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Race Recap: Glass City Marathon (Half)

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The Glass City Marathon weekend is something I am really starting to look forward to each year (can’t you tell? I pooped out this blog post same day-ha, poop, convenient word choice).  This year was my 3rd time running the Half Marathon and I’ve always enjoyed sharing my training over the 3 month time period leading up to race day.  As inconsistent in blogging as I can be, I try to be somewhat consistent for this race.  Why?  As a UT graduate (x2), I always look forward to going back to campus, seeing what has changed since last time I visited, and seeing how great the NW Ohio running community is to rally around supporting a large (and growing) running event.  I will now get off my soapbox and continue with my recap…

I really enjoyed this weekend so much because I got to spend time with my parents.  I got to show them things I spent the better part of 7 years taking in.  We stayed at the Radisson Hotel at UTMC and the accomodations were great.  My only gripe would be to not offer a breakfast buffet (for runners) that starts at 6 AM.  Ain’t no runner going to be eating a buffet an hour before race time.

We ate our breakfast in the room, I ate my typical long-run staple: a bagel with cream cheese and 2 cups of coffee.  Tick, tock…like clockwork, in 20 minutes the potty was my friend and we were good to go.  Or so I thought.

We arrived a little later than planned to park on campus at 6:15 and I immediately took off to investigate the Port-o-Pot situation.  My assessment was quick and we proceeded towards the start line.  The corrals quickly filled up and my only gripe about the set-up was that either the “B” corral was not big enough (maybe wave starts are the way to go in the future) or late arriving runners didn’t go to their appropriate start area.  Either way, once the race started, I had a hard time moving.  Like a really hard time.  We stayed packed together like cattle for a while, I had a hard time passing people because it was just too congested.  I was not happy.  Races shouldn’t be determined in the first mile.  While the plan was to go slower the first 3 miles, I didn’t want to go THAT slow.
Mile 1–8:26 Move it or lose it, people
Mile 2–7:50 Along Dorr Street, turning up Secor. Baby Hill.
Mile 3–7:48 Along Secor, approaching turn into Ottawa Hills. Flat.
Mile 4–7:26 Just looked at Garmin and realized Mile 1 was terrible.
Mile 5–7:41 Ok.  Reign it in, let’s do this baby hill situation through the appropriately named Ottawa Hills.
Mile 6–7:36 Felt a little fancy again.
Mile 7–7:34 Feeling good, feeling great.  Wishing I could have gotten into this stride earlier.
Mile 8–7:36 Still feeling good. I got this.
Mile 9–7:22 Will you quit running so fast idiot?!  Definitely missed the Wildwood section here.  Also where I started playing mind games and dedicating miles to people.  Mile 9 was for my husband.  No surprise it was also my fastest mile.
Mile 10–7:35 I dedicated this mile to my Dad.  He has always been there for me, works hard in everything he does, is a wonderful father and grandfather, and a mean T-Rex race walker.  This was also around the time that my stomach started to turn.  And I desperately prayed I wouldn’t need to stop at the Port-O-Pot.  AGAIN.
Mile 11–7:34 Dedicated to my Mom.  She is my rock, my support, and does so much for me and my family.  She is definitely a TGIF=This Grandma is Fabulous.
Mile 12–7:48  Dedicated to my sweet Baby James.  This is really when my stomach hated me, my legs grew heavy, but thoughts were directed towards that curly redhead.
Mile 13–7:44 This mile and the rest were for me.  I’ve worked so hard to get myself back in shape since having James.  I try to do my best in everything I do, with all the different hats I wear: Wife, Mommy, Daughter, Aunt, Cousin, Sister, Physical Therapist, Runner, and Semi-Retired Soccer Player.  And gosh darn it, I trained so hard for this race.  Even if my training could have gone better, I put in the work.
Final 0.26 (a good tangent runner I am not, especially when in crowds)–1:50. I had nothing left in the tank.  I probably could have run the last 3 miles better if I weren’t having to remind myself not to trust a fart after Mile 5.  But I finished.

Final Finish: 1:41:55. (7:46/mile)
A new half marathon PR and a new GCM Course PR for me.  It makes me excited for what I’m capable of when I’m not skipping out on long runs, having to cross train instead of run for over a week, and can really crank out a good training cycle.

Both my parents also rocked it out, my Dad finished in 2:28:29 and my Mom finished in 1:59:23.  It was wonderful being able to share a special race with them.


Thanks Glass City Marathon 2016 Edition.  It’s been real…fun.




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