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Glass City Training: Week 2

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Week 2 of training came and happened, then was quickly over with…like a fart in the wind.  I felt pretty good about it too, not farting the wind, but rather how I felt with my runs.  Today, however, is a different story…probably because of my mass quantities of circle running on Saturday.  My calf and hammy on my left leg doth protest too much, but I stick’d it up, so hopefully that’ll quell the complaints.running-through-pain-funny

Monday–Rest Day.  I’ve pretty much given up on attempting any stretching or strengthening, I’ve just moved it to other days.
Tuesday–3 mile Outdoor Run in 23:12.  Just an average stroll through the ‘hood.  Last nice weather run on the books all week.  Harumph.
Wednesday–3 mile Treadmill Run in 23:16.  Followed that bad boy up with squats.  Lots. Of.  Squats.
Thursday–30 min Tempo Run (4 miles, 30:35) on Le’ Treadmill while listening to Pandora crank out the best emo jams of the 2000’s.  Gotta stay true to my roots.
Friday–Rest Day.
Saturday–Long Run.  On an Indoor Track.  Where 6.2 laps=1 mile.  Aka I ran 44.1 laps to achieve 7 miles.  It was awful.  It was terrible.  It was awful and terrible in that it took forever.  I almost thought to myself, “running on the treadmill may have been better”.  55:25 for 7 miles.
Sunday–3 mile pace run in 23:06 on Treadmill.  Pace run, check.  Tight calf and hamstring, check.  Nothing like a niggle to kick off week 3 training!

Total: 20 miles+1 haircut/color
Brunette is back!



One thought on “Glass City Training: Week 2

  1. Love the hair! So cute! Ugh, training always brings the aches and pains for me. And do I stop? Nope, I usually add in more. Such is the life of a runner 🙂

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