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Race Recap: Snoball Run


My training plan called for a 5K race this past weekend.  Since it’s February (which is usually cold, blah, snow, blah, ice, blah, seasonal depression, blah), it’s usually hard to find a large selection of races to do.  However, the Snoball Run 5K in Bay Village seemed to fit perfectly in the training schedule.  Plus, I ran it 3 years ago and they still send me promo codes for discounts.  Since I am huge on saving a buck or two, throwing a $5 off code pretty much justifies me registering.  They were practically throwing race entries at people–you! you can have an entry! and you, you can have an entry too!


The weather could not have been better for this year’s running of the Snoball Run.  There was a nice wind, but temperatures were in the mid to upper 40’s at race time.  No snow at all, and compared to pictures from last year, I was glad I wasn’t going to finish looking like the Cold Miser.


I got to the race about 40′ prior, pottied, picked up my packet, and slightly warmed up.  Slightly being a 3/4 mile run followed by various stretches with my Mom.  My parents are both training for Glass City (half marathon) along with me, so we’ve decided to try to hit our key training races together.  Shortly thereafter, it was time to line up and race.  I couldn’t even hear the starter due to the loud barking of dogs next to me (they were super jacked up to run apparently) and after we took off, it sounded like a huge pile up happened behind me (hopefully dogs not involved).

I had no goals for this race, just to run a race effort.  I felt good for the first mile and tried to keep things comfortable.  That was how I tried to keep things the entire race, making a huge effort to pass people and avoid being passed.  I had way too much energy at the end.  What is way too much energy you may ask? How about finishing my last 1/10 at 4:48/mile pace.  That’s called “Pardon me, but I think I can pass one more person before crossing the finish line” kind of speed.

Final Finish: 20:36 (6:39/mile)
1st in 30-34 Age Group
4th OA Female


Both my parents also had an excellent day of racing, with my Mom winning her age group and my Dad coming in under 34 minutes (if you don’t quite realize how fast that is to walk, please attempt in your free time–spoiler alert: it hurts really bad to do).

The best part (because I’m all about stuffing my face after I run) was that there was a pancake breakfast complete with breakfast pizza.  I’m pretty sure there was egg and bacon shavings everywhere with how quickly I devoured a slice.  Age group and overall awards this year were very runner friendly as well–gift cards to Fleet Feet!  It’s definitely a race I will try to attend in the future and the community seems to come together to support Bay’s Athletic programs.

Can’t wait to see how our next racing adventure turns out in a few weeks!


4 thoughts on “Race Recap: Snoball Run

  1. Wow! A pretty cool race, and you ran it well. 🙂 Congrats to you and your parents! (and yeah, 34 minutes to walk 5K is fast!!)
    That careful pacing will come in handy during the half. 🙂

  2. Congrats on an awesome time in the 5K and winning your age group and placing 4th overall! Glad the weather was good for you guys and you got to do the race with your parents, too. Fleet feet gift cards are always the best prize at races because you can use them and I love the discount codes too!

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