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Glass City: Week 4

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And just like that, it went from a 1/4 of the way through the training cycle to a 1/3.  Fractions, schmactions.  This week I felt a little more beat up overall, probably because I didn’t take a complete 3rd rest day last week (I’m learning that maybe that extra day of rest isn’t a bad thing necessarily or I should learn to do the bike trainer instead of running).  I still got through the week and felt fairly strong on the majority of my workouts.  All except my treadmill run at 5:20 in the morning.  Lesson learned: I’m not good at sleep running and need to drink at least a pot of coffee before running that early again.

Here’s how things shook out:
Monday–Rest Day
Tuesday–3.5 mile run in 26:22.  Managed to get outside for this run, felt good overall and probably kept my pace a little too fast.  Again.
Wednesday–3 mile Treadmill Run in 23:30.  Felt awful.  My body felt awful afterwards, I think running asleep wasn’t good on my muscles.
Thursday–35 min Tempo on Treadmill for 4.6 miles.  This run seemed to go by SO. SLOW. I. WAS. IN.  MOLASSES. AND. TIME. STOOD. STILL. (I’m crying inside obviously).
Friday–Rest Day
Saturday–7 mile Long Run in 54:35.  Did this outside prior to the nice warm-up of the temps, but before all the wind hit.  Felt alright but not great.
Sunday–3 mile Run in 22:56.  Did this outside in the 25-30 mph winds with 40 mph wind gusts.  Harder effort than should have been expected.  Womp and a womp.

Total Mileage: 21.1 miles (that pesky .1)

From here on out, the training plan begins to take my mileage higher and my long runs into the territory of Meh.  Only 8 more weeks of Meh, though!


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