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Glass City: Week 5

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Another week is officially in the training book and it was the first chapter that finally felt…hard…er…ish.  There definitely was a kick up in the mileage and intensity of my workouts, so the rest days and strength workouts became even more important.  Squats are my jam. My foam roller and stick have become my BFF’s.  It’s important to keep the niggles from becoming naggles from becoming full-blown injuries.


Monday–Rest Day
Tuesday–Treadmill Easy 4 Miles in 31:40 prior to work.  Note to self: still not a morning runner.
Wednesday–Treadmill 3 Easy Miles in 23:18.  Didn’t keep it as easy I should have.  Probably because I was trying to get it done ASAP.
Thursday–Treadmill 400×8 with 1/2 mile WU, 1/2 mile CD for 31:00.  Did a quick strength sesh after consisting of lunges, bodyweight squats, bridges, calf raises.
Friday–Rest Day
Saturday–8 Mile Long Run and because I’m apparently a sick, sick individual I elected to do this on the treadmill.  There was no reason I couldn’t run outside besides me not wanting to put on tights and long sleeves.  I did catch up on My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (does anyone else watch that show?!) which was nice.  1:04:16.
Sunday–3 Mile Pace Run in 22:31 OUTSIDE.  I figured 1 run needed to be outside, so this was it.  Then I did a quick strength sesh outside and almost biffed it trying to do squats off our porch swing.  Always the epitome of grace, I am.

Totals: 22 Miles

Next week is supposed to be a cut-back week, but I’m going to have to fiddle around with my plan because I am doing my 10K and 15K races out of order (such the rebel).  I’ll be doing the Great Black Swamp 15K on March 19 and the Second Sole Spring 10K on March 26.  The plan is to not actually race (hardy har, said no runner ever) the 15K and try to race the 10K.  I will most likely just do whatever feels right that particular day.


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