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GCM Owens Corning Half Week 5 Training

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This post is obviously a little late…oops!  I promise there are many good reasons for that.  The most important reason is that I turned age OLD yesterday.  I understand that turning 30 is not old (that’s a given), but for whatever reason, the officially closing of my 20s has bothered me more than it probably should.

I was a big fan of my 20’s, definitely more so than my teen years (teenage angst much?), and they represent some of the most important of my very young life.  I accomplished a lot: I went to college/grad school and obtained my Doctorate of Physical Therapy (what what), met many wonderful and lifelong friends, met the man of my dreams (here’s looking at you Michael) and married him, and most recently gave birth to the most wonderful baby boy.  The 20s really rocked.  I could stay up late, sleep in late, and usually didn’t have many cares in the world.  Obviously that all changed last year, and I view the 30’s as renewal in responsibility and a focus on family.  Although it also will be a fun time in my life, I am certainly going to miss that care-free lifestyle.  Because I really do hate saying I go to sleep during the week at 9:30 (so lame!).

All from my birthday celebration of the olds.  However, I do look more slim and trim this year.  Probably because I'm not 24 weeks preggos.

All from my birthday celebration of the olds. However, I do look more slim and trim this year. Probably because I’m not 24 weeks preggos.

IMG_7192 IMG_7202 IMG_7206 IMG_7213However, I entirely digress way too much from the purpose of this post.  Training! Training!  Specifically Week 5 of my training plan! I totes crushed it guys!  #socool #sotryingtobe20again.

Here’s how it shook out:
Monday–Rest Day.  Did no strength or corework, surprise surprise, eh?
Tuesday–4 Mile easy run on the treadmill.  This treadmill boredom has become too much of a trend this winter, so I decided to mix things up later this week and do something aweshocking: I went outside and did this running thing.
Wednesday–3 Mile easy run on the treadmill.  I swear I’m getting to the good parts.
Thursday–7×400 speedwork with W/U and C/D.  OUTDOOOOOOOORS.  I used my Garmin to structure an interval workout since our track is still covered with snow/ice or snice as I like to call it.  I was slightly nervous about this workout because I haven’t run outside in 3 weeks and had no idea of what to expect.  However, I was pleasantly surprised because I had one of those workouts that feels effortless, but your times reflect your hardwork.  I was able to keep a 6:40-6:45 pace on all 400’s.
Friday–Rest Day.  Well earned one.
Saturday–Long Run.  Outside.  FTW.  Did 8 miles, and I’m pretty sure it’s been a year and some change since I’ve gone that far.  I probably should have slowed it down, but I was enjoying the tempo pace and I was loving being outside.  Best run I’ve had in a long time.
Sunday–3 Mile (supposed to be) Easy Run but instead I ran way too fast, kept about a 7:30/mile pace, but enjoyed the warmer temps.  I’m thinking this next training week you will see me use the words: Baby James and Jogging Stroller!

Total: 22 Miles
3 outdoor runs (new record for winter, *thumbing my nose at the treadmill*)

Only 7 more weeks of training before April 26!  There is still plenty of time to sign up, although current price rates will increase after 3/31/15.  Click here to sign up!


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