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Glass City Training: Week 1

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Week 1 is officially in the books.  With the weather this week, it’s got me itching to run this half…like tomorrow.  However, it’s about to get crazy cold next week, so I’ll reserve that feeling for a warmer time.  Like April.  Not to mention my base is nowhere near where it should be.  It’s not a very sturdy base, I equate it to an elephant balancing on top of a tiny ball.

Here’s how my training shook out:
Monday–Rest Day.  I’m supposed to “stretch” and “strengthen” but i suppose giving horsey rides to an 18 month old counts as strengthening and the horsey did have to stretch her back out after.
Tuesday–3 mile run.  22:44.  Did it outdoors, because you know, weather.
Wednesday–3.25 mile run. 25:40.  Again, did it outdoors, because weather and stuff.
Thursday–Speed Day.  6×400 with .5 mile W/U and .75 mile C/D. Did it on the treadmill because Mother Nature was huffing out 20 mph winds and the track was occupied by football people.
Friday–Rest Day.  
Saturday–Long Run of 6.5 miles.  50:47.  Switched my long run day from Sunday (because Super Bowl Sunday–go, Carolina!).  Felt great, although there’s a huge jump from 6.5 to 13.1 still.
Sunday–3 mile run.  22:14.  Did it outside and it felt like spring.  I will savor this run because this coming week is going to probably involve a lot of Netflix and run…on the treadmill.

Totals: 19.25 miles
Only 11 more weeks to go!


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