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Race Recap: Dave’s Turkey Chase 5K


It’s really not a Thanksgiving morning without a Turkey Trot.  AmIright, AmIright?!  **crickets**

Well, at least for me, I like to justify my smorgasboard of all the food into my belly by the fact that I busted out a race in the morning.  The tryptophan seems to hit a little softer that way.

Since we were planning to be in Toledo for this past Thanksgiving, we had the option of selecting between 2 races: The Eastside Turkey Trot or Turkey Chase in Downtown.  Since we had done done the Trot in years past, Hubs and I decided to give the Chase a shot.  For a first year race, I left being quite impressed.  We had no problem parking in a free lot (probably because I was super insistent that we arrive early) and our bonus of being so early was trying to watch several individuals fail at parking in the clown sized space next to us.  Entertaining enough for me to forget my nerves.

The race started and finished in Downtown Toledo and basically was a giant square.  Which to some may be boring, but for me that=no potential way Eli can get lost!  I never found myself bored at all during the course.  Possibly because I spent the entire race chasing after Forrest Gump, but that happens.  Who knew that Thanksgiving brings out costumes?


Hubs and I are in there somewhere...Look at that serious forward lean, the stride, the stride! I kind of look like I'm running.

Hubs and I are in there somewhere…Look at that serious forward lean, the stride, the stride! I kind of look like I’m running.

Race morning was perfect temperature, although there was a tiny breeze of which I wasn’t quite a fan.  Hubs and I did a quick warm-up.  And by quick I mean it maybe lasted 2 minutes with an impromptu potty break that involved some sheltering bushes.  We lined up, did the good luck kiss (#pda), and got ready to run our rears off.  And run my rear off, I did.

I was never going to be in the group to make it to the first mile (you know, to win a frozen turkey, aka priorities), but I wanted to clock a solid split.  I clocked too solid of a split.  Like a 6:24 split.   Too fast.  Whoops.

The rest of the race was spent trying to hold onto the runaway train of paces and not poop out.  I was struggling by the end and wound up being pushed in by a middle schooler (who is going to be a fantastic HS runner).  The finish downhill only added to the feeling of a runaway train.

In case you were wondering what a runaway train looks like, this is it. Total loss of form. Looks like I'm frolicking to finish.

In case you were wondering what a runaway train looks like, this is it. Total loss of form. Looks like I’m frolicking to finish.

Final Finish: 20:40
11th OA Female
2nd Age Group

Hubs finished shortly thereafter and we collected our mugs with our free socks (a nice perk for the first 1,500 finishers).

The best part of this race?  The awards!  Pies were given out to the winners.

All the pie. Get in my belly.

All the pie. Get in my belly.

Nothing better than sharing some apple pie after a long day with your Hubby 🙂


4 thoughts on “Race Recap: Dave’s Turkey Chase 5K

  1. It looks like you had some great weather. Perfect time of year for racing I think. Keep having fun at it.

  2. Congratulations on your race even if you did ride the pain train home! That’s an excellent time and socks and mugs are fun swag at a race :). It helps to have a good crowd to push you too. I have only run 2 turkey trots, I know they are popular and big races but it is hard to run on Thanksgiving if you have travel or are hosting a dinner.

    • Thanks! I feel like I have a frequent flier pass on the pain train, definitely need to work on my pacing and finishing. Turkey trots are fun, but if you’re hosting dinner or having to cook anything they become difficult to work into the schedule.

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