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Race Recap: St. Peter’s Spooktacular 5K


Oh my goodness, I’ve been terrible with blogging lately.  It’s been over a month since I posted and I’m pretty sure in the blogging world that means I’ve fallen off the face of the earth at least 5 times.  What can I say?  Life gets busy and the last thing you want to do at the end of an abundantly busy day is type up a race report, training report, or a narrative of your busy day.  I know, so many words, so many excuses.

I ran the St. Pete’s Halloween Race on…you guessed it, Halloween this year.  It’s put on by my church, so it was a no brainer to add to my racing calendar.  This is the first year of having this race, and I was impressed with how well organized it was!  I’ve done plenty of Halloween races, and often there is a general theme of “lack of costumes” that occurs overall.  I’m not a huge costume-y runner, but Halloween is the one exception I make on that rule.  Costume it up, I say!  This race, however, brought out some pretty clever and very costumed runners.  Score!

My parents and my best attempts at being costume-y.  I probably should quit always being a bee :-)

My parents and my best attempts at being costume-y. I probably should quit always being a bee 🙂

The race course was pretty much the route I run everyday, which was weird in that I was now racing it instead of just strolling along with my normal daily thoughts.  In a weird way, this kind of hurt my mental game because I knew where all the turns, changes in elevation, and my favorite pedestrian bridge was.  Mental game was not strong in this race.  Mental game was pootastic.


Let's play: find the bee!

Let’s play: find the bee!


Hey look it's Father Jeff!

Hey look it’s Father Jeff!

I found myself running in no man’s land for the majority of the race and I came up with a million and two reasons why I could permit myself to not try as hard.  Maybe even a million and three reasons.  But I tried my best for the day and finished in 21:35, good enough for 2nd OA and 1st in my AG.

My other bee partner in crime finished a hair over 25.  And my monkey Dad (he didn’t put his ears or tail on until the start) finished in 33 and change.  A family win of sorts.  This is definitely a must-do race in the Greater Sandusky Area for next year.  I’m just glad I had enough energy after to wrangle a baby into his Halloween costume and promptly fail at getting good pictures of said baby in said costume.  Womp. womp.


At least we tried.  And…moral of the story is now you know I didn’t fall off the earth 5 times.  I’ve just been a terrible blogger!


4 thoughts on “Race Recap: St. Peter’s Spooktacular 5K

  1. Cute. 🙂 And a good race, despite the mental game not being 100%. Maybe a run or two before the race on that route practicing the thought movements you could make during would have helped?
    At any rate, your son is adorable! And my first Halloween (at age two), my parents only have pictures of a very unhappy bunny rabbit… until I got my first dose of candy. 🙂

  2. Congratulations on a great race time and placing! I love your bee costume and it looks like the race was well organized and attended for a church race. Those are cute race shirts too. Running a race where you train is tricky. I ran a half marathon that was on my usual tempo route and somehow, i picked up the pace during that portion (which wasn’t smart)- so I can see where running a race on a normal easy run route would have that effect too.

    • Thanks! Yes those shirts were so cute, but I realized after I got home that they gave me a Youth Small (so its either going to be a belly shirt or I can save it for when my son is like 5!)

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