin-tone of “always looking sunburnt”.  I am trying to practice the look of Disheveled Mother that I should hopefully have mastered by the time this baby is a week old.