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Glass City Marathon: Week 11

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Here we sit.  On the eve of the eve of the Glass City Marathon.  Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.  I figure I should probably recount my Week 11 training and part of Week 12 (that was my taper…kind of) before it becomes totally obsolete when I write up my race recap.

Week 11 went surprisingly well.  I’ve had more bad runs than I can count on recently between both my fingers and toes (unless I randomly grow another hand, which is possible since you know, Davis Besse).  Week 11 was enough, though, to give me a solid confidence boost going into race day.  I know I can finish this thing, time be damned.

Tuesday–Rode my bike on the trainer for 45′ (Substituted my 3 mile easy run for a cross training day.  My body thanked me.)
Wednesday–5 miles in Neighborhood in 39′
Thursday–10×400 @5k Pace.  Totaled 4.5 miles in 35′.
Friday–Rest Day
Saturday–10.5 mile Long Run in 1:22:14.
Sunday–3 mile Pace Run in 22:14
.  I am not quite sure what “pace” I was running because that was certainly not half marathon pace.  Idiot.


Week 12 wound up working out like this:
Monday–Rest Day
Tuesday–4 mile run in Neighborhood in 31:31.
Wednesday–3 mile run in 23:06
Thursday–30′ Tempo Run.  Covered 3.85 miles.
Friday (Today)–Rest Day.
Saturday (Tomorrow)–Rest Day.
Sunday–Race Day!

It’s certainly been a less than ideal training cycle, but I figure it was a good learning process.  I know what things I need to work on (as far as strength training) to fix my mechanics and avoid a future SI upslip from occurring.  All I know is, my post-race beer will never have tasted so good!


One thought on “Glass City Marathon: Week 11

  1. It is hard to have an ideal training process. Things and life gets in the way. But you’ve got this. Have a wonderful time!

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