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Weeks 32-35 Update

Ugh, I am exhausted.  There’s no if’s, and’s or but’s about it.  Less than 5 weeks to go until my due date and I’m at the point of “I’m ready to be done with being pregnant and move onto holding my little girl or guy in my arms”.  I don’t remember feeling this sluggish last time around, but I also didn’t have a super energetic 2 year old that thinks his Momma is a superhero either to chase.  All I know is I’m large and in charge and feel like a beached whale most days.  Please play me the world’s tiniest violin now.

Baby Mason Part Deux is now the size of a honeydew melon and is 18 inches long and weighs approximately 5.25 pounds.   If only my stomach was merely the size of a little melon, instead it resembles more of a small beach ball, but way less fun and colorful and definitely more veiny and shiny from my skin reaching its breaking point.

My energy levels are definitely waning as is my desire to do anything of a physical nature…like, run, has gone down the pooper.  But I’ve still been doing it, more like a chore than a want.  I’m afraid if I quit doing anything (even going on a walk on the treadmill) that my body will just totally wave the white flag to me.  At least when I’m staying active I retain some energy, keep my ankles from getting puffy, sleep better, have less back pain, and can take a daily (although sometimes it’s more like every other day) constitutional **if you know what I mean**.

Here’s what I’ve been looking like the past few weeks.  Grow belly, grow!




Here’s to hoping that the next 5 (or hopefully less) weeks go by really fast so we can get to hold our newest little guy or gal soon!


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34 Weeks

It is now 34 weeks and some change into this pregnancy marathon and the end is definitely now in sight.  It’s funny though, because as the end approaches, I am getting more excited, but also more nervous and frantic.  You would think that 40 weeks would be enough time to get everything in your life ready for a new family member, but it never seems to be nearly enough time.  Case in point, the mountain of baby products hanging out in our living room that I will fondly refer to as “Mount Babyeverest”.

This week, Baby Mason is almost 18 inches long and weighs in at 4.75 pounds.  Making him or her now the size of a small cantaloupe.  This melon, however, is more than capable of kicking the living tar out of my ribcage, abdominals, and back (which oddly feels like i am being kicked in my butt).



How I’m Feeling:  Energy levels are still up, maybe too up (because when I get going on housework it’s like a runaway train).  Not having any swelling in my legs and hopefully can keep it that way.  I continue to get demon muscle cramps at night, but if I just lay still and don’t move (like that’s possible) they tend to not occur as often.  My back is starting to hate me and is probably planning to hand in it’s 2 weeks notice to my stomach that it is sick of supporting it.  I can hardly reach my toes anymore as clipping and painting my toenails is now a laughable matter and requires large amounts of strategy.  I have been bumping into furniture with my stomach more often, my spatial awareness of “the belly” is obviously not good because in my mind I am still a skinny girl that is not pregnant.

How Baby is Doing:  Baby Mason is running out of real estate.  Has to be.  There is no other reason to explain the increase in activity taking place in there.  I thought we had an active child a few weeks ago, now we have one that’s training for an Ironman and the World Cup at the same time.

How Husband is Doing:  Mike continues to be wonderful.  He is making sure to keep me safe since I like to do this thing called “over exertion” quite often and helps me reign in those tendencies.  He has the nursery looking fantastic and I am sure he will also help move Mount Babyeverest upstairs where it belongs.  He even helped again at our second baby shower to open gifts and provide color commentary to the event.  I think he has a future in selling baby product.  🙂


We are hoping that Baby M gets Mike’s most excellent sleeping skills

Images from Our Shower: 

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As you can see, it was a special day that I hope was enjoyed by all.  I can’t thank my Mother-in-Law, Sisters-in-Law, and Sam for all their hard work to make it such a nice event with plenty of DESSERT  (I am still on a sugar high, probably because I keep eating the leftovers).

34 Week Belly Shot:

After I decided to go run 3 miles in the blazing heat.  Definitely getting big!

After I decided to go run 3 miles in the blazing heat. Definitely getting big!