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Race Recap: Mother of All Races 10K


This race happened because I was in town visiting my parents, because…Mother’s Day.  What better way to celebrate a major holiday than marking it with a race?  Yes, there are better ways to celebrate, and we made sure to do all of them…after.  The Mother of All Races 10K/5K is held in Canal Fulton on each Mother’s Day.  I haven’t run this race in a few years, and the last time I participated it was just a 5K.  And maybe it should stay that way.

The race entry fee is kind of pricey for a 10K–$40.  Plus I missed the “register by this date to get a shirt”, but I was informed I could always buy a shirt on race day.  For an extra $10.  Just a little helpful hint, any extra shirts should be used on a first come, first serve basis for preregistered/race day registrants.  So what did my $40 buy me? This race left me with a “meh” feeling and it’s probably not one I’ll do again.

The 10K started right on time at 8 AM, the 5K competitive walk and 5K run started at 8:15 and 8:30 respectively.  There were only 100 runners in the 10K, so the race spaced out pretty quickly.  I found myself running step for step with another runner, which really helped push me and keep me honest for the first few miles.  I totally forgot to start my watch at the beginning and figured out my dumbassness by Mile 1, so I only had data on 5.2 miles.  Math skills allow me to deduce my first mile clocked in at 7:01.

I pressed on, as the course entered “downtown” Canal Fulton.  Miles 2 was a 7:17.

The course rolled quite a bit, there was a nice uphill at around 2.5 miles in.  We continued a long straightaway as we paralleled the Towpath.  Mile 3 was a 7:21.

There was a sharp turnaround and then we were onto the Towpath.  I love the Towpath.  I wish a Towpath existed in Huron.  I have run some of my fastest miles along that ish.  At the turnaround I realized that while I sat in 1st (small race field), there were 2 girls firmly plastered on my rear end.  Like plaster of Paris.  Hoping I could shake them by picking up my pace, Mile 4 was a 7:08.  It didn’t work, they liked my rear.

I kept trying to push, as Mile 5 clocked a 7:12.  It was at this point that the 2nd place female came even to me, but didn’t seem interested in really dusting me.  She went past me, but I was able to keep about 6-7 seconds behind.


Oh look…right when I got passed!



Ugh…this starting to hurt

Mile 6 was back on the road, and it meant back to some rolling hills.  Mile 6 was a 7:16 and ended with a nasty hill.  I am not a good hill runner, but I closed the gap and was on her heels by the final turn.  I knew it was going to hurt and the feeling of puke did cross my mind, but I ran as hard as I could to pass her.  And finished 4 seconds ahead.  I’m glad no photo finish exists because I’m pretty sure I was serving melted face, flailing arms, and jello legs.

Final Finish: 44:49 (7:13/mile)
1st OA

The reason why this race left me feeling “meh” was the after.  No age group awards were handed out for the 10K (even though it was advertised as such and awards were given to both the 5K run and 5K competitive walk), leaving a really disgruntled group of runners.   The overall awards (for 5k/10k) were just medals without any engraving on them.  No name of race, no denomination of 1st/2nd/3rd, etc.  A medal that if I don’t write with sharpie marker on, I’ll probably forget why I even have it.  These are fine for age group awards, but I would hope that the overall awards could be a bit more.  Hopefully the race organizers fix their issues for next year because they very well could be losing a handful of participants.

Pros: challenging 10K course partially run on the Towpath, photo booth for pre/post race pictures, fun Mother/Son/Daughter categories, good post-race food, good volunteer support
Cons: very pricey given not everyone got a shirt, awards were not given out as advertised and should be upgraded, no apology being issued (to this point in time) to runners in 10K

Addendum: apparently this race has issued an apology email as of yesterday (I didn’t get sent it, though, somehow) and tried to clarify the confusion on awards and they plan to make things right by sending out awards for age group winners


6 thoughts on “Race Recap: Mother of All Races 10K

  1. Congratulations to you on a great time in the race and placing in your age group even though you didn’t get an award. You had good splits and a solid effort so if nothing else, these are great speedy miles in the bank, right?

    This race sounds like a real ripoff- $40 for a 10K with no shirt and no age group awards? Unless it was for a MAJOR charity cause, that’s just unacceptable. I’m glad you posted this so if anyone else is thinking about this one next year, maybe they will see this and know to find another race or either the organizers can make this one better. You should at least get a shirt even if it’s not the right size, or they should do awards. Don’t advertise awards and don’t do them- if they won’t offer that it should be clear to runners before signing up.

    • Yeah I definitely had mixed feelings about this one because I did have a good race and enjoyed the course. It’s just the details that got botched although an email did go out (to not all runners but some) that efforts were going to be made to correct the age group guffaws. Still, I’m planning to contact the RD with some suggestions (I hate being THAT person to complain, but they did some good things and some bad things–that can be easily corrected to ensure they don’t lose their numbers)

  2. First of all, congrats. That is one heck of a run!

    Second, when a race leaves a bad taste in your mouth, it is really hard to walk away. The shirt thing is pretty lame and I hate when shirts are either poor quality or not handled well. The age group and medal issue is a pretty big one. As a coach who runs a program for kids, I can tell you that medals cost barely anything. Even if you upgrade to a decent medal and then engrave, it is pretty cheap. Looks like they are trying to make money on their end and short change the runners. Bummer. But so glad you came away with a win in the end!

    • Thanks! I had a great time during the run itself. I totally agree, medals don’t cost much and I’m sure doing a large quantity would decrease the cost for engraving. I’m sure their sponsors would have gladly donated some prizes for the overall winners (believe me, I’d definitely take a dozen donuts–I’m easily bought with my sweet tooth!) just to mix up the awards.

  3. Aww sorry about the award!! Congrats to you though!

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