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Glass City: Weeks 6 and 7 and a Race!


Ugh, where to begin.  The train came off its track during week 6.  I was doing so well, hitting all my runs, times, and feeling as fantastic as could be.

And then I noticed during my first few runs of Week 6 that something felt off.  My right knee was a little achey and was progressively getting worse.  I took 3 complete days of rest and attempted to run.  I couldn’t even make it a minute.  Sharp, stabbing pain on the inside of my right knee…pain like I’d never experienced before, stopped me dead in my tracks.  I cried.  Then I cried to my husband.  I was done and my training cycle was done, I was absolutely sure of it.  The knee that I’ve had more problems with was acting up again and I didn’t want to risk really trashing it just to run.

I didn’t do anything all Week 7.  I popped my bike up on the trainer and biked until my rear end was bruised.  I did all the self PT I could think of, used the foam roller, used the stick, iced, ibuprofened, etc.  The best decision I made was to have my husband check out my leg length at the beginning of Week 7.  Lo and behold, my right leg was sitting way short.  Like 1/2 inch short.  Thank you very much cantered roads.

All week, I had him do corrections to my back and eventually got things sitting level.  I finally was having no pain by Thursday.  That left me with obviously a terrible decision as I had registered for the Great Black Swamp 15K on Saturday, 3/19.  To run or not to run?  I checked out the course map, it was a giant squarish circle that allowed for no dropping out.  It also involved super long straightaways which could be bad if the road was too slanted.

I decided I’d at least give it a shot.  If I was going to be there to watch my parents race, I might as well try.  If I wound up doing the walk of shame through cornfields to try to navigate back to the start, so be it.

The weather was chilly, the breeze was kicked up, and I was ready to run.  Or whatever.  I was going to be happy just to finish and not cough up a few lungs (because, yes, I have bronchial coughing symptoms–again).

The race started without much fanfare and I decided to figure out what was going to be a comfortable stride and speed.  This would not be a race for me, it simply would be my long run.  A training run.  I wanted to stay well within myself and avoid any signs of my knee beginning to act up.  So I ran.  And ran.  And ran.  Periodically coughing up a small troll doll and then continuing on.  I found a small group that was running a comfortable speed and silently latched on.  I stuck with them until shortly after 6 miles and then proceeded forward.  I tried to make the last few miles a little faster and finish on a good note.

Crossed the line in 1:14:20 for 7:59 avg pace.  I was pleased.  Consistent pacing.  No knee pain (it helped that most of the race was on the right side of the road).  The only bad thing is that I ran terrible tangents because I had nearly .2 miles extra on my watch.  Oh well.


Hoping that I can continue to stay healthy the rest of this training cycle to make to the start line on April 23.  Until then, it’s more core exercises, Kinesiotaping, and hip exercises for this pelvically (I just made a new word) unstable girl!


2 thoughts on “Glass City: Weeks 6 and 7 and a Race!

  1. I hope you can continue to run injury-free especially with the race coming up so soon! Good call to rest and get your hips checked out, I too have had that leg length issue causing tightness and pain on one side (one hip a little higher than the other). It’s amazing how “off” it makes you feel. You still did a great job with the race-as-a-long run and had a good pace for it, glad you were able to run it!

    • The hips are so key to everything, it’s crazy! I know this as a PT but I’ve never personally had my hips shift like that where I didn’t wind up with the back pain with it, first for everything I guess! I’m happy with the run and just happy I could run, just a reminder to never take things for granted.

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