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Glass City Half: Weeks 8,9,10


So once my wonky, cranky, cantankerous knee decided to act up in week 7, I pretty much fell off the blogging wagon.  I also lost my drive to train hard as well.  I have been afraid to push things, because any niggle, naggle, or hint of a pain in my knee has been my cue to back off.  I literally feel like my knee is currently being held together by duct tape.  Most of my runs have been on the treadmill since any canter in the road shifts my pubic bone into angry mode.  My goal for Glass City Half has obviously changed, as I’d just like to finish the darn thing in one piece, not be injured, and then focus on rehabbing things correctly.  Aka: fix my rotten core.  Truly, this is probably something that I never really fixed after being pregnant and I’m now paying for it now.  Abdominals be weak, yo!


So, here’s how the “I’m not really training hard anymore and just trying to keep things together until April 23” plan has been shaking out:
Week 8–
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 4.5 mile run in 36:00 on the ‘Mill
Wednesday: 40’ tempo run on the ‘Mill with 5.2 miles run
Thursday: 3 mile run in 23:04 Outside with strength sesh
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Raced it.  Second Sole Spring 10K in 46:34.  3rd Overall, very hilly first portion of the race that made me suck wind for the last 2 miles.  Not my best effort, but whatever.  Ran 1 mile for warm-up, 2.8 miles cool-down to round out 10 miles total.
Sunday: 5 mile pace on the ‘Mill in 39:00
Total:  27.7 miles

Week 9–
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 5 mile run in 39:21 on the ‘Mill
Wednesday: 9×400 @5k pace, 3.7 miles in 29:30
Thursday: 3 mile run in 22:29 Outside with strength sesh.  Poop on a platter, what do you know? My knee hurts again.  Fishsticks.
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Attempted long run.  Maybe got 9 miles in.  Don’t know the time because I stopped/started multiple times to try to work out my legs.  Hips shifted again and magically the pain was back.  Again.  Worse than Thursday.
Sunday: Rest.  Not planned.  Knee.  Hurts.  Lame.  Cryotherapy, compression, and NSAIDS are my friend.
Total: 20.7 miles

Week 10–
Monday: Rest.  Feeling somewhat improved.  Hips back in place.
Tuesday: 5 mile run in 39:40 on the ‘Mill
Wednesday: 45’ tempo run.  5.7 miles.  On the ‘Mill.
Thursday: 3 mile run outside in 22:39.  Less knee pain with the outdoor running this time, but also kept things on a fairly flat surface.
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 11 Mile Long Run on the ‘Mill in 1:31:00.  Watched the Barkley Marathons documentary and it made me feel better about my long plight on the treadmill in the dungeon.  Those people be crazy!
Sunday: 5 mile pace run on the ‘Mill in 39:00.
Total: 29.7 miles

I felt much better about things towards the end of week 10.  Less than 2 weeks to go until race day, and I know that one way or another, I will finish.   Definitely not my favorite training cycle and certainly less than ideal (too much treadmill running), but my goals can wait for another race and another training cycle.  Being healthy is kind of importantd025c4ccdbac6d8f89973d045153e44e.



6 thoughts on “Glass City Half: Weeks 8,9,10

  1. I hope you continue to feel better!

  2. Just getting caught up on your training. That cranky knee sucks dude! But I like your attitude, get through the race and then rehab after! What will be your next race after that????

  3. Good luck with the half marathon and I think completing it injury-free is a fine goal. In fact that should really be everyone’s number 1 goal for any race. No race is worth an injury and losing weeks or months of running over. Even with the issues, you are still getting some good training in and that counts. You have a strong base and that will help on race day, too.

    I hope your knee continues to feel okay!

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