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GCM Owens Corning Half Week 6 Training

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I came.  I saw.  I conquered.  I feel like the Hal Higdon training plan I am using has been very well balanced as far as easy, speed, and long runs are concerned.  It pushes forward a bit, then reigns you back in for a week before pushing that long run just a bit further.  And I’m rather enjoying it at this point.  I have actually been truly sticking to the training plan minus some negligence in regards to my core and strength exercises.

I am also absolutely loving the somewhat warmer temps.  I finally can feel “spring” in the air and it’s a welcome feeling.  Winter really starts to give me the blahs by the time February rolls around and this February was one of the coldest I can remember.  Febrrrruary more like it.

I was able to get the majority of runs performed outside this week, with the exception of one treadmill run.  I gotta watch Hart of Dixie at some point, am I right?!

Here’s how my training shook out:
Monday–Rest Day.  Supposed to be stretch or strength blah blah blah day, but I pushed these exercises to doing them after my treadmill easy run later in the week.

Tuesday–Easy Run of 4 miles.  Done on the treadmill so I could watch Hart of Dixie.  Guilty pleasure, sorry not sorry.

Wednesday–Easy Run of 3 miles.  Took the jogging stroller out for the first time with el bebe.  Managed to hit my husband in the ankle with it while running.  Obviously I need to work on my maneuverability, because frankly at this point it’s questionable.

Thursday–40′ Tempo Run.  Tempo runs are always hard for me as I try to keep an equal effort when doing them, but also try not to look down at my watch too much.  I used the first mile as a warm-up, picked up my speed for the next 28ish minutes, and then used the last 5′ to cooldown.  Completed 5.25 miles.

Friday–Rest Day.  Well earned rest day.  My calves were still tight and disgruntled from Thursday.

Saturday–Easy Run of 3.35 miles.  A rather obscure number but that’s just the way it wound up.  Fun fact: I was about a 1/2 mile down the road when I though, “self, your brassiere is not feeling very comfortable.”  And then I realized I forgot to change my underwire nursing bra to a sports bra.  So, obviously chafing and uncomfortable bouncing.

Sunday–10K Race.  I obviously have been failing at racing each month, as every race I want to run I am not in the correct location of the state.  This weekend there were no races in our area, so I had to do this solo.  Which I hate.  For some reason I had “Groove is in the Heart” playing on repeat in my mind during this run.  Must be a pump up song because I was happy with my time.  Can you take a 10K PR from a training run?

Totals: 22 miles
Looking forward to next week of training as my long run distance will be kicking up again into uncharted (again) waters (in the past 2 years) and I think my big girl legs won’t be needing any floaties to do it.  This is probably why I’ve never even contemplated doing a marathon because I need company on really long runs, my mental fortitude only goes so far.

There is still time to sign-up to run The Glass City Marathon on April 26.  Current registration prices go through 3/31/15, so sign up or else you will be paying a higher rate soon!


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