Running Through a Fulfilled Life


Weeks 25-27 Update

The past few weeks in this pregnancy journey have flown by, probably because they have corresponded with Christmas and New Year’s.  We definitely kept busy and Toddler J had himself a very good and spoiled time.  Seriously, kid needs 2 playrooms now for the gross quantity of toys he has been gifted.   He shouldn’t be bored until sometime in May.


So here we are, marking the end of the 2nd Trimester and ready to kick off the final stretch–the 3rd Trimester.  It’s like coming into the last mile of 5K and you know it’s going to be a massive positive split because your body is getting more tired, sluggish, and waddly (is that a word?! I just made it up).  And that’s certainly how I feel.

At 27 weeks, Baby M #2 is weighing nearly 2 pounds and is approximately 14.5 inches in length.  He or she now has a normal sleep/wake cycle (which corresponds to sleeping when I’m awake and waking when I’m trying to sleep.  Touche), can open/close eyes, and suck on fingers.

I keep thinking Baby #2 either is sitting super low in comparison to J or is measuring big, because I have continued to experience occasional left sided sciatic symptoms that I didn’t get last time.  I had Hubs try to correct my alignment yesterday and I swear my ligaments must already be rubber bands, because a simple leg pull felt like my ankle, knee, and hip dislocated all at once.  But magically, the pain was gone and now I can tell him he retore my ACL.   He likes that.

Let’s watch how my belly has grown the past 3 weeks.  And let’s be honest, it’s not just my stomach that feels huge anymore, it’s everything.  I’ve got more junk in my trunk than I know what to do with.  A lot of it probably has to do with the fact that my running has not been as consistent as it was with J and I’m simply tired a lot.  I’ve been trying to exercise still 4-5 times per week, but my runs have dwindled to 2-3 miles max.  Also, this pregnancy is now being sponsored by Lularoe (not really, but it’s all I’m comfortable in anymore), so I’m like a walking billboard.




3rd Trimester, here we come, Tally-Ho!

Belly out.



27 Weeks

So this blog entry is just slight late…but better late than never I suppose!  I was pretty busy this past weekend visiting with family and running another race (gasp!) which I will do a recap of in the near future.  Thus, this entry is going to be short and sweet and devoid of my usual ramblings of a preggo.

This week, Baby Mason is the size of a head of cauliflower and weighs nearly 2 pounds!  He or she is about 14.5 inches in length with legs extended.  Those legs are being put to good use because I have started referring to my stomach as “The Belly That Never Quits”.  As in…constant movement.  Constant kicking.  Constant punching of my bladder.  Constant hiccups.  Constant squirming.  This child doesn’t know how to chill out.  It’s either starting to complain that the basement apartment is getting cramped or it’s already training for the Baby World Cup.



This week has brought on some new changes:
1) My nose feels clogged most of the time.  I feel like I am breathing through a small silly straw and I hate it.  Straws are meant for the mouth not the snot holes.
2) I am starting to get calf cramps at night.  I no longer point my toes at night because it results in Mega Insta Big Time Charley Horse Holy Crap Cramp.
3) I only have 2 pairs of my regular jeans that still fit.  It may be time to buy a belly band or get maternity jeans.  Womp womp.
4) I now have bought blinds and 2 lamps for the nursery.  I am definitely productive.  And by productive I mean a procrastinator.  I also have picked up some paint color samples.  And it has gone no further than that stage.  
5) I still have yet to buy a single baby item.  Is that weird?  

Belly Shot For The Win!

I may or may not have looked like an Easter Egg with legs at my last race.  And Baby Mason was definitely out on display.  The belly hath arrived!