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Glass City Marathon: Runner Tracking

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I still can’t get over the fact that The Glass City Marathon is this coming Sunday!  While my confidence overall in my training cycle has decreased slightly since our house of craziness exploded for the past 2 weeks, I am still looking forward to race weekend.  The Glass City Marathon offers a great way for runners to share with family and friends their race day experience.

Glass City Marathon is a featured race for the RaceJoy App which allows spectators and family/friends to track runners live and even send audio cheer clips.  The app also allows you access to information about race weekend: bib numbers, schedules, FAQ’s, places of interest, course maps, race news, and more.  Runners can also select to have their splits and finish times posted directly to social media: Facebook and/or Twitter.

More information regarding the RaceJoy App can be found on the Glass City Marathon’s webpage.  I have used runner trackers in the past during races, and RaceJoy is definitely user friendly and interactive for all parties.  As an out of town runner myself, I am planning to take advantage of this option to keep my family and friends (you know, the ones that don’t go “la la la i’m not listening” when I talk about running) up-to-date during my race.

Glass City here I come, ready or not!


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