Running Through a Fulfilled Life

Weeks 32-35 Update


Ugh, I am exhausted.  There’s no if’s, and’s or but’s about it.  Less than 5 weeks to go until my due date and I’m at the point of “I’m ready to be done with being pregnant and move onto holding my little girl or guy in my arms”.  I don’t remember feeling this sluggish last time around, but I also didn’t have a super energetic 2 year old that thinks his Momma is a superhero either to chase.  All I know is I’m large and in charge and feel like a beached whale most days.  Please play me the world’s tiniest violin now.

Baby Mason Part Deux is now the size of a honeydew melon and is 18 inches long and weighs approximately 5.25 pounds.   If only my stomach was merely the size of a little melon, instead it resembles more of a small beach ball, but way less fun and colorful and definitely more veiny and shiny from my skin reaching its breaking point.

My energy levels are definitely waning as is my desire to do anything of a physical nature…like, run, has gone down the pooper.  But I’ve still been doing it, more like a chore than a want.  I’m afraid if I quit doing anything (even going on a walk on the treadmill) that my body will just totally wave the white flag to me.  At least when I’m staying active I retain some energy, keep my ankles from getting puffy, sleep better, have less back pain, and can take a daily (although sometimes it’s more like every other day) constitutional **if you know what I mean**.

Here’s what I’ve been looking like the past few weeks.  Grow belly, grow!




Here’s to hoping that the next 5 (or hopefully less) weeks go by really fast so we can get to hold our newest little guy or gal soon!


4 thoughts on “Weeks 32-35 Update

  1. You are looking fabulous. I know it’s hard believe but honestly you do. I too remember wanting to run but feeling guilted into running because I was afraid my body would go out on me. But like you said, it does make things feel better. Hang in there. So excited for you!

    • Thanks! It’s quite horrible because running becomes such a part of what you do that when it starts becoming more a chore than a pleasure, you want to stop and just eat all the bon bons 🙂

  2. You look great! It’s so amazing that you’ve been able to do everything you have done, too. Did you guys decide on the name Mason regardless of gender? That’s a good one and a really cute name, I think.

    • Thanks! Mason is actually our last name 🙂 and we have finalized our girl/boy names but just aren’t planning on sharing until he or she is born. But I agree, Mason is a cute first name though!

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