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Weeks 28-31 Update

Oh my, oh my.  How the third trimester has come and laid the boom on me.  It was like the power of suggestion of entering the 28th week alone was enough to make my body go into slo-mo.  I feel quite sloth like, like a sloth travelling through quicksand with a giant belly sack strapped to the front.  My energy has gone downhill.  My running has gone way downhill.  My ability to tie my shoes has gone downhill.  I don’t even bother painting my toenails anymore because, why bother, I can’t see them anyways and it’s in the middle of winter.  At least I am starting to see the light at the end of the pregnancy tunnel, with only 9 more weeks to go.

There is still a lot to get done before than, too.  Cleaning off baby things, arranging the nursery, packing a hospital bag, pre-registering for the hospital and organizing all the 0-3 months baby clothes.  As the queen of procrastination, I’m sure this will all get started at approximately Week 37.

Baby #2, however, is doing fantastic and continues to grow like a weed.  At 31 weeks, Baby is measuring 16 inches in length and weighing 3.3 pounds and is approximately the size of a coconut.  This is funny to me, because my stomach resembles more of a small globe at this point, so baby to stomach ratio is probably 1:3.   I have yet to experience any Braxton Hicks contractions at this point, but I never had any with J either, so who knows.  I’m just hoping that my body, this time around, decides to prepare itself better for laboring.

Let’s watch my belly grow, why don’t we?!



Until next time…Belly Out!



30 Weeks

Whoops! Another late post.  This is starting to become a trend, but I can’t help it.  Life is getting busier by the day in preparation for Baby Mason’s arrival.  This past Saturday, I was officially 30 weeks and have entered what I think of as the home stretch.

Baby Mason is now the size of a head of cabbage as he or she measures 15.7 inches in length and weighs almost 3 pounds.  And what a rambunctious head of cabbage there is in there!

It’s not obvious at all that I like to Google Image search for pictures of fruits and vegetables is it? That watermark is totally normal.

This week we picked up the crib and dresser set for the nursery and worked on getting it assembled.  As you can see, we are not nearly finished.  Apparently I picked out a dresser that was crafted in the in the hellfires of frustration as it consists of like 40 steps to assemble.  Thus, why there are no drawers.

If we can assemble a drawer a week, we should get it put together sometime in June.

What else is new?  For those that want to know
How I’m feeling:  Energy levels have been pretty steady.  I am finding that I do get a little tired more frequently, but it’s usually after I’ve likely done too much.  For example, I got winded after walking a mile and climbing up 6 flights of steps to watch this kid graduate on Saturday (Congrats Lil Bro).

I also got really tired again on Sunday.  But then again, I ran 3.5 miles, went grocery shopping, assembled a crib and partially assembled a dresser all in a row.  Probably too much in a row for the third trimester.  I continue to experience the heinous cramps at night.  Last night, the arch of my foot cramped and I had to get out of bed and walk it out.  Several nights before, I had both calfs simultaneously lock up as I was getting out of bed.  They cramped so badly I had to use the floor to pull my toes back up.  Gosh darn.

How Running is Going:  Let’s just say it is going.  Not as well as that miraculous 5.6 mile run at 27 weeks (Union City), but I’m still getting out there.  Pretty sure that Baby Mason has shifted position and is getting closer to being in a head down position.  How do I know this?  Because when I run now, I feel like I have constant pressure on my bladder and lower abdomen.  Also, his or her legs are doing tap dances on my diaphragm, making me more conscious of my perceived exertion.  I am happy I have been able to continue running this long.  Still not sure how long it will last, but I have an arbitrary goal to make it to 34-35 weeks before I quit cold turkey.  We’ll see.

Weight Gain: At my last OB appointment, I was up 15 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight.  Right on target.

Baby Mason: At my last OB appointment, Baby’s heart rate remains steady in the 130’s.  Although, when more active, it shoots up to the 160’s.  (I keep saying it’s because he or she is already training in there for future athletic endeavors).  Every healthcare practitioner says the same thing, “You have a VERY active baby”.  Everyone has started to give me their gender predictions.  Old wive’s tales literally have no backing whatsoever, and everyone likes to tell you…”Oh, you’re carrying low so it’ll be a boy” or “Oh, the heart rate has been higher, so it will be a girl”.  Rest assured, it will be one or the other in July.  🙂

Selfies FTW!
ImageImageYes, I stole one of my Hubby’s workout shirts.  Apparently big belly is hard to conceal underneath Women’s Small Workout Shirts anymore.  You’re welcome for the sweaty shirts, Michael.