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GCM Owens Corning Half Week 7 and 8 Training

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So my weekly recap for week 7 never happened.  I was pretty busy between work and family life that I never got around to typing it up.  I’ve decided to combine it with week 8 training.  You’re welcome.


Week 7 was pretty solid.  I hit my workouts and my paces.  I felt fan-freakin-tastic.  Does it sound like I’m foreshadowing? I am.
Monday–Rest Day.
Tuesday–3 mile run +strength.  
Done on the treadmill per usual.  Watched Hart of Dixie per usual.  Can you believe it’s the last season for that show?  Going to need to find some new guilty pleasure watching.
Wednesday–4.75 easy run.  Through the neighborhood.  Was honked at 3 times and barked at once (by humans).  Coincidentally first time I had worn shorts in a while, my paleness must be scary.
Thursday–8×400 @5k pace.  Hit the majority of the 400’s around a 6:30-6:45/mile pace.  Kind of on target, but probably did them too fast.  Oh well.  Story of my (running) life.
Friday–Rest Day.
Saturday–9 mile long run.   Maintained about an 8′ pace (probably too fast again) but I am always feeling rushed to get my long runs done asap so I can make sure that Baby J is happy, rested, and well fed.
Sunday–3 mile easy run.
Total=23 miles

Week 8 has also come to a close with my run today (or lack of a sufficient one).  The week started out great.  I had more of a challenge with time management this week, but that’s a struggle I’m always going to have to work through.  Being a working, running mommy/wife doesn’t always allow for free time.

Monday–Rest Day.
Tuesday–4.5 miles on treadmill.  
Completed at the bcrack of dawn.  No better way to kick off the training week with some stale basement air miles.
Wednesday–3.4 miles through neighborhood.  Tried to keep things at an easy pace.  That didn’t happen.  It’s like lately I have a fire constantly lit under my rear end when I run.  What feels easy makes me go, “oh no, too fast” when I come home and look at my splits.
Thursday–40′ tempo run.   Tempos are starting to become easier to do.  Or maybe I’m just getting used to them.  I try to run a mile for warm-up and then transition into my pace.  This particular tempo, however, was not easy.  I felt like my legs were made out of sausage links that were filled with tree trunks.  I felt like a running tree straight of Lord of the Rings.
Friday–Rest Day.  Funny thing happened here, our little kiddo started coughing on Thursday.  By Friday, he was not only coughing but also had a fever.  Not fun.
Saturday–5 miles at race pace.  On the treadmill.  Just cuz.  Baby J continued to feel yucky, so this mommy stayed in the house just in case.  I was supposed to do my long run this day, but decided to shove it back a day because being away from the babe for >1 hour was not going to work.  We also celebrated my MIL’s 60th b-day in the TOL @Shorty’s BBQ.  We had a fantastic time minus our child serenading everyone with his coughs, sneezes, and screams/cries.  Oh parenthood is a joy.
Sunday–5 miles.  At a semi decent pace.  Obviously the long run continued to not happen.  This really is the first week I’ve messed my training plan up.  Baby J has done nothing but cry and cry and cry some more.  I’m planning to move my 10 mile long run to a day during this upcoming week.  I’ll let you know how much that sucks later.  Blast.
Total=23 miles

This is our current status: inconsolable baby wants nothing to do with being put down.

This is our current status: inconsolable baby wants nothing to do with being put down.

Only 2 days remain to sign up for the Glass City Marathon at the current rates!  Please hop, run, or click your way over to their webpage to register.  Hopefully my training gets back on track for next week and a certain little boy gets better…soon!
Where my parents out there?  Does the whole sickness craziness get any better? 


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