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Louisville YMCA 10K


Way back when on June 18, I ran the Louisville Y’s “Soar Into Summer” 10K.  Mother Nature definitely wanted to emphasize that “summer” part like she tends to do every year for this race.  I haven’t done this particular race in several years, but it is inevitable that this race usually corresponds with a warm and humid day which makes the already challenging 10K course a wee bit harder.  2016’s edition was no different as the 8:45 AM start equated to 74 degrees, sunny, and humid.  I do believe I declared something like “Screw this, I’m just using this as a workout” to my Mom before we started.

The race field was relatively small, so the runners quickly spread out.  I was running by another male runner for the first 2 miles and then he fizzled out behind me and I found myself running alone.  In a 10k.  Which I hate.  I could feel my body temperature slowly rising and I actually took nearly all the water stops (which I never do).

It truly felt like I was out on my long run because my legs could not be willed to run any faster.  So I pretended that’s what I was doing.  At just a little faster pace than long run pace.  I slogged through each mile remembering to save just a bit of energy for the last mile which would be out in full sun and would involve an uphill finish.  I think the finishing temperature was somewhere around 78 degrees.  Poopsicles.

Mile 1-7:20
Mile 2-7:25
Mile 3-7:25
Mile 4-7:31
Mile 5-7:18
Mile 6-7:30
Final 0.2-1:53


Final Finish: 46:28
1st Female OA
Self Assigned Award for Most Photogenic I’ve Ever Looked at A Race.  NOT.


Pros: I was pleasantly surprised with the awards post-race, I got a nice gift certificate to Second Sole and the medals for Overall and Age Group winners were very high quality and nice.  I’m not used to seeing medals like those unless I do bigger races (usually involving a half or marathon in their distances).  The race tshirts were wicking and there was a ladies option of sizing which fits perfect.  The post-race food may or may not have involved donuts and I may or may not have crammed that into my mouth while simultaneously downing a Gatorade.  The course was definitely challenging, but well marked and with many enthusiastic volunteers.


Cons: I am not one of these people that enjoys running in the heat.  So…much…sweat.  Your forehead is not supposed to look like a saltlick.  The uphill finish.  Who designs a race finish up a hill?


Overall, it was a good race experience and even though I always tell myself how much I hate running this race because of the heat, I’m sure I’ll find my way back to this one again another year because it really is well executed.





5 thoughts on “Louisville YMCA 10K

  1. Congratulations on your win and a great time for a 10K, especially in the summer heat! It sounds like a difficult course and race but well worth it. I love it when a race has good medals and women’s cut shirts- it sounds like it was a class act event so I don’t blame you to do it each year. You had great splits too each mile!

    • Thanks! I am not a fan of summer races, but I think they really help you get faster for the cooler fall temps. I love good race swag too, this is probably the nicest 10K medal I’ve gotten, even the 2 mile got those type of medals as well!

      • I agree on the summer races. I don’t know anyone who purposefully picks a goal race during the summer for that reason, but it is a good way to stay consistent with training in the summer.

  2. Whoa! Congratulations. That is totally awesome. I was trying to explain to my husband once how incredibly hard it is to be up near the front and all alone. There is such a crazy pressure that you suddenly put on yourself. Being a little further back and coming up on people to pass them is mentally far easier for me. Way to stick with it in that heat and persevere!

    • I totally agree, running from behind is so much easier than being up front. Maybe it would be easier if i had a rear view mirror attached to my head 🙂 Thanks!

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