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Weeks 36-39 Update


I figured I’d just slap together a blurb about the final weeks of pregnancy since, guess what, I am no longer pregnant.  I definitely slacked on a final blog entry and I wanted to share my final belly pictures and how I was feeling over the final weeks of pregnancy.

How did I feel?  Like a stuffed, prize pig ready to take to the fair.  The inn had run out of rooms.  The whale had placed itself firmly on the beach.   I was definitely ready to meet our baby instead of carry it.  The final weeks of pregnancy were rough.  My energy waned big time and it became difficult by Week 38 to even walk on the treadmill for 25-30 minutes let alone think about running.  In fact, my last treadmill run happened at 38 weeks and then I never had a happy thought to do it again.  All I felt was pressure and discomfort and my bladder felt like it was being punched every 2 seconds.

I wound up gaining a little more weight with this pregnancy than I did with James, about 32 pounds this go-round vs. 27 pounds, and this was probably due to eating my feelings and then having no energy to do all the things during the day.   So, I’m sure that extra 5 pounds will be extra fun to try to lose later, but I’m hopefully going to be motivated and up to the challenge.   After all, I’ve been buying way too much Lularoe lately and I want some of the more fitted items to fit…correctly.

Here’s how the final 4 weeks shook out in belly form:


My next post will be the birth story, which hopefully I’ll be a bit more prompt with since I’m now on maternity leave and working on balancing a new family of 4, including a rambunctious toddler and snuggly newborn.  Wait, that sounds exhausting, but probably because it is.  I do know one thing for sure, it will be worth it!

This belly is signing off on another pregnancy adventure…and hopefully will be more toned up in a few weeks 😉


4 thoughts on “Weeks 36-39 Update

  1. Congrats. And you look absolutely amazing. I was sitting here thinking, “I hope I can look that great!” I definitely have already started gaining more. I think that is the nature of the second one. So excited to read your birth story. Enjoy your maternity leave!

    • Thanks! It’s hard almost to not gain more especially since being active (as far as exercise, running, etc) seems so much harder when you don’t have the time anymore to rest like when you were prepping for the first. Hoping your pregnancy and how you’ve been feeling is going well! 🙂 It goes fast!

  2. Congratulations and you look great! You really are all belly though (I’m sure you don’t feel that way). Here’s to an easy labor- or as easy as it can possibly be to give birth. Hope you have a good maternity leave as well.

    • Thanks! I definitely was a lot of belly haha and my skin felt towards the end like it wanted to explode like a balloon but at least that’s the beauty of skin–it stretches and then can also start shrinking back down. Which I need, because right now I just look like I have a Chipotle burrito baby in there 🙂

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