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Glass City Training: Week 3

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Officially now 1/4 through this training cycle.  Does that really mean anything? No, because I still have a ton of training to go.  The good thing is that things continue to go pretty well (I always hesitate to ever say anything like this out loud, jinx jinx jinx).  This week was a step-back week for me, as it included a 5K race.

The next 2 weeks will include increases in my long runs, which I’m overly joyful about (cough cough sarcasm cough cough).  If you haven’t figured out by now, I’m not big on doing all the miles, I tend to be pretty happy in the 3-5 mile territory and anything beyond that usually involves pulling teeth when it is termed “training run”.  Races, completely different story and my long run instantly becomes fun.  I’m a weirdo.

Monday–Rest Day.  Spent working out all the kinks in my wonky calf and hamstring.  I never thought it possible for The Stick to inflict that much pain.  I stand corrected on that matter now.
Tuesday–3.5 Mile Easy Run in 27:24 on the Treadmill
Wednesday–8×400 Repeats with 200 meter recovery in between.  1/2 mile WU, 1/4 mile CD.  Kept all 400’s at 5K pace=6:45/mile.
Thursday–3 Mile Easy Run in 22:53 outdoors+ Strength Sesh in driveway.  Maybe ran too hard or did too many lunges, but my legs were dead.
Friday–Rest Day.
Saturday–5K Race (more in my race report) with 3/4 mile warm-up, 3/4 mile cool-down=~4.5 miles
Sunday–1.25 mile shake-out run in 10:00 on Treadmill + Strength Sesh

Total Mileage=16 miles

Definitely was a cut-back week, but I felt really good in how I raced on Saturday.  Definitely was better than I would have done had I “simulated” it.  Simulation=making all the excuses not to run as hard.  Looking forward to what Week 4 Training brings!


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